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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Fiesta Bowl in a Nutshell

If you missed it, here are the great plays of the Fiesta Bowl summed up in this clip.

And I say it again...WOW!


Hornet1978 said...

The Craziest ending ever to a College Football Bowl Game.

Congrats Boise State.

ShaunTX said...

It hurts to be a Sooner today :(

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

they couldn't write that much better in hollywood.

holy fucking bukkake! that was really something.

Andy said...

Watching that game after driving back from the Rose Bowl re-established my love for college football.

Congrats to Boise State. I stand in amazed awe.

2 TE's and a balanced line said...

I like Lloyd Carr, but does anyone think there's a chance of Boise's coach, Chris Peterson, coming to U-M? Maybe after Lloyd retires or fired(I do not want Lloyd fired.)

Quiet Storm said...

Another shining example of why the NFL doesn't have shit on NCAA Football. Chris Peterson has the biggest nuts on the planet... or so I'm told.

2 TE's and a balanced line said...

Chris Peterson-huevos grandes

nathanp2112 said...

THAT, my friends, is how you coach a football game. Even my WIFE was jumping up and down in the living room cheering! Too many times I scream at the TV at some coach who's team is the underdog or on the road who refuse to go for 2 points and the win. No doubt they are scared of what the media will say about their call the next day if it fails, but when you've got a chance at the golden ring you have to TAKE IT!. Go Broncos!!!

By the way....if you kept watching after the game, Ian Johnson (#41, Boise State running back) proposed to his girlfriend on camera (a hot cheerleader of course). Now THAT's must-see TV.

Shaun said...

How about the proposal by Ian to his girl (head cheerleader for BSU) after the game... Perhaps you boys can put together a nice post on that - I'm sure she's a hot.

ou blonde said...

I couldn't watch the whole clip because I might start crying!

Give it up for Boise State.