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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Are you sure that was a BCS game?

I watched what I could of the Wake Forest-Louisville game tonight. Is it just me, or did anybody else feel like they were watching a Thursday night game in October on ESPN?

This bullshit of stretching out the BCS games over an entire week is simply ridiculous. If you're going to stick with the stupid BCS in its present format, at least put the major bowls on January 1st like they used to be. Where people tune in to watch them instead of stumbling across them by accident now.

Also, not only is it next to impossible to be remotely interested in a meaningless BCS game, but it's totally unfair to the fans and students of schools playing in these games post-holiday. With the Christmas break over and most folks back to work, people traveling to "major" bowls such at tomorrow's Sugar Bowl are forced to miss class or use take time off to see this crap. Used to be going to watch your team in a big bowl game was a cool way to spend your holiday vacation. Not anymore. Not with games falling willy nilly after the 1st.

And not that the networks, like FOX which is televising these fillers, care. Hell, just means less programming slots they have to fill before the early "I have no talent but look at me because my dad never gave me attention" moron auditions for AMERICAN IDOL start.

Finally, if I have to see the Florida and Ohio State player climbing the ladder in that inane FOX BCS title game promo one more time, I'm going to vomit. Seriously, it's the national championship game, you don't need to try to drum up interest with shitty teasers. Just show me Troy Smith escaping a horde of defenders only to toss a TD bomb or the Gator defense swarming an opposing QB to get me pumped. You know, actual football stuff rather than crap that looks more like the Battle of Helm's Deep from the middle LORD OF THE RINGS flick.


PB @ BON said...

Yost, I want to know how you -really- feel! ;)

I agree, though. The system has become a farce, and though I fall on the other side of the argument with regards to bowls v. playoffs, I agree with you that the current bowl implementation is complete and total absurdity. My father is a perfect example: as I, hardcore junkie, settled in to watch the game, he justifiably carped, "There's another game tonight? Who's playing? And how can they expect us to care when they set it all up this way?"

He, and you, are right. Whether you want playoffs or bowls, the status quo is a joke.

Anonymous said...


Is this guy serious??? ESPN/ABC rode the Michigan-USC Rose Bowl like it was the National Championship Game for the past 10 years running. There was far more advertising and hype for that game than all the other BCS games combined. And why? To watch a USC team that lost to Oregon State and UCLA and should have lost to Washington and Wazzou? To watch a Michigan team who lost the only time it stepped on to the field against a good team and who was overrated all season because they beat a bad Notre Dame team?

Get a grip and start viewing the world through non-Michigan glasses.

Out of Conference said...

Well, the anon filter gets lifted and shit starts oozing out of the woodwork.

I agree Yost, we've seen many, many overplayed hype teasers all bowl season... how many times did we see the Capital One Bowl week promo, which morphed almost seamlessly into the Wisky-Arky bowl game teaser 5 days before that game. It was better than the non-football hype teasers- but after 63 times, I think I had seen it enough. I look forward to next year when the statue of liberty play makes it to a teaser and gets run that many times.

You impressed me with your skills in pulling out "Battle of Helm's Deep", but lose geek points for not remembering the title of part 2 - "The Two Towers".

schiano for president! said...

well i agree about the part that the promos suck- this has infected the NFL to the point where i dont even watch the NFL anymore. its clearly now infecting college football, so ill have to switch soon to HS football, the last bastion of pure sport (unless peewee is starting to get coverage)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here watch PTI or Around the Horn on ESPN? And if so, how is it possible that they did not discuss the Rose Bowl game? Do you think ESPN/ABC, being a Big Ten station, did not want to discuss it, since most of their people thought UM should be playing OSU again? What do u think?

Hornet1978 said...

Now why would ABC first and now FOX want to show all BCS games on New Years Day?? I mean like in the old days where if you were at home...you pulled all the TV's you could next to each other so you had on one TV NBC showing the Hall of Fame (now Outback) Bowl, Fiesta and then the Orange. Conversely at the same time, you had ABC with the Citrus Bowl, Rose, then Sugar. Wow, all four BCS games...right there. Multiple networks instead of one with lousy promos.

FOX's play-by-play guy last night was awful. Thank God they hit it right the other night with Thom Brennamen at the Fiesta. Very good voice. He will call Monday's game. I just wish FOX would put him in as #1 on their baseball telecasts instead of Joe F*ck (I mean Buck).

Chadwick said...

Glad to see anonymous is back because I really missed the dumb comments.

I get annoyed with all the hype during the bowl games for their upcoming TV shows. How many times do you have to hear about American Idol on FOX and Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives on ABC? All they do is pump and plug everything that is on their network.

mhentz said...

"Just show me Troy Smith escaping a horde of defenders only to toss a TD bomb...."

Nah. I saw that just once and once was plenty for me.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yost said...

After a brief, "experiment," we've turned "Anons" back off again.

2:44 AM is a perfect example why. This wasn't a "pro" Michigan post, jackass. It was an anti-BCS, anti-stupid hype post.

TitleIX said...

check out ESPN's article about the night the music died, and college bowl games went the way of the $$...
Jan 2, 1987

ohio_guy said...

It was a crappy match-up. But with the current BCS conferences, there's always that chance.

Out of Conference said...

Re: Anons - it's freakin hilarious that gator1388 or whatever his name was posted anti-Michigan BS on here anonymously after you banned his name, then he posts a link to his collee football blog but his blog won;t let anon's post there.
Turns out, there is a lot of unclassy football related moves coming out of the State of Florida today.

Brian Buchalski said...

all the bullshit, hype commercials actually make me appreciate soccer where they play straight though for each 45 minute half with no commercial breaks. if only the american version of sports could emulate that.

also, i definitely miss the old bowl system. new year's day used to be so deliciously rich with it's panoply of bowl game options on new year's day (and new year's day only). used to be if, say, the orange bowl sucked then you'd switch to the sugar or the fiesta. there was competition amongst the networks and you, as a veiwer, could cover all your bases in one evening. this business of stretching things out until january 8th with games every night of the week—excuse, one game each night of the week—is complete bullshit.

new year's day used to have a giddy excitement comparable to the opening weekend of march madness or maybe the olympics...now it's just strung out and as sad as a heroin addict.