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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MZone Headline Writing Contest

Although blogs are supposed to always be making fun of the mainstream media, we don't do a whole lot of that here at the MZone. But we came across something that we just couldn't let pass without comment - the headline in the Idaho Statesman newspaper for January 2.

Now let me get this straight: Your local team has just concluded the greatest single victory in the history of your state. Hell, it might have been the biggest thing to happen to Idaho since the invention of the French Fry. And the team did it in such incredible fashion that it became the talk of the sports world (and pushed the Rose Bowl to yesterday's news, thankfully).

So what does the Statesman choose as the banner headline?


So in the spirit of the MZone Caption Contest that so often produces downright hilarity from our readers, we're throwing it open to you to produce a funnier, or at least more apt headline for the Boise State Broncos.

Here's our first crack at it.


IC said...

Staying with the theme of your suggested headline while honoring the spudcentric heritage of Idaho:

"Major Taters!"

Anonymous said...


nathanp2112 said...

"Boise Proves it Has a Big Johnson"

MGoBlue93 said...

Did I pull a Rip Van Winkle moment? When did the Fiesta Bowl trophy become a Nerf knock-off of the crystal ball trophy given to the BCS champs?

I think that stupid looking gold plastic ball is more deserving of some mockery.

Anonymous said...

Big! Brass!

Out of Conference said...

iAs Isuro Tanaka in Major League II would say (and gesture),


"The Statue of Liberty: bringing BCS hope to white mid-major football players of the West"

Out of Conference said...

Wait, is that John C. McGinley on the cover?

Anonymous said...

Mashed or Fried

Anonymous said...

"Big Sac Of Tricks"

Kelly Reed said...

Broncos Corral Sooners


Boiled, Chopped, Smashed
--How do ya like them Potatoes?


In honor of the new Rocky film

Yo Boise! We Did It!

JB said...

Golden Turd!

Jason said...

"Testicle- actual size!"

Lichty said...

We ARE - Boise State

steven said...

David Teabags Goliath!

JayMarMan said...

This is what came to mind :)



westcoaster said...

Spud Studs

ohio_guy said...

Holy Shit! They actually did it!

Play Tusk! said...

"David Teabags Goliath!"

We have a winner!

Here's my lame attempt:

"Cinderella Has Balls!"

beast in 'bama said...

Sooners: Scattered, Smothered and Covered!

dkneebone said...

Sooners au gratin!

Out of Conference said...

So who wins, Yost & Benny? And what's the prize? How about an MZone coozie or a signed, framed copy of Touchdown Mohammed?

Ram61 said...

"Boise Wins, First Party in Idaho History to Follow"

"Thank God We Didn't Have To Play OSU!"

and one that could have potentially happened

"Boise Wins, but Star RB Jumps of Bridge Following Rejection"

nathanp2112 said...

I agree w/Out of Conference; Benny and Yost owe us a winner (with fabulous prizes, of course).


Controlled Insanity said...

It's just a headline contest?

I actually farked the headline - See the link above