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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The only good thing about the Rose Bowl

Returning from the Rose Bowl, I was feeling pretty bad about the game...until we got emails from Scott of Dallas Sports Powerhouse and KL on TexAgs.com, with the picture of the underwear-challenged USC Song Girl above. Needless to say, I smiled for the first time all day...and haven't stopped.

And the pic's the real deal. We checked.

Since Benny had the game on TiVo, he went to the 4:09 mark in the 2nd quarter to make sure the picture above was authentic and not Photoshopped. Because that's what we do, folks. We study (closely) the pictures of naked women so you can count on the MZone Seal of Authenticity.

But as Benny even said, if he wasn't looking for it, he totally wouldn't have seen it. He literally had to go slo-mo, frame by frame to catch it as evidenced by this YouTube clip...

Which begs the question -- How the hell did Scott and KL find it to begin with?! Were they studying shots of the SC song girls like some sort of college football Zapruder film? Apparently some folks are watching the games much differently than we are.

Not that we're complaining, mind you.

Easy-I-Couldn't-Resist-Joke: When did Britney Spears become a Song Girl?

UPDATE: Sean at Michigan Sports Center had to go and ruin the only thing I liked about the Rose Bowl: Turns out, he got his hands on an HD picture of the above and the young co-ed in question was wearing skivvies...

Thanks-a-fucking lot, Sean. While you're at it, why don't you just go and tell my 5 year old niece there is no Santa Claus, too.

And if that's what HD TV does -- spit on a man's fantasies - then I'd rather live in an analog world. Damn you, Sean. DAMN YOU!


Sports on a Schtick said...

Wow, HD really does make a difference.

Glad to see anon get banned. That's another good thing that came out of the Rose Bowl.

Scott Boswell said...

When your team just escaped an Alamo Bowl victory...you have free time on New Years :(

Crabapple Buck said...

Abraham Zapruder would be proud of you. At least some good came from the game. I sure wish you would have won it though. After the Minnesota/Mason debacle, the Big 10/11 needed a sweep yesterday.

TitleIX said...

I don't know that a butt-floss thong counts as skivvies you guys.

Her cheeks saw the sun.
heh heh
heh heh

Conquest Chronicles said...

The song girls strike again!

chandrasekaran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beast in 'bama said...

It's little moments like these that give me hope in the new year.

Thanks for this, Scott. My #1 complaint about the Rose Bowl telecast was not enough song girl coverage.

beast in 'bama said...

And as for the skivvies/no skivvies debate, I'm not seeing enough conclusive video evidence either way. This is going to require further review...

John said...

gator - www.google.com

Suggestions for key words: michigan, national championship, coach

John said...

nope, just you

Erik said...

I caught it live. ("Whoah, did you see that?!") And yes, my DVR proceeded to get a workout.

Glad others could share in my joy. HD made a huge difference. While it did spoil the fun, it was still pretty awesome.

Gotta love those Song Skanks.

It be alot hotter for an SEC cheerleader, cause you already expect that stuff in la la land. Par for the course.

The King said...

To answer the question about how those guys spotted that shot:

I spotted it too. For whatever reason when she spun, it was just there frozen, like a moment hanging in time. I went back on the tivo and managed to pause it at the exact same spot as your picture, and me and my friends just enjoyed it for a moment. Lovely.

threadogie said...

Pathetic Wolverine losers you who watch little girls cheeks while Ann Arbor burns. Who are the leaders, who are the Michigan Men who will lead us out of this dark place. I curse everyone on this thread. Is this what Michigan football has become. In Bo's name to hell with you all!!

MGoBlue93 said...

I was on the USC side with my friends from LA. There was this rather leggy and ditzy blonde sitting down the row from me. She felt bad because she kept getting up thus making everyone else in the row adjust to let her get by. On one pass, she mentioned to me that she had to pee really bad. I motioned to a water bottle on the ground and she said that she was going to go the top of the stadium and pee off the side instead... I told her she couldn't do that because we were in Pasadena and NOT Columbus.

She replied... and I'm not making this up "How did you know I was from Ohio"?

For the first time in my life, I was left speechless!

USC fans... thanks for your hospitality. Great game... see you next year.

Oh Yeah said...


great game? were you watching the same one I was?

I love how you injected thoughts of OSU into your daily thoughts. Amazing how often OSU comes up on this board. And I thought Michigan didn't care.


As for the cheerleaders, will they never learn? I saw it live as well and rewound it for the rest to see. ha ha. At least she was cheering for the right team!

Andy said...

I just got back from the Rose Bowl trip. Ugly 2nd half. How that USC team ever lost 2 games is beyond me.

The SongGirls are more impressive every time I see them. I would trade ten of our cheerleaders for one of them.

Kirbdaddy said...

The Song Girls are a prime example of why USC recruits so well. I'm not saying they're the team harem or anything like that, but with that kind of scenery and the weather, it's easy to see why USC gets players.

Cris said...

Go Blue, Happy New Year everyone and THANK YOU for all the excellent material over the past year. It has been a true pleasure visiting this site and my primary source of information on Michigan football.


OSURulz said...

I was actually going to write you guys about this very subject since I know you guys just love those song girls. But as I expected, you're already on it.

I was watching the game with a Michigan fan on his HD TV and I noticed two cheeks during the twirl. It was like a split second, but I knew what I saw. I asked, nay begged, the other guy to rewind so I could confirm what I saw. Shockingly he refused (leading to questions of his sexuality and his reasons for owning a Tivo).

So I had to wait to today and watch it on my own TV. When it popped up I was like a kid on Christmas. Partially for confirming my theory, partially for the nice view.

Thx for the pics.

Yost said...

LOL. Glad we could help, OSU.

Also, may we suggest you watch the game w/ another friend next time. This is EXACTLY what TiVo was invented for!

MGoBlue93 said...

To "oh yeah" 2:26 PM

I said great game in the context that the USC fans are a very classy bunch. I said great game in the context that the Rose Bowl is a 1st class production. I said great game in that the stadium (albeit rather old) and the grass were in good shape. I said great game in that the U of M section (as observed from my seats on the other side of the field) was un-freaking-believably LOUD (we need that kind of passion in the Big House).

As far as working an obsession towards OSU into my daily life... get a grip man. Go spin it how ever you want but that dog won't hunt here my delusional friend.

So... am I disappointed with the effort and score -- absolutely. But I'm not at all upset with my trip to Pasadena -- being able to get away for a nice 4 day weekend in the sun, and being able go to a game where both sides could show some school spirit safely.

Yost said...

Well said, '93.

ShaunTX said...

The song-girls bring a tear to my eye. I think if we could just have them perform on the sidelines of some soccer match or whatever they play in Iraq, they could end that whole war... Iraq men would lay down their AK47's and say "ahhhhh, I get it now!!!! USA! USA! USA!"

Andy said...

I did some further research on this subject, after reviewing the photos I took at the Rose Bowl... I have come to the conclusion that they all had their bloomers on.

jt said...

After further review of the play on the field, there is good evidence that the song girl in question is indeed the second one in on the right.

To be fair, I feel I must go back and review it at least one more time for "conclusive" evidence....

The play on the field stands - great ass, and indeed the only good thing about the Rose Bowl.

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andy said...


As a booth replay official, I would consider myself a failure if I did not give you the opportunity to look at best possible angle before you make a decision.

Although she is very flexible with extraordinary hamstrings..it also appears she has a run in her stockings.

Fight on.

dkneebone said...

Beating out electricity, antibiotics and thew wheel for the single greatest creation of all time is the USC cheerleading uniform.

John Spiggle, 21, Rochester, NY

page 95 of the January issue of Esquire magazine

jt said...

After a final review from our good friend Andy....I have completely forgotten what it was that we were even discussing....

Long live the digital age!

Why do I have the overwhelming urge to send Andy $1.99 out of my paypal account???