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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Take my team, please

You know the game was ugly when Michigan's bowl performance becomes joke fodder for Jay Leno during his Tonight Show monologue...

(HT: JZ)


Brian Buchalski said...


nathanp2112 said...

Ouch. That hurts coming from a guy who was the model for the Mr Potato Head.

Trevor Pitt said...

God, I can't wait for Conan to take over.

I was rooting for the rest of the Big Ten and so far the bowl wins have not been plentiful. I hope my Bucks can get off their duffs and win another one for the conference.

Fat Charlie & Notre Dame just got pummeled...so maybe there is a gawd.

CrimeNotes said...

Yeah, it could be worse. We could've gone to Notre Dame.

TitleIX said...

no actually, the Sadam Hussein reference was pretty disgusting and crass.

ohio_guy said...

"Biggest dissapointment for Michigan in the Rose Bowl since......well, the last time they were in the Rose Bowl"

IC said...

I would rather watch the second half of the 2007 Rose Bowl on a continuous loop with my eyes forced open Clockwork Orange-style, than view thirty seconds of that abomination "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Thankfully Johnny isn't here to see that program sullied on a nightly basis by that shameless, piece of crap, hack Leno.

A little background, Jay, because I realize you only know about vintage cars and kissing ass: it is not "choking" when an underdog gets beaten soundly. And though it was surely a disappointment to lose another Rose Bowl, Michigan earned the trip to this prestigious game on merit, not by hiding in a closet and eavesdropping on the discussions of the Rose Bowl selection committee.