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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

BCS Title Game - Quick Thoughts

Just wanted to add my two cents worth after Yost's post above...

* Is there a bigger bullshit award than Player of the Game? Who are the idiots who vote on these things? Oh, yeah, it's sports writers. Chris Leak as Player of the Game? Yeah, he played a solid though unspectacular game. But he's not the main reason Florida won. They won because of their defense.

Ohio State's defense was obviously not as strong as the statistics they put up through the first eleven games. It's not as if they were facing juggernauts on offense. Hell, even Michigan's decent at best offense put up 39 points on them. But the Wolverines overrated defense (in retrospect) couldn't do what the Gators did on Monday - they shut down Troy Smith.

They got consistent pressure on him and they didn't let him get away. The few attempts where he had time, the secondary was able to cover the Buckeye receivers. And they didn't let up anything on the ground. So that's why they are the National Champs and Michigan isn't.

And that's why a defensive player should have been the Player of the Game. But that would mean the sportswriters would actually have to watch the game instead of worrying about deadline, and getting the same old cliches from the players and coaches into their story.

* That Coaches Championship Trophy has to be the lamest trophy in sports. Most trophies are such that when the players win them, they can thrust them into the air - even the 35 pound Stanley Cup. But that crystal football is so delicate that the coaches seem afraid to pick it up and then are in a hurry to put it down so they don't crack it like Joel Goodsen did to his mom's egg in Risky Business.

* Was that a Members Only jacket that Urban Meyer had on during the post-game celebration? And what was up with that huge square watch he was wearing during the game? It looked like something he'd have to wear if he was under house arrest.

* How great would it be to be a Florida student over the past couple of years? First your school wins the basketball title and now the football championship. If that happened while I was at Michigan my grades would have sunk like Troy Smith's passer rating tonight. But I wouldn't have cared. I would have even put it on my resume when I was looking for a job.

* I have to give the Columbus Dispatch some credit. I just went over there to see their reaction and I see this caption. It's not often that the home page of a major newspaper quotes Bill Murray from Stripes.

* Does anyone know when 24 and American Idol start up again?


beast in 'bama said...

Boy, do we think alike. The trophy, the members-only jacket (please tell me Nike's not trying to bring THAT back), and Florida holding two major national championships. Well, maybe we don't agree on American Idol...

I particularly agree with the player of the game award - should have gone to the Florida D-line in toto. Those guys were flying around all game, wreaking havoc, and getting sacks without helmets for crying out loud!

Texas had both baseball and football national championships at the same time last year, but Nooooo! Florida has to go and top it. Just makes me HATES some Gators even more!

Out of Conference said...

What, no mention of those shitty rock 'em sock 'em robot/Dodge truck commercials?

Given the pressure Leak's been under all year from coaches, fans, etc. and he did play a great game - I don't really have a problem with him getting the player of the game award. I don't think D won the game for UofF anymore than than the offense. The Bucks could do nothing to stop either the Gator's O or D. If Florida's D wasn't up to the test, Florida still wins if it went to a shoot-out. Florida called off the dogs in the second half to burn clock, something they wouldn't have done if it were a shootout.

I think folks think of Spurrier's QBs when they think of Gator QBs, so when a FL QB doesn't put up 350+ yards passing and 3-4 TDs they think he didn't have a great game. Leak played pretty damn close to flawlessly and looked like a leader out there. The bad/risky play the announcers called, wasn't that bad a play. No one had a chance for that throw-away, especially the DB. The change-field floater in the flats, also not a horrible throw given that the closest defender was 15 yards away and it was a throw across his body while running to the right. Leak looked pretty smart, played safe (thanks to play-calling that reduced his risk-taking opportunities), and didn't give the ball away. How many times do you usually hear the booth guys call out Laurinitis' name in a game? We heard it what, 2 times last night and it was about the same play. You have to give Leak at least some of that credit.

Not to take away from the Gator D-line. They manhandled the O-line that Barry and friends felated for so long in the booth early on. I wouldn't have had a problem with the D-line getting the player of the game award collectively either, though.

Benny Friedman said...

Out of Conference, I certainly wasn't trying to demean Leak's performance in any way. He was very Brady-esque last night. But I think it's a huge cop out when the Player of the Game goes to the QB. Especially when the Florida D was so dominant. Remember, they set up a lot of those Gator points by gaining advantageous field position and not allowing the tOSU D to rest.
And Beast, my comment about 24 and Idol had to do with Fox's incessant promotion of the programs. I think we saw more of Kiefer Sutherland than we did of Chris Leak.

Grantis Mantis said...

If I'm not mistaken, there were two Player of the Game awards given out. Leak won the Offensive Player of the Game, which no defense, collective or not, could ever win, while Derrick Harvey and his 3 sacks won the Defensive award...

While I agree that our D was phenomenal, Leak was in the zone last night, and over 200 yards and 70% completion isn't too shabby, either.

Keep up the good work on the blog, I'm a regular reader, and despite all the smack talk against Florida that Michigan had for us a few weeks ago, Michigan is my favorite non-SEC team! Go Blue and Go Gators!

Out of Conference said...

I agree with your point Benny.

TitleIX said...

"You knocked my block off"

admit it, who else misses their Rock-em-sock-em-robots????