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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The reason to drink those 8 glasses a day

While many folks have heard about Michael Vick and his mysterious water bottle, only the MZone has obtained the first exclusive pictures of the container in question. As you can tell, no wonder TSA officials in Miami were suspicious.

And if you missed it, check out this SNL clip about the situation...


Out of Conference said...

Great photoshop skils Benny!

Vick in tribal relics shop: You, is this an Aquafina water bottle?

Rob Schneider as Hippie Shopkeeper: Oh, that's a symbol of neo-Americana consumerism and imperialism. Only the fortunate priveledged use this, and it's usually a symbol of conspicuous consumption.

Vick: What's it for?

Shopkeeper: Oh, you put your weed in it!


Tim said...

I was actually impressed with how amusing Seth & Amy actually were. SNL hasn't been too funny in awhile so I had stopped watching it completely, but that was pretty damn funny.

TitleIX said...

SNL has gotten much better
(witness--Justin's "Dick in a Box" skit)

And now for something COMPLETELY different...
anyone else see the irony in MARLON JACKSON for crissakes intercepting TOM BRADY on NE's last drive yesterday??
Be true to your school, man---drop the freakin' ball!

oh wait...
loyalty vs. trip to the SuperBowl?
SuperBowl vs. Michigan Thing????

I dunno....that's a toss in my book!

Out of Conference said...

Dick in a box - I still crack up at that video.

To keep with T9's off topic Super Bowl info - here's something to piss you off (thank goodness Gator1377 or LSUloserUSC aren't here anymore), Rex vs. Manning is an SEC matchup of QBs instead of what could have been a Big Ten QB matchup Brady-Brees. File that in the who-gives-a-shit circular file.

2 TE's and a balanced line said...

It felt really weird to see Brady on the losing end, I was hoping he would lead another last second drive as a UM fan living in Colts territory. Colts fan are extremely arrogant about Manning, even though he's accomplished little.

Andy said...

I have not watched SNL in a long time...

But Amy just may bring me back. mmmmmmm

and... oh yeah... Brady to Marlin Jackson was pretty ironic. The Colts do have 2 Michigan players (Jackson & Cato June) that contribute a lot on defense.

Go Blue Gabe said...

I heard that Michael Vick was acquitted yesterday.........REALLY?