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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Piling On

The material in the wake of Florida's BCS victory over our friends in Ohio continues to come our way. Thus, as uninvolved completely neutral observers, we simply pass it on.

First up, Paul at Georgia Sports Blog sends us this picture of the Best Damn Band in the Land's other famous formation:

Next, check out a more honest display of Buckeye body painting in the wake of OSU's Disaster in the Destert:

I knew the Florida D caused havoc for Troy Smith but I didn't know it was this bad until our buddy DG sent us a pic making the rounds in Gainesville...

Jonathan Tu says Riot-fearing Columbus requests assistance from Bartertown, Master Blaster.

Finally, we bring you this dandy from the O-zone. We've taken the liberty of changing the man's "priceless" joke to something a little more appropriate:


Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

The irony of the OSU marching band playing the "Titantic" theme during the halftime show was absolutely classic and priceless. A more appropriate song could not be out there. Could it?

Andy said...

Shame on you.

It is things like pointing out a simple spelling mistake that fuels the "Michigan fans are all elitist asses" fire. I found it refreshing that he actually spelled Michigan correctly, I thought all Buckeye fans spelled it starting with the letter F.

I am in a very peaceful place right now with the rest of the college football world mocking them at every turn. It is like watching the long time elementary school bully finally getting pushed down and laughed at by the entire class. It won't be long before he starts swinging back, but I am enjoying it for now.

Chadwick said...

The obsession with Michigan continues.

Oh Yeah Baby said...

As does the obsession with Ohio State, obviously.

So how is it that OSU is mocked, when half of the other teams, also in bowls, lost? Including the high and mighty Michigan. We had an awesome season, Big 10 Champs, and invited to the national Championship game. Someone had to lose. Everyone can have an off game and it totally sucks that ours came at the NC.

I think its time for a gut check. It just hurt your standings even more since you lost to OSU. Once you start winning your bowl games again, you can laugh and point fingers. I had a lot to say before the game. I also posted during and after the game saying how dissappointed I was. No excuses. No crying. No hiding. So whats the deal?

Crabapple Buck said...

I have a hope that the hangover from this Bowl season for the Big Ten is over quickly. I think the perception of Big 10 football took a hit and the SEC myth gained credence. I would love to schedule an SEC team to play north in November, but they rarely leave their region, even in September.

Oh well, another long off season, yet not as long as the Cooper years sinc we at least beat UM.

BTW, great blog Yost, Benny, IC, BPD and all. Congrats on all of your success. I even appreciate the barbs at tOSU. THATS why it is a rivalry.

Andy said...

So how is it that OSU is mocked, when half of the other teams, also in bowls, lost?

How? Because of the "we are the owners of the college football universe" attitude tOSU fans have taken for 14+ months. Go back and read some of the posts and comments made after the game in November leading up to the NC game on this and other Michigan Blogs. Take a look on YouTube at all the Ohio State stuff out there. I have seen at least a dozen emails, photoshop jobs, and blog posts from all over the country (not just Michigan fans, but every where) poking fun at the Bucks for the egg they laid on Monday night. Given the pre-game hype and arrogance -- it is not surprising or (in my mind) un-justified.

I can laugh and point fingers anytime I see something I think is funny. Right now I think the backlash on the buckeye nation is funny.

If you have come to this place for empathy, you are looking in the wrong place.

Yost said...


Yeah, the B10 did take a monster hit, even though we went 2-1 against the SEC. But when the top 2 teams get thrashed in their respective bowls, it's bad.

I'd also like to play some OOC games against the SEC in Sept. It's one of the reasons I'd like to make ND a game we play every couple years instead of each year.

beast in 'bama said...

One of the few things I like about the pre-conference college basketball season is the ACC-Big Ten challenge. I've often thought that would be a good idea in football as well - not ACC-Big Ten exclusively, but all the major conferences pair off on a two-year, rotating agreement.

First year, Big Ten defending champ plays ACC defending champ @ ACC site (or perhaps a neutral site for the big boys). Second place B10 plays second ACC @ B10's place, etc. The following year, rotate the home teams.

In the meantime, Big 12 & SEC go at it, along with Pac 10 & Big East. If anyone gets left out, it's the bottom feeders of the respective conferences.

In the third year, its Big 10-SEC, Pac 10-ACC, Big East-Big 12 and so on.

You'd do it early in the season so as not to interfere with conference play. You might even strike up a special TV deal and split the revenues evenly so that if one team by the luck of the draw gets screwed out of lost home game revenue, they'd have a means of making it up.

Just a thought.

beast in 'bama said...

Oops - prorate the revenues, not split them evenly.

I am NOT an accountant!

Crabapple Buck said...


It is a shame that adding a 12th game meant adding a I-AA opponent to many teams (sadly tOSU also). That should have been the impetus for scheduling more intersectional games. I don't much care for USC, but scheduling Arkansas, Nebraska and ND OOC was great. I applaud their effort. OSU has some good teams set up in future schedules, but it is only 1 power per year. I know some would say that is scheduling out of a championship game berth. I think it is making the case for getting in if you win.

surrounded in columbus said...

BiB/CB/et al,
the comparison of preconference b-ball play, and the increasing loss of attractive ooc games in football is an excellent point to consider in the off season.

since b-ball has a play off, schools have a lot more flexibility w/ their schedules and less down side to the results. you can stop in the middle of the season and play a Duke or UCLA, or go to Maui for the holidays and play a competitive, tough tourney, or every year play the acc/big 10 challenge. even if you get your clock cleaned, you still have a shot to win a NC.

that's the real evil of the BCS. it's slowly strangling non conference football. UT-tosu or m-nd type games are all fated to dry up. the focus is on winning the mnc, and the gain you get from beating a texas or nd isn't equal to the loss you take w/ a loss. you're better off playing w. carolina two years in a row and winning both than playing texas and going 1-1.

not that there isn't a enough of a reason for a playoff, but one of the big benefits to the fans would be the resurgence of ooc football. if winning your conference was your ticket to the playoffs, all the powers would want at least a couple of games against top shelf competition before playing the games "that count". playing tough road games would also become attractive, since they too would help you prepare for conference play.

if, like b-ball, you could play some good ooc games, risk the loss, go on and win your conference and then enter the playoffs anyway, you'd see better football start to finish. fans everywhere would be better for it.

TitleIX said...

and for sheer joy, check out the video on EDSBS from today.

dtw2phx said...

Ewww...guy in white shorts!!!!

Boys, boys, BOYS...please don't EVER do that. That guy's OH should be for 'OH so wrong'. Shorts anytime in AZ? Sure, for the most part. But NEVER white. Trust me.

I'm only here to help. ;-)

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

Okay, so the guy can poke a little fun at Michigan, but it also apparently cost him $3900 to do so.

Da Braylon said...

I love this "airfair" picture. OSU once again showing their ignorance and stupidity...

Andy said...

I think this is what T9 was talking about.

I love the internet.

TitleIX said...

yup, thanks for the assist Andy!