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Friday, January 12, 2007

If this is on Classic, where does Boise-OU air?

While flipping around the stations last Sunday morning, I happened to stop on ESPN Classic. I noticed that Penn State was playing and I was trying to pinpoint the game being shown. Was it the 1987 Fiesta Bowl when they upset Miami? Maybe it was the double overtime Orange Bowl win over Florida State from last year?

Nope. It was this year's Outback Bowl win over Tennessee.


I saw a fair amount of that game live. It was actually a pretty dull game for such a close contest. It was a good win for Penn State, but even the most die-hard Nittany Lion fan would have trouble claiming it was a "classic."

And if this is the new standard for a "classic," what's next for ESPN? Any game pitting two well known teams? Last fall's West Virginia-Eastern Washington 52-3 thriller? Or maybe that great Spring game between the blue and the white teams in Ann Arbor in 1986.

C'mon, guys. You're supposed to be the WWL. You can do better. I think.


runngunn29 said...
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Sean said...

The thing that angers me is that we probably won't see the Boise State/OU game for quite sometime on Classic since FOX broadcast it and I doubt they'd be willing to give it up so quickly.

runngunn29 said...

WOW. I'm a PSU student and the only thing that was classic was how hungover I was watching that game.

Great win, but once we had the lead the Vols and their interstellar SEC speed didn't even threaten our defense to score.

Andy said...

You can download Boise/OU the game on itunes for 2.99

I have Direct TV and it is also been shown on regional Fox channels. I watched it again 2 nights ago.

BTW, the same regional fox channel (FSN Ohio) showed the NC game. I'm sure there were a lot of local viewers tuned in...

MGOBLUE94 said...

Those same viewers that tuned in probably went to Macy's Monday night at 11PM to buy their MNC tshirts at a highly discounted price!

Andrew Fine said...

The reason that ESPN Classic was showing the game was because they always show the "best" college football game from the previous week on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, they only have access to the ABC/ESPN games, and the Outback Bowl was the best of the bunch. Could have been worse, they could have replayed the Rose Bowl.

surrounded in columbus said...

while channel surfing, i tripped upon our FSN regional stations rebroadcast of monday's game. it was late in the second quarter, so i paused to watch to see if the sequence of events (going for it on 4th, not running at all after having scored on a drive where tosu ran so successfully, etc,) was as wierd as i remembered them to be.

i'm sure i was the only person in southern delaware county to have the game on. then my wife (2 degrees from tosu)wandered thru the room, looked at the set, looked at me, and then said something about getting a lawyer. i turned it off.

Andy said...

Don't worry SiC, she will get over it. Just remind her about how much Tressel "owns" Michigan.

BTW, I have captured the game on my Tivo and will enjoy it several times over the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you want me to burn you a DVD.

surrounded in columbus said...

thanks, but i'm pretty sure one of the neighbors had pre ordered "the championship season" dvd that included all of their games.