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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bitch Slapped

Consider this a companion piece to Benny's post above.

Since I was at the game, I have a few things to add...

First off, all the credit in the world goes to USC. They won the game. Plain and simple. This wasn't about a call, a play or a bad bounce. This was a good old fashioned ass-whipping.

Also, SC fans were nothing but class. And, not surprisingly, they were loud, making the game sound like it was at the Coliseum at times.

Turning my attention to the train wreck that was Michigan yesterday...uh...wow. I'm not even sure where to begin. There was no fire in the belly. They looked lethargic. And they played with no pride. This was a complete team meltdown, from the coaching staff to the each and every player...except for our punter. Every other player on the team should be ashamed for their performance.

As for Benny's assessment of Ron English, I'm not sure I agree. That's two games against real competition in which there seemed to be a lack of adjustments at the half which had any effect. Maybe they were just better teams. Then again, maybe we should all hold off on the "defensive genius" label for awhile.

Where I do agree with Benny is that in totality, this season - as bad as it ended - was a good season. NOBODY expected us to be where we were, even die hard Michigan fans. YES it was a collapse at the end, but it was a giant step from last season and I expect (hope?) next season could be even better.

And that's the big difference. Next season we won't sneak up on anyone. Next season, as crazy as it sounds after the Rose Bowl debacle, we'll probably start the season in the top 5. We have a lot of talent coming back. Instead of being underdogs, how will we respond?

Hopefully much better than the way the Wolverines responded to the challenge they faced in the Rose Bowl.


Out of Conference said...

Yost - with Michigan's history, annual talent, coaching, fan support, and media coverage - Michigan could never sneak up on anybody- regardless of Vegas odds. If anyone, ANYONE, ever looks past Michigan, they deserve the loss. Sure, they may not have had the target on their back until later in the season this year, and next year they'll start out with one, but I can't imagine any team ever thinking a game with Michigan is a done deal in that team's favor.

Great season, great blog, and looking forward to off-season humor on here.


Yost said...

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading, Jim.

MGoBlue93 said...

I just got back from Pasadena. I sat behind the USC bench... tunnel 4 about half way up. The Meeeechigan faithful across the field from me were LOUD. I mean really really loud. Congrats to you. It's about time folks got vocal in their support for this team. The noise coming from the U of M side was incredible... job well done!

Anonymous said...

You've got a great blog and as a USC fan I won't take up too much room because we have our own blogs to do that on, but I wanted to say that the first half was some solid football on both sides. I know Henne got sacked a lot, but Hart did pop a few runs for double digit yardage. The pressure on the QB effectively took Manningham and company out of the offensive picture. It's good to see a college football rivalry carried out with class and dignity. Oh, and thanks for the picture of the USC song girl. It is much better than the one posted last year where our song girl was cheering Vince Young on the winning TD.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a number of SC bowl games recently. Seen Utah, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan (twice). I would like to commend your fans, they are the best of the bunch. Iowa had the worst. Before and after the game they were cordial and knowledgeable about football...Something some of the SC bandwagon fans lack.

Personally it seemed Mich lacked the energy throughout the game. Both teams came out flat in the first half, but SC turned it up a few notches.

On a side note, I was surprised to see a number of ohio state fans out there. I guess they were too cheap to attend the championship game. It was wierd to see them rooting for Mich.

zombieH said...

If USC fans have become classy, I'm glad to know it. I still remember the 1989 Rose Bowl when the USC student section pelted the Michigan marching band with hundreds of seat cushions before halftime and a drunken 'SC fan challenging my 80 year old father to a fight after the game (Dad was wearing a Michigan hat).

But if you say things have improved, well...