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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Free At Last - At Least Some of Us

For those out of the office, enjoy the day off. For those poor saps stuck in a cube check out the post Yost put up over the weekend. You won't be disappointed.

Blog to you on Tuesday.


Sean said...

Rough couple of days.

We lost one of our best recruits in this class, another soon to come, and on top of that, I don't get a day off. Damn you world.

On the brightside, Tom Brady continued to rep Michigan this weekend.

Out of Conference said...

Damn Gub'ment workers! Us private sector worker bees will keep the economy going for you today.

drakeep said...

I hate all of you! Enjoy your day off.

Andy said...

Ginn and Pittman join Gonzo - headed to the NFL draft.

I'm sure the bucks will be strong next year but I for one, am glad the 4 of them (including Troy Smith) are gone.

drakeep said...

Either way, we need to focus on filling holes on defense and opening up the offense. I really hope that Mike and Lloyd watch that USC film over and over and over.

Out of Conference said...

What's the penalty for premature celebration?