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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dancing on the OSU Grave?

Although some unnamed bloggers enjoyed the beat down/ass raping that tOSU suffered at the hands of the Gators on Monday night, we can't really gloat. After all, the Buckeyes beat Michigan fair and square last November. And, as some Bucks never fail to remind us, they have a bit of streak going against the Wolverines.

But, as a Michigan site, we get a lot of e-mail from Michigan and anti-Ohio State fans. And it really poured in after the championship game. And, well, some of it is just too good not to share.

First is a pic of the OSU band. We're not sure if this was before or after they did their big TITANIC halftime show, although both were just as appropriate considering how things were going at that point.

Even more amazing: the run by the dude from the "t" over to dot the "i" was the longest gain by a Buckeye all night.

(HT: JN, C-line)

Next is a screenshot you might remember from the FOX broadcast of a heartbroken young Buckeye fan...

When I saw this kid on TV on Monday I almost started to feel sorry for him. But then I remembered that he called me a fag about 15 times on November 18. And his dad is probably a donut thrower.

(HT: JB)

Our third picture was gleaned from the O-Zone Forum, which in an act of schadenfreude I read on Tuesday morning. It wasn't reported during the game, but apparently Ted Ginn injured his foot during the celebration following his game-opening kick return for a TD. I think the supplied caption says it all.

That's senior WR Roy Hall on the "tackle." It's as good as any made by the Buckeyes all night. And, yes, I wish the Wolverines could have tackled Ginn as well in Columbus. Or at least Roy Hall would have helped us, too.

Finally, in an act of detente, we here at the MZone offer up the following to help our fallen Buckeye fans cheer up, at least a little bit. We'll probably regret this when they start spelling Lloyd's name with 5 L's again, or point out Tressel's record against the Wolverines - AGAIN, but we thought we'd show what the MZone is all about: Making fun of anyone. Even ourselves.

Thus, we offer up...


(HT: JN. The picture is by Jim Davidson of the Ozone.net who always seems to get the best shots)

Ok, let's say we both burn those bowl tapes. Here's to November 2007 in A2!


Eric said...

Thanks for the final picture guys. I just got home from the trip, and well, at least it was a half smile. Good work.

Oh Yeah Baby said...

I love this blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the OH SHIT band picture. I want to snag it for a screensaver for a while. Totally cracks me up. I like the idea of tossing the bowl games in the trash. Both of our teams are better than we put up. Both fans bases have the right to be dissappointed with the bowls. But as for the seasons, we had great ones! Ours may have been three points better, but could there have been a bigger build up to that game? That is one both sides will remember for quite a while.

People ask me why I am a member of a Michigan blog. While I love to come here and debate/antagonize/defend/gloat/bitch about my team, and as much as I shake my head at your antics, its like a drug I can't quit. I find myself here daily and enjoy the blog. I am glad it is so successful for you and wish the MZONE agreat 2007. Well, maybe not a great November, but for the rest of the time, Go Bl.... Sorry, I can't get that out all the way, but you get the idea.

rcartman28 said...

Thanks for the band picture. Sent that one to my boss this morning, who is from the Columbus area with several tOSU grads as relatives. Keep up the great work guys !!

Jeremy said...

Is that "team photo" doctored? Why does the dude wearing a 4 (between Branch and Harris) appear in much sharper focus than Branch even though he's behind him? It's funny either way, I'm just curious.

Andy said...


It is photoshopped, they added more players chasing the runner. It is both painful and funny at the same time.

Yost said...

Is it doctored? If so, we can't take credit. It was sent to us that way.

mainelife said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that post. You got half a smile from Eric and a whole one from me. The band picture is priceless.

mainelife said...

Jeremy, good catch. It is doctored. In the original (from the O-Zone photo library), it's TJ Downing.Nice work of photoshopping by someone.

Chadwick said...

What a great team photo. Should we have it framed and sent to Lloyd Carr?

beast in 'bama said...

Since we're dancing on graves here...

I try not to bring past history into my analysis of present-day football teams. God knows, given where I live, I should know that is a futile exercise. But then little factoids like this keep coming up that you just can't ignore...

Ohio State is now 0-8 vs. the SEC in bowl games. They have lost to Alabama and South Carolina twice each, and Auburn, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee once. That is amazing to me. I really believed that trend would be broken this year.

To be fair, Ohio State is undefeated against what is the currently construed Big 12 Conference. They have beaten Texas A&M twice, and Colorado, Kansas St. and Oklahoma St. once each (5-0).

Scott Boswell said...

Hey Beast...

What is Texas, chopped liver? :)

They are 1-1 against us. I know this because I am wearing my MNC boxers today.

beast in 'bama said...


I was only including bowl games in my comment, and we've never played OSU in a bowl game. But it is funny that I would forget to mention my favorite team in the comment.

Believe me, I have a lot of fun with the Bammers by telling them that Texas is 7-0-1 all-time against them. They just look at me like cows at a passing train...

PeckHorn78 said...

A local look at the post-BCS Game seen at Phoenix Sky Harbor also reads pretty funny:


Andy said...

Good pictures. The OSU band and the Michigan team picture are my favorites.

Nice work again. Love your blog.

Jeremy said...

Looking closely, he's clearly wearing David Harris's pants.

OSURulz said...


I think we all appreciate the humor. Nobody is dancing on OSU's grave more than Buckeye fans right now. I was sent both those pictures this week from fellow OSU students, and let's face it, it was expected after the drubbing we were given.

I like the idea of burning the Bowl tapes. I'm not sure either team played 1/10th as well as they could have. At least your Wolverines actually looked like they were fighting to win. OSU looked like they were fighting to lose.

And if you guys could help me spread a conspiracy theory that JT threw the game due to threats by the Youngstown mafia, that would be great.

E^2 said...

Funny, I guess, to see that #8 Roy Hall was the one who hurt Ginn.

Afterall, his blatant hold on that return helped spring Ginn.

Is that called "Karma"?

Da Braylon said...

Knowing Tressel and his cheating ways, he probably told that WR who tackled Ginn in the end zone that sprained his ankle to do it on purpose. This would ultimately cause Ginn to stay his senior season.