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Friday, January 12, 2007

Hey, Those Oxygen Tents Don't Pay For Themselves

Tosu wide reciever Anthony Gonzalez announced yesterday that he is foregoing his final year of eligibility to enter the NFL Draft.

Is Ted Ginn next?

What kind of offense will they have if they lose their QB and three of their top four receivers?

Is it pathetic that I'm starting to feel that the only way Michigan will beat the Buckeyes is if all their great players leave?

Whatever the case, Gonzalez will not be missed by Michigan, a team he shredded over the last three years to the tune of 10 receptions for 202 yards and 2 touchdowns as well as an amazing catch to set up tOSU's winning td in the 2005 game.

Best wishes, Anthony. It wasn't so great knowing you. And just think what kind of oxygen tents those NFL millions will buy! You might even be able to afford an oxygen house now.


Andy said...

Phew. He killed us for 3 years straight.

Too tell the truth, I am surprised that Gonzo left. I thought for sure he would be one that stayed.

I have lit a candle for Pittman and Ginn to announce soon.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Now maybe his Dad, a former Wolverine player, can now put his Michigan memorobilia back on the walls.

Cya Gonzo!

Out of Conference said...

The draft is looking pretty crowded for good WRs - CJ, guy from SoCal, Rice from SoCar, likely Ginn, and many more I forgot that are pretty good. I wish our boy Rice well, but I get the feeling he was pretty much lied to by an agent about where he would likely get drafted.

Where do you guys see Gonzo going? I really can't see him going above any of the guys I named above. I don't see him as the next McCaffrey- maybe special teams.

surrounded in columbus said...

most of the projections show Gonzo as a second round pick. thing is, he wasn't likely to move up next year. his speed/separation ability was exposed monday night. w/out ginn to stretch things, he was bottled up. he was facing a season of that next year.

same thing w/ Pittman. he's going to have to split more carries next year w/ wells. they may run a a lot more, but he'd be lucky to get half the carries (tosu has another "hot" rb in the stable in addition to wells).

for both of them, next year wasn't likely to help and may have hurt. where ever they go in this draft was likely to be as high, if not higher than next year.

get while the gettin' is good.

Lichty said...

So long bubble boy, and thanks for giving us Moops a break for next year.

Da Braylon said...

Gonzo's dad played for the Wolverines?

Greg said...

I was hoping Henne and Hart would leave, too, because it appears that the only way Penn State will ever beat Michigan again is if we play the high school All-Stars from Michigan - and even then maybe not. So I know what you're talking about!

MGOBLUE94 said...

Eduardo Gonzales played at Michigan


Michigan Bentley Library ... Football roster 1973

Detroit New article

TitleIX said...

I hope little Gonzo got a scholarship...

could you imagine having to PAY tuition to tOSU for your own kid!!??


semperfibuck said...

titleix- you'll be happy to know that Gonzo indeed grew up a _ichigan fan, but decided during the recuriting process that he much preferred Tress to LLLLLoyd.

MGoBlue93 said...

The draft is looking pretty crowded for good WRs - CJ, guy from SoCal, Rice from SoCar, likely Ginn


The question becomes... which one will the Lions waste the #2 overall pick on?