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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fantastic Finish

Did you see the last quarter of the Oklahoma-Boise State game in the Fiesta Bowl? If not, you missed one of the most incredible bowl games I've ever seen. I'm still shaking my head. It was...wow.

Not only did Boise State somehow pull out the victory when all seemed lost, the plays they won the game on were nothing short of stuff you'd draw in the sand during a playground pick-up game.


Big props to BSU on a great win and outstanding season.

Fantastic Finish, Part II

Here's an IM between MZone Sideline Reporter IC and me after the incredible Fiesta Bowl on Monday night.

IC: that was absolutely the most amazing ending (4th qtr. and ot) i've ever seen....masterful playcalling

Benny: I know, I know. Makes me jealous.

IC: just glad that didn't happen to us and oh it would have if we played them

Anyone have any doubts that IC wasn't right with that last line?


ou blonde said...

Thanks for the huge choke OU!! I'm really bummed about this damn game.

Okay since BSU proved to be a serious contender in last night's game...let’s see them play a non-conference schedule like OU!

I'll give props to BSU but OU had a good year despite all the crap that happened during their season.

Oh sorry about the Michigan game, I was really rooting for them.

I am so Bitter Bob today!!!!!!!

The King said...

That was the greatest bowl game I have ever seen. I'm still stunned.

Yost said...

Totally agree, King.

Chadwick said...

Maybe we should give Boise State a shot at the BCS Title?