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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Little Help

Ok, while I know our readers probably don't sit around TiVo'ing the ABC TV show WIFE SWAP, we're hoping somebody's wife/girlfriend/other happened to tape it and can put a clip associated with the following up on YouTube. That's because we got the email below today from MZone reader AD:;

"Please tell me you guys caught Wife Swap this week. I normally don’t watch it but the Buckeye rage caught my eye and I had to tune in. Use your vast resources to find and post the segment in which a crazed OSU fan screams at a dwarf over the location of his TV remote. Yes, you read the last sentence correctly."

Needless to say, our curiosity is piqued, to put it mildly. So, any help out there?


TitleIX said...

sounds like a job for Andy....

Asa said...

I saw it the little people were from Michigan,OSU father snapped when she hid the remote from him,so he couldn't watch his beloved buckeyes.He showed how stupid buckeye fans can get on national tv.

Andy said...

Ice storm in Austin knocked out DirecTV for the last couple of days. Forced to watch the National Championship Game on Tivo. I still giggle watching Tressel go for it on 4th down from his own 29.

Out of Conference said...

You in Austin Andy? Here in South Cackelackly, we haven't lost DirectTV yet.

TitleIX said...

those of us up yonder were without power from the ice, not just without DirectTV


Sam Harmon said...

Did anyone see the bump on Adult Swim the other night? It said:

Congratulations and thanks

to THE Ohio State University Buckeyes

for setting the bar so high

on the definition of overrated.

Go Bucks!

[adult swim]