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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Start Fitting Quinn for Honolulu Blue and Silver

After watching Brady Quinn get eaten alive by yet another defense with at least decent talent last night in the Sugar Bowl, I'm sure Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen is licking his chops at the overrated QB. The question is, does Millen stay at draft position #2, or trade away WR Roy Williams to get the #1 pick and ensure getting the future NFL bust?


nathanp2112 said...

I think you need to go WAY beyond Brady Quinn being overrated.....how about the entire Notre Dame program being overrated?????? This media love affair with Notre Dame has GOT to stop. At half time, all Terry Bradshaw and the others could talk about was how well Notre Dame had played (though they were down by a touchdown and hadn't ever led the game!). Bottom line - Notre Dame hasn't beaten a good team in years, and haven't won a bowl game in 13 years! It's grotesque that they have gotten into BCS games the last several years on the backs of the media polls. Who will the Irish beat up on next year to pad their record, the Coast Guard Auxillary Club team?

As for Brady Quinn, the fact that (Ladies Man) Charlie Weis said that he will be the 3rd best quarterback in the NFL within 3 years shows how out of touch (Ladies Man) Charlie Weis is with reality.

beast in 'bama said...

What a complete and utter domination!

And remember, LSU didn't have four regular defensive starters in the game during the first half. I really believe that's the only reason the Irish lucked up and scored two touchdowns (that second one really WAS lucky).

Anyone who takes Quinn before RoboQB3000 Russell should have their football priveleges revoked for life.

I've got nothing against Quinn. He looks like a decent kid, and I think he'll have a decent journeyman career in the NFL.

But RoboQB3000, he's just the wave of the future! He's like Shaq playing quarterback. Just imagine how dangerous he'd be if he could actually RUN!

Runngunn29 said...

Holy Touchdown Jesus, let the guy take an NFL snap before condemning him to a career of sucking. With the BCS hype rant and now this, there seems like alot of anger coming out of the MZone lately.

Joe said...

If you read the ESPN write up of the game...you almost get the feeling that they were said to see Notre Dame lose...and to a Southern team no less! Imagine that....

surrounded in columbus said...

sorry, but matt millen thinks the lions are required to take a wide receiver in the first round. calvin johnson, for better or for worse.

Sundawg said...

And to think LSWho wasn't even the best team in the SEC West! The Domers were seriously over-rated and maybe Quinn had a bad game 'cause he was missing receivers even when he wasn't being pressured.

Nothing like playing bowl games at home. Russell was awesome!

Robb said...

Brady Quinn is all hype....yeah right. You guys are pathetic. Buy a fukking clue. What can the guy do when his receivers aren't open and when they are, they drop the ball. Take a step out of Lloyd Carr's ass and watch a game from the X's and O's. The kid has talent everywhere. I would expect this talk out of an OSU fan, but you guys are supposed to be football intelligent. To say that Brady Quinn is all hype is just ignorant. A blind person can see the kid is talented. Take 30 minutes, watch the game.....I will give you the first couple of passes he sailed (nerves have been a demon of his), but he was on the money with a ton of passes all game long. I admit it was ugly, and we really did not deserve a BCS game.....but leave the kid alone, 8 INTs the entire year. He averaged 1 INT every 76-80 passes. Not even Troy was that good and the SOB won a Heisman.

What was the score of the USC/Michigan? Yeah, you guys deserved another shot at OSU.

klak said...

As an FSU fan who knows something about shitty QB play: Brady Quinn is all hype.

Andy said...

Matt Millen's draft chart:

1) Calvin Johnson
2) Dwayne Jarrett
3) Ted Ginn
4) Best WR available

For years I was able to laugh at them without a feeling of remorse. I blame Title9 for me even caring about the Lions. Thanks alot.

Chadwick said...

Matt Millen defines untouchable. He could even be considered the new Teflon President. How else do you explain having a job after posting a 24-72 record over six years?

TitleIX said...

sorry Andy, that my Siren-like ways are irresistable...

re: Millen? You guys have it all wrong...He and Coach LOVE Kitna with his bald-headed toughness and grit (they say)
Millen will do something completely stupid and draft a lineman, even if RoboQB is eligible.
next best option? a running back...

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

Quinn + Good offensive coach + shitty schedule = Wildly overrated

As a Lions fan, I was cheering against since about week 7 or so, when it became apparent what the year was going to end up like. I did so in thinking that Troy Smith was the clear-cut #1 pick, as he's far better than Vick as a passer, and he's better than Young as a passer, behind both in scrambling ability, but still well above average. As the season progresses, I hear from the "experts" that Quinn is the #1 pick, and it's not open for discussion. Okay, now I'm wildly rooting for the Lions to win, so the Raiders will take him and allow the Lions to take a WR.

Seriously though, how the hell can Quinn be taken over Smith or Russell? Last night was the first game I saw Russell play, and I'm far more impressed with him than I've ever been with Quinn. C'mon Raiders, take him off the board for us!!

Jim said...

I think Matt Millen was beaten with a wide reciever as a child. There's no other explanation.

robb: The score? It was 47-21. What? Oh, I thought you were asking the UM-ND score. My mistake.

Out of Conference said...

That's who took "Jim" as a username... now I know.

IC said...

Robb, I think Jim's got you there. Usually, trash talking privileges come from actually having your team beat the team that is the target of such talk. Or at least come within three touchdowns of that team...at home...with your brilliant senior quarterback, whose pass attempt to interception ratio clearly makes him superior to Troy Smith.

I've taken more than 30 minutes watching Brady Quinn. I've watched pretty closely the 180 minutes of recent ND games vs. tOSU, Michigan, and LSU. And while I agree it's unfair to say Quinn is all hype (his toughness is underrated) I am baffled by those who view him as a top of the first round prospect.

beast in 'bama said...

LOL Jim, on both points!

I also have a question: who told Fox that I would want to see repeated shots of the ND cheerleaders, who collectively have the ugliest legs of any group of college girls I've ever seen? Sweet fancy Moses, get those girls some pants!

And when they danced, it was like multiple clones of Elaine Benes!

Zippy said...

16 comments and nobody said it yet?


God, I feel better now.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

better yet, millen will draft Calvin Johnson...hey, millen can never have enough receivers.

Buckeye Clank said...

At least there is one thing Buckeyes and Wolverines can agree on... Notre Dame is horrible! I think Weis and company were the only people that didn't see that thumping coming from a mile away... I mean all the signs were there:

1. It was a ranked team.

2. It was a bowl game.

How bad is it that Lou Holtz was the last ND coach to win a bowl game? (‘94 Cotton Bowl)

WhetstoneBuck said...

"I would expect this talk out of an OSU fan, but you guys are supposed to be football intelligent. To say that Brady Quinn is all hype is just ignorant."

"Not even Troy was that good and the SOB won a Heisman."

Actually, Robb, the two statements above are "just ignorant." Typical Domer Homer blather. Get a clue, a life and a team.

Andy said...


I think it is time for you to go back to the Blue Grey Sky where you can slap each other on the back and prepare for next season's RETURN TO GLORY.

usctrojan78 said...

I think we can all rest assured that that if the Lions do take Quinn then Millen will do whatever it takes to discourage even the smallest effort from him. If he's positive mock him in the press. Negitive about a truly awful team -- bench him. Struggles a little -- question his sexuality. He should write a book -- call it "Getting the least out of nothing" .

Yost said...

lol, '78!