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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Final MZone Top 25

Well, this is it, the final poll of the 2006 season. As such, we must give a big thanks to Brian at MGoBlog for inviting us to participate and running this whole thing.

1Florida 2
2Boise State 9
3Ohio State 2
4Southern Cal 2
5LSU 1
6Louisville 1
7Michigan 5
8Wisconsin 1
10Rutgers 9
11Texas 5
12Oklahoma 4
13California 11
14West Virginia 4
15Brigham Young 5
16Wake Forest 3
17Virginia Tech 5
18Notre Dame 8
19Boston College 4
20Oregon State 1
21Penn State 1
22Georgia 4
23Arkansas 9
24TCU 2
25Hawaii 1

Dropped Out: Tennessee (#15), Texas A&M (#17), Nebraska (#25).

Is it perfect? No, polls never are. Plus, the season's over. After the top 5, it's really a crapshoot.


ShaunTX said...

Why Oklahoma down? They lost by 1pt, in overtime, on two playground/once-in-lifetime plays, to a Top5 and only undefeated team in D1?

ShaunTX said...

Ohhh well, it doesn't matter. The Sooners over-achieved this year - I'm happy :)

rex said...

LsuoverUSC has USC ever lost to an SEC team? I know they played Arkansas the last 2 years and beat the brakes off of them and oh yeah Matt Leinarts first game was at Auburn the preseaon #1 with Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown and Jason Campbell and they beat them 23-0 at Auburn. They dropped 50 on Arkansas the first game of the season when they actually had the 2nd or 3rd string fullback and last year could have broken 100 if they weren't playing their 5th string QB against Arkansas in the 4th quarter. You need to wake up and change your name it ain't gonna happen USC over LSU.

gobluegirl10 said...

OMGZ LOLERRRZZ!!! here we go again with the abc/espn byproduct bull crap. I can't even tell you how many times I've heard "SEC, TOUGHEST CONFERENCE, OMGZ! SO TOUGH! BETTER THAN BIG 10 BY FAR!

as Arkansas takes one in the ass from a Wisconsin team that "didn't play anybody" and a non-existent Penn St. offense puts up 20 against the heralded SEC defense of Tennessee. Suck it. You have the best team in the nation, that's about it.

please. save it.

Kirbdaddy said...

How do you put Louisville above Michigan, seriously? Louisville struggled to beat a not-very-good Wake Forest team.

OnWisconsin! said...

Win your bowl move down in the poll...

On Wisconsin!
Lt Arthur MacArthur 24th Wisc Infantry
Missionary Ridge 25 Nov 1863

Yost said...

On W,

Only b/c Boise made a big jump.

OnWisconsin! said...

Fair enough, although I think that we would have beaten Boise or the domers.
I am very pleased with how our season went, hopefully we have more like this in the future.

I am just so tired of hearing about the SEC all the freaking time.
They play good football but they talk like the NFL should have three conferences; the AFC, NFC, and SEC. Give me a break.

Of course it didn't help that you and tosu both played your worst football of the year in your bowl games.
Lloyd and sweater vest should call Alvarez about his bowl prep system. The Badgers usually play their best in the bowl games.

BTW, visited the big house this year and the Michingan fans were nothing but class!

On Wisconsin!
Lt Arthur MacArthur 24th Wisc Infantry
Missionary Ridge 25 Nov 1863

William said...

Boise State beats a bunch of no-name teams then BARELY SCRAPES OUT a victory against an Oklahoma team that was barely in the top 10 and you rank them NUMBER 2???

Do you really think that Boise State could beat the following teams after needing a bunch of miracles and overtime to beat Oklahoma?


That's what your rankings say to me, and I can't agree with it.

Yost said...


Point taken but...

OU was only "barely in the top 10" b/c they got screwed in Eugene. Otherwise, they'd have been a one loss team arguing for a shot in Glendale.

And I didn't really think Florida could beat OSU. Nobody really did. But they did.

And I didn't really think Boise could beat Oklahoma. Nobody really did. But they did.

So, in my opinion, it's not that crazy.

hocus.pocus said...

are you kidding me? how is florida ranked ahead of michigan when the wolverines lost to ohio state by only three points in a championship game on the buckeyes home field and the only thing that the gators have going for them is outscoring ohio state in an off-season exhibition match?