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Friday, January 12, 2007

For Your Consideration...The MZone?

Screw the Golden Globes, the 2006 College Football Blogger Award nominations are up at Rocky Top Talk and yours truly was nominated in three categories.

Our first nomination is for The Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction Award (Funniest Blog). The other nominees are EDSBS, Hey Jenny Slater, Fire Mark May, and Losers With Socks.

We also were nomintated for The Jenn Sterger's Rack Award (Best photoshop or other gag of the year) for our Coaches' Halloween Costume post. In addition to a couple of the blogs mentioned above, we're nominated with Sunday Morning Quarterback, Tiger Smack, and Tressel's World.

Our final nomination came for the Best Big Ten Blog along with MGoBlog, Black Shoe Diaries, The Ciskie Blog, and Buckeye Commentary.

Wow. From the depths of the Colin Cowherd Controversy to the heights of-- I'm sorry, we might need a moment here. I mean, it's just an honor to be nominated. Really. Yost and I have been reading EDSBS and SMQB since we were little kids and now, we're nominated with them? And to be mentioned in the same breath along with MGoBlog, Hey Jenny Slater, Buckeye Commentary, Tressel's World, The Ciskie Blog, Black Shoe Diaries, Fire Mark May and INSERT ANYBODY WE FORGOT HERE, I mean, we've been linking to these guys since the TRS-80 days, so it's like going up against family. Just being nominated is like winning. Only not, because it's not winning.

And the best thing about being nominated for one of these cyber awards is, we don't have to dress up for some stuffy awards show. Hell, we don't even have to wear pants. Suh-weeet!

If you're interested in voting, head over to the MGoBlog Voting Machine and cast your ballot. The only caveat is that you have to have a blog that regularly posts on college football to be eligible to vote.

And even though being nominated made our day, should we actually win an award we promise to be like Sally Field...

And if we lose - even though there are no losers in this contest - we promise not be like Faith Hill...


BK said...

If you guys don't win the photoshop award, there's something wrong with this country.

Out of Conference said...

So, you have to have a blog to be able to vote?!? How f'ed up is that? We, as fans, literally grace these blogs with our presence for the entertainment. Blogists usually benefit from our presence on their site/blog. Shouldn't we, as fans, also get a chance to vote, or are we spoonfed the results of the blogists patting themselves on the back. As fans, and not elite blogists, do we not have the skills or intellect to understand what a funny blog is, what a funny photoshop, or well-written article is? I understand why I don't get a vote in the Nobel award for biology, or why I don't get to vote for the AP college football poll, but aren't I (and millions of other fans elsewhere) the reason these blogs get sustained? I mean sure someone may have started a blog just for their own enjoyment without giving a shit if anyone reads it, but after a while, I would think blog writers enjoy fan support.
I still would have nominated you guys (and other blogs) for the categories I did, but I wish I would have known (maybe I missed something), otherwise I just get the feeling I'm throwing a penny in a fountain over the fence of a fancy country club of which I'm not allowed to enter- just watch from outside the gates.
Sorry, certainly not bitching to you guys, Yost and Benny.

Yost said...


We had nothing to do with the voting process.

Out of Conference said...

Yeah sorry Y&B.. I didn't mean to imply that, although re-reading my post it certainly comes off that way.

Mike said...

@ out of conference,

Think of it like the Oscars or any other awards show where people vote on their peers. You (the readers) were given the opportunity to nominate anyone you wanted so you did have a voice. Your input was valued.

I think if they let the readers do the voting it would be a logistical nightmare. And we might as well crown MGoBlog, EDSBS, BON, and SMQ the champions of everything since that is what everyone reads. This process will give smaller bloggers a chance for some recognition.

This is the blogosphere's first attempt to ever try something like this. Let's give them a little slack. Feel free to visit the different blogs and try to influence those who do have a vote.

Note: I wasn't involved in any of the planning either, but I see what they are trying to do and agree with it.

Doug said...

Oh, I'm totally gonna be like Faith Hill if I lose. The fact that I don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as most of the other nominees notwithstanding.

Out of Conference said...

Mike, Doug, Y&B, et al- OK, I see your point and the point of the awards. So, at least invite me in to share at least 1 beer with you guys at the country club bar.

I don't know who's idea it was to have different blogs announce a few of the nominations at a time at different times throughout the day, but that was a great idea. It gave me a chance to do a web tour of several blogs I don't normally visit (or had heard of) while seeing the different nominations announced. Great idea. My boss wants to know what was up with my low billable hours yesterday though. Damn the Man!

Cool Hand Mike said...

Ya'll don't like me! Ya'll really, really don't like me.

LWS said...

well, here is what I think, I think that my site is the Boise State of Blogs.http://loserwithsocks.wordpress.com/

No way that we win, and I am going Denny Green, not Faith Hill

Yost said...

lol, LWS! And we have the hyperlink at the top.

Congrats on the nom. Pretty cool for all of us.

TitleIX said...

so what exactly would you win??? (asks the latent mother in me)

ok ok, that's lame----hang on...
here's the 3AM stoned off your ass, freshman year, sitting in the dorm hallway cuz your roommate locked you out question.....

IF this is a CYBER award, and cyberspace is a 'virtual' thing, then is this award REAL as in ACTUALLY in our dimension of time and space as we experience it, or is it a VIRTUAL award, only existing in the parallel consciousness we call CYBERSPACE???? I mean, will you get a plaque to hang on your REAL wall??? Or some photoshopped .gif thingy to place on the blog????

wait, wait, wait....but, if we perceive cyberspace and interact with it, I mean, enough to get an award, then doesn't that make this ALL REAL???

Or no, no, are we all an illusion in someone's cyber-reality????

pass the dutchie........

Yost said...


I didn't know you lived in East Quad.

TitleIX said...

Bursley, actually.
not much going on up there in the mid-80s, so we made our own fun.