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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ohio State vs. Florida

Ok, I guess we should say something about the big game tonight. Although, with how our season ended and the two teams involved, I'd be lying if I said I excited about it as a Michigan fan. But I'll certainly be watching.

As mentioned last week, once Michigan got smacked by USC, Benny and I shed our conference allegiance and are pulling for Florida. Although, with the day upon us, I'm wavering a tad. It's just that it's so hard to root for Ohio State as a Michigan fan. It's like rooting for herpes. I'm guessing once kick-off comes, I'll change my rooting mind 10 times during the game.

And no matter who I root for, that doesn't mean I haven't made up my mind about who's going to actually win the game. I think the Bucks will win and could win big. But a late "beauty" TD will make it seem closer.

PREDICTION: OSU - 31, Florida 21

HALFTIME UPDATE: Uh...wow. Certainly didn't expect this. So much for my prediction.

POSTGAME UPDATE: Wow. I wouldn't have been surprised if someone told me before the game that the final score would be 41-14. But only if the squad with 41 was OSU.

That was UGLY. Just ugly.

Leave your thoughts. More to come tomorrow.


TitleIX said...

who pissed in your Wheaties???
don't like it?
don't read it.

like I said, I'm not rooting against tOSU, which leaves me free to remain annoyed by the buckeyes but loyal to the conference.
I really really hope that the Big 10/11 wins the BCS championship as it will vaildate our season a bit.

anyone notice how Tom Brady and the crew beat the blitz yesterday??? 3-step drops, quick out passes, handing to the up-back.....Anyway to send that game tape over to Schembechler Hall???? shheez

Out of Conference said...

lsuoverusc has reason to be pissed-

They lost to Florida and Auburn this year;

They lost any chance they had at getting back Nick Saban when Bama rolled out the red carpet for him;

They crushed ND, but no one seems to give a shit anymore;

They're losing their Big Man to the NFL, and;

SoCal still has that title that LSU thinks they deserve.

Geaux suck on it!


mvictors said...

lsuoverusc: What do you think a blog is? Are you looking for these guys to break the next Watergate scandal?

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

What makes you think we give a shit that you don't give a shit? Don't waste space with comments like that.

Jim- Lol at the "geaux"

Chadwick said...

Did anyone notice on the FOX NFL Post Game show how much they were hyping Florida? I can handle Jimmy Johnson praising Florida, but listening to Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long praise Florida was ridiculous. What do those two guys know about college football?

Yost said...

You can just ignore that guy. He's the sick spammer who "faked" his death awhile back. As such, his comments are removed.

rex said...

Benny I think you and Yost need to cheer for OSU. I know they are your enemy, but Florida won the Basketball championship and being down here in SEC land I'm sick of hearing how great the SEC is, let that Big 10 O line pound Florida and shut up these SEC lovers. If Florida were to win and have the title in bball and football, now that would be hell.

Yost said...


If OSU wins their second NC in 5 years, we too will be subjected to a hell of our own.

One man's hell...

Andy said...

Too bad I did not get to read lsuoverusc's post before it was put in the trash can - I always like to start off the week with a good laugh.

Andy said...

...and, oh yeah...

That Tom Brady kid... he is pretty good.

MGoBlue93 said...

Where's Gator1377 been?

What's the current line for how many of those UF “the SEC is the best...” or “if you had to play our schedule” trolls grace this blog with their presence if there's a loss tonite?


oh yeah... GO BLUE!

rex said...

Yost I understand your pain! On the bright side, Ryan Mallett the future QB for Michigan looked really good in the US Army All American Bowl. Really mobile for 6'7" and a really good touch on the ball.

Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

You just don't get it.
SEC (especially UofF) posters are the best. If you had Gatro1377's schedule of blogs to review and post crap and hate on, you wouldn't have such a great record of good posts here, now would you? The damn blogedia is so ^&%$ing biased towards Big11 posters. Do they even take the time to look at other conference posters? There really should be a playoff system. I mean, a person like BiB travels outside their conference to post good shit, and I concede that TitleIX and Andy shouldn't be faulted for not getting more credit when the rest of the conference posters are down, but none of you spew out crap in the magnitude that Gator1377 does. Until you do, we're forced to read legitmate, honest, and humorous comments by the likes of you Big 10 blogedia darlings. That's bullshit.

A serious question, where does one buy crow at? I have a feeling I may need it tomorrow.

Richard Cranium said...

I just want to hear someone actually say Hooray for herpes!!!!

Kieran said...

You cant route for herpes now can you? I hate both teams so I am rooting for a pre-game fight that cancels the game.



MGoBlue93 said...

Well... at least the commercials for Valtrex makes it look like Herpes is a lot of fun.

I mean... who wouldn't want to go mountain biking, kayaking, or to a sporting event with a leggy model who isn't having a flare up at the time? Yeah that's the ticket.

semperfibuck said...

aggpDid you see that Brady said he was happy to have only played one year as the Maize & Blue starter? That way, he was less far behind learning how to play QB.

Andy said...


Here is a list of former M quarterbacks that have collected a paycheck in the NFL (over the last 25 years or so).

Jim Harbaugh (Pro Bowl)
Elvis Grbac (Pro Bowl)
Todd Collins
Scott Dreisbach
Brian Griese
Tom Brady (Pro Bowl, SB MVP)
Drew Henson
John Navarre

Here is a list of every buckeye that has ever played in the NFL, please find me ONE buckeye quarterback that made it to Pro Bowl.

Andy said...

...and no, Tom Tupa does not count... he made the pro bowl as a punter.

Danimal said...

I'm rooting for "Injuries" tonite.

Go Blue.

MGoBlue93 said...

Dare I say the double script Ohio was pretty cool tonite?

I'm shocked Fox showed it... I mean there's a bunch of banter from talking heads... oops I mean analysts... that is much more exciting that showing school spirit on TV.

Do we need to remind buckstache who FIRST did script Ohio though? ;)

Out of Conference said...

OK, did the coin toss get f'ed up? FL wonm the toss with tails, they said they would defer. The ref asked the BUckeyes, I thought which goal they want, and he said, "We'll take the ball." The ref said, "OK, they want the ball, FL which goal do you want to kick towards."
Did I hear that right?

TitleIX said...

is anyone else watching this shit??????

F'n Buckeyes.....
way to show up, boys.

here's hoping the 2nd half is better??

Oh Yeah Baby said...

Un freaking believable. Come on Buckeyes!!!!!

Olli1980 said...

Ok...WHO now deserved to be in?

Kill them off Gators!

Little story a few days back at a basketball game Florida - Ohio State (Florida 5th at that time, OSU 3rd)

"P.S.:With a few minutes to play, the Florida Fans chanted "over-rated." They followed that with chants of "just like football."

'Nuff said!

Out of Conference said...

Wow Olli1980 - you make a username just for that single post? You epitomize class.
There's still a whole 'nuther half coming and Ohio State is much better than South Carolina. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for the Gators, but man, you make it tough.

Ungar Kelt said...

At least Michigan showed up for the 1st half of the Rose Bowl (sort of)

What does Sweatervest have in store for the 2nd half?

Jim said...

I may not be rooting for osu tonight, but that doesn't mean I expected *this*. Still, I don't know if we can knock them for forgetting to show up to their bowl game.

Guy I work with asked me before we left the lab for a prediction. I told him it'd be a blow-out. When pressed for a score, I said 35-17. Of course, I figured it'd be osu on top, and that it would take them all game to get there. Yeesh.

Jim said...

Wait, does it seem odd that Auburn just won the Pontiac "Game Changing Performance" for that blocked punt against Florida? Why does that seem sideways to me?

4SEAM said...

OSU's band played the theme Titantic at halftime....

MGoBlue93 said...

Wow... who looks worse, tOSU vs. UF or U of M vs. USC???

The worst part about today... that fucking douchebag Meyer is gonna think he is vindicated.

My poll for next September:

1. Florida
2. tOSU
3. USC
4. L'ville
5. LSU
6. Wisconsin
7. Auburn
8. Texas
9. Sooners
10. Michigan

Wow... Sweater vest is indeed human... tOSU, for the first time in a long time, doesn't look ready to play.

Who woulda thought after that joke of a SEC championship game?!?!?!

JD said...

Gary Danielson is smiling somewhere...

Cris said...

Completely unrelated (in a way), but...get a 12th team in the Big Ten...I don't care if it's Cincinnati, Toledo, BGSU, or CMU. Get a 12th team, have a championship game and go that route. tOSU and Michigan suffered because of the layoff and the haters not wanting a rematch. Were the haters right this year...yes. However, tOSU and Michigan both set the conference back this year with their bowl displays. There will be ripples (in the future voters minds) because of how bad they (tOSU/UM) looked in their bowl games. My thoughts anyways.

Oh Yeah Baby said...

OSU did not show up tonight. period. Ginn hurt in the 1st hurt us badly. the touchdown given to the Gators when his knee was down hurt, but he would have just gotten it on the next down anyway, i am sure.

I cannot believe the Bucks are playing so badly. This is a slaughtering. It sucks to be on this side of the score!

Brian Buchalski said...

i think i said the same thing last week after michigan got bombed...

the more things change, the more thye stay the same

just like the 1970s when everything rested on the bo-woody matchup and both teams struggled to re-group in time for their bowl games, i think the same storyline played out this year. that nov 18th match-up was so big and—especially—with the long layoff i'm not surprised that both teams played flat.

guess i'm old fashioned, but i really don't think of tonight as a championship game. those are for conferences and ours (the big ten) was settled a month & half ago. bowls games, including all this bcs business are really just exhibition games. nothing more, nothing less.

4SEAM said...

Stop making excuses, the Big Ten was vastly overrated, Florida played ina huge game, USC did too, th elayoff effected nothing, UF was off for 40 days too....OSU got creamed because they wer eoverrated...

surrounded in columbus said...

well, here's funny little side story- all week, all 4 local stations have been advertising how they'll have post game coverage from Az following the game (they've all had crews in Glendale over the weekend).

none of them are showing any post game now. they're all staying w/ the regular programming. sort of like if they don't report it, it didn't happen. can't blame them. nobody in columbus is watching now anyway.

Jim said...

I don't know, Brian. Isn't this just what we say to make ourselves feel better? We were both beat. Soundly. No flukey plays or questionable calls, just a couple of out-behind-the-woodshed whoopins. It's pretty hard to argue that we were the top two teams in the country after being so thoroughly thrashed.

If either of us had won, we would have stood on top of cars and thumped our chest and crowed like there was no tomorrow. We can't turn around and pretend the games don't mean anything after the fact.

surrounded in columbus said...

well said. we should all take a lesson from Romo- there's a dignity to standing up and taking responsibility for a debacle.

the only debates left are whether we were more over rated as #2 or tosu as #1, and does USC pass tosu for #2 in the final poll, 2 losses or not.

dtw2phx said...

I was hoping for a Big Ten showing -- I might as well have hoped for a lottery win.

Thanks for making the trip, Bucks.
At least our score wasn't THAT bad (you tied with ND -- way to go!)

Karma's a bitch...ain it? Time to pack the sweatervests away.

srudoff said...

wow - better team won tonight - no excuses.

now i know how you guys feel....

well cept we only lost once

and haven't lost 4 straight bowl games

and 3 straight to our big rival

but you know what i mean, right?


surrounded in columbus said...

yeah. right. you're slightly less of a loser this year than we were. congrats. you must be awfully proud.

stop over to the dispatch.com site and order your copy of the "championship season" dvd. or wait until tomorrow when they'll go for half price.

MGoBlue93 said...

srudoff... don't sprain your arm reaching around to pat yourself on the back.

Comparing your blowout loss to our blowout loss seems about as cogent as comparing virtue among whores.

gpthe3 said...

Ummm UM, take notes for next years game against tospu in ann arbor. THAT is how you beat....no demolish THE scholl from the city of columbus who really isnt that good!!!

surrounded in columbus said...

whores' virtue? LOL.

so basically, tosu didn't suck as much as we did? can't wait to see that on tee shirt.

srudoff said...

i was comparing our last 3 seasons, not just this one but i guess that was lost in the euphoria of seeing us finally lose

and gpth3, 'scholl' is definitely overrated ;)

surrounded in columbus said...

you almost want to give srudoff credit. you get depantsed on national tv in THE mnc game, and he's still so needy of michigan fans' opinions that he stops in here to make himself feel better.

did it work? or will you still be the absolute biggest, most over rated flop of a favorite in the history of the bcs come tomorrow a.m.?


MGoBlue93 said...

Gator1377... you're a load that should have been swallowed.

The conference that produces Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Mississippi, Mississippi State and a mediocre Georgia this year is head and shoulders better than the rest of the country -- baloney!

USC destroyed one of the reps to your title game. The SEC title game was about as skillfully played a game as the freaking MAC title game.

The moral of this story is, there's not this huge talent gap that the SEC nation thinks there is. There's almost as much parity in college ball as the NFL. CU almost beat Georgia this year... CU is worse than directional Michigan.

Florida saved their best for last... good for them. Congrats. Thats all.

OSURulz said...

I've posted in the good times, so I'm here to post in the bad times.

Last week I watched the UM - USC match and I kept repeating to myself "I can't believe what I'm watching". No game plan, no halftime adjustments, no answers for otherwise standard plays.

Tonight I got a second helping of "WTF?"

Yes, we lost Ginn early. What happened to the other 4 WR's that were ready to step up? What happened to our running game? Why oh why did we rush 3 people again and again and again?

I didn't think it was possible, but we got out-coached. Neither our offense or our defense made any adjustments when things obviously weren't working out. Everything UF did was easily identifiable on game film. They didn't have a bunch of trick plays. Percy Harvin didn't rip off a big run. Yet, somehow the score ended up looking like that's exactly what happened.

I don't have an answer here. Maybe the Big 10 really isn't as good as I thought. Maybe the SEC is better than I thought. I'm sure a lot of Buckeye fans such as myself are going to be scratching their heads for a while after this route.

Out of Conference said...

mgoblue93 - you say "South Carolina" like it's a bad thing. All of our losses were to ranked teams, just like Michigan. We even played Florida to a single point differential and lost only due to blocked kicks- at the Swamp. I'm not screaming moral victories- I'm pissed we lost to Florida when we controlled that entire game, but we sure played them much better than your conference "championship game rep".

MGoBlue93 said...

OOC... no offense intended. Just a little weary of the same tired banter from SEC nation.

Quite honestly, compare the Big 10 the Pac 10, and the SEC side by side and from top to bottom and there is not the chasm the average mouth breather from the bubba zone thinks there is.

As I've posted many may times, I think the SEC is a fine conference. I think they are probably the best conference in the land. I've also posted many many times that I think LSU and Auburn are, right now, the class of the conference. In the same way that USC is the Pac 10's... and so on.

BUT For idiots like gator1377 and Jarvis Moss to parrot the rhetoric they do is just absurd. The SEC doesn't have a winning record against the Big 10 in bowl games... even with Monday's debacle and tOSU tubing it back to back against the 'Cocks a while back.

Historically, U of M has fared very well against the SEC in bowl games... the only hiccup was to Tennessee recently.

And I will not back off the opinion that the SEC champ game this year was some of the most poorly played football in a long time. The team that sucked less won.

Florida saved the best for last. Congrats to them; they absolutely blew out the previously undisputed #1 team in the land. It made the Big 10 look bad is making a lot of people rethink Michigan's season. Our ND win doesn't mean shit but we beat Wisconsin and PSU... who won their New Year's bowl games against SEC competition.

We need a playoff. That's the only way to stop bitching and analysts' using computers and degrees of separation to evaluate teams. It will never happen. TV has dumped too much money in big boy college ball and quite frankly, the schools need the money to help for pay big boy coaches and help fund their athletic departments.