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Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Ohio State Recruiting Weapon

If you read the site, you've probably seen the OSU Video Chick, the Buckeyes' secret recuiting ace in the hole. Well, the Bucks have gone and done it again...

Meet Raven Riley, a porn star (as evidenced by her NSFW site) and a big Buckeye fan judging from her pictures:

Best of all, when Ms. Riley says "Fuck Michigan," we don't mind. In fact, we hope she means it.

(HT: WhiteDawg)


Play Tusk! said...

This officially makes up for the Gator post from yesterday...wait, let me double check. Yep, officially.

Dezzi13 said...

Funny... this girl wanted me to add her as a friend on MySpace.com... I did, and received some "interesting" pictures...

She might make Wolverine fans want to say "(I want to) F**K (Raven Riley the) OHIO STATE (fan)!"

harry hasselhoff said...

Maybe she can face Jenn Sterger in the MZone's inaugural "Co-Ed ButterFace-Off."

I'd still do her, but c'mon that's nothing to write home about.

Richard Cranium said...

I am in Love, I think. Well, at least for a couple of hours!!!

Andy said...

Further proof that Ohio State sucks...

MGoBlue93 said...

She's cute and all but has nothing on ASU or Louisville.

the raterinks said...

No, no. I'm pretty sure she's fucking hot. Something about the brunettes I guess. You can have the blondes from ASU and Loiusville.