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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The final polls are out and while it's no surprise Florida was #1 in the final polls...

* Ohio State still ended up #2, even after the blowout. Thought there was a small chance they could drop to #3 since the game was so lopsided.

* Boise State, the only undefeated team in the land, still gets no respect, landing at #5 in the AP and #6 in the Coaches Poll. Oh, and somebody in the AP poll gave Boise their lone 1st place vote.

* Michigan is #8 in the AP poll, #9 in the Coaches Poll, swapping places with Auburn.

* Penn State beat Tennessee in their bowl game, they both finish 9-4...yet UT is #23 in the Coaches Poll, PSU is #25.

Look for our final Blogpoll tomorrow.



Dave said...

Interesting. OSU stays #2 only because there's no obvious other team to take that slot (other than Boise, but God forbid anyone respect them after the greatest game in BCS history). I'm sure a number of voters think LSU and USC are better than OSU right now, but you couldn't possibly feel right about putting a two loss team ahead of the one-loss Buckeye team that amost went wire to wire.

And props to the AP voter who had the stones to vote for Boise for first place when even their own coach couldn't do it.

Out of Conference said...

The Bose St vote came from a guy in Albaquerkie.. I mean Alburquirque.. I mean Albu... fuck it, New Mexico.

Kirbdaddy said...

Michigan got jobbed as usual. Should've been #6 in both polls if you look at the season in total. They beat Wisconsin and were much better than Louisville. What a f'n joke!

threadogg said...

Shows ya how antiquated the BCS is. If we had a playoff system it would have been much more fun watching say a Boise State knock off any one of these overated teams like the Buckeyes, Notre Dame or the Wolverines in one of the earlier rounds.