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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Zonies

As Benny and I draw to the end of our first full calendar year running the MZone, we thought - and a couple readers suggested - that, like Hollywood, we should have an awards show here for the site. But, instead of us coming up with the categories, what do our readers think they should be? And not only the categories, but what should be the nominees in each? We want your opinion since the winners will be chosen by our readers.

Some category/nominee ideas are:

* Post of the Year
* Best Regular Feature (Know Your Foe? Your Life vs. College Life? MZone Caption Contest? BCS?)
* Funniest Photoshop

Also, since this site would just be basically like public emails between between Benny and me if not for you, the loyal MZone reader, we want to give props to those that tune in each day. Thus, what are some "reader categories?" For instance:

* Best commentor?
* Best comments
* HT of the Year
* Most loyal reader

Anyway, you get the idea. Those are just the ones off the top of our noggins. Leave us your suggestions.


Matt said...

I think Matt the Ohio State fan should get nominated for his numerous posts pretending to be a Michigan fan. Lame, I know. Do I need a life? Yes. But, I love reading some of the comments I get back from you guys, for instance:

I once earned "MZone Dumb Comment of the Week" on October 24, 2006 with this post:

"If we lose to tOSU again i really think Lloyd should get the boot. Tressel has no trouble beating us at our place, and this year when the two teams are seemingly equal in talent/experience defensively and offensively, there will be no excuse for losing.. except Lloyd."

I got an entire post about that one. I was pretty jacked, needless to say.

It would be cool to see an award for "Most Loyal Buckeye Fan on a Michigan Blog," even tho I'm probably not even a finalist.

Yost, I give you tons of shit, but I do enjoy your blog (even tho you get under my skin when you criticize our fan base). Keep it up, go Big10, beat SC.

Yost said...


And we appreciate you reading.

And your post idea is a great one re: Buck on MZone.

Anonymous said...

Best Cheerleader turned Porn Star

Reed4AU said...

The funniest photoshop is hands down the "Touchdown Mohammed" piece. Although even as an alum I found the
mutant Auburn mascot hybrids hilarious.

I like to see the award for best felony commited by a person with a buckstache.

How about one awarding the best post making a ridiculous arguement. Maybe one that tries to argue that a team who almost lost at home to Ball St.(BALL FREAKIN STATE!!!!!!) deserved a shot at the national title.

That said, love the site and hope it's around for years to come.

Crabapple Buck said...


Living here in the south, the best article to ridiculewas the piece on Bama rehiring Bear Bryant. I went to a Christmas party Friday night, and had to go to a computer in the house it was in to show a Bama fan what the rest of the world was thinking with that piece. That was the best photoshop too, unless the Bear is really coming back. Then I guess it is just the best prediction and you guys have scooped everyone.

You & EDSBS have the best blogs on the internet by far. I hope you beat SC and the Big 10/11 can go undefeated in the bowls. Thanks for many good laughs, even at tOSU's expense.

Jim said...

I nominate Titleix for being the best sport on here. I for one have skirted the line of sexist pig with some of my comments, you guys have the real BCS bowl, the ASU cheerleader post, etc. and she's been a real trooper. I mean for a chick and all, her posts are usually pretty good, too.

I also think a funny category would be or the blog that received the most comments in a specific time (like in a day, or 12-hrs), and the longest running blog (what blog still has comments, months after it was written.

Pants McPants said...

I suggest an awards category for "Best use of 'pants' in moniker...Of course, it would probably be won by that Pants O'Pants again...HATE that guy...

Anonymous said...

Best Ohio State recruiting video.... uh guys, thanks for that one.

Keep up the great work. I love your site and it's one of my regular reads.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andy on the video, but somebody get a hottie from Michigan to pony up and outdo the girl from the BuckStache, I mean Buckeye state. Where's the hunch punch when you need it, come on guys!!!

Anony said...

pants mcpants-I don't know about pants o'pants winning it this year. I think Baggy Pants Devil got that award on lock. :)

Anonymous said...

reed4au...since the title game includes one team that almost lost to vanderbilt and another that almost lost to illinois, i don't think youve got much of a point there...

Anonymous said...

I think we need to nominate Anonymous for his dedication to this site. I see him here everyday, commenting like nobody's business. He always has something funny, mean, and sometimes ignorant to say...but he always says it! You gotta respect that.

Anonymous for poster of the year!

Anon said...

no question about it. The funniest thing I've ever seen on here were the coaches Halloween costumes. I literally laughed out loud when I scrolled down to the Weis picture.

Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

There having a "College Football Blogger Awards 2006"

Check it out: Kinda like what you all said but everyone.


Anonymous said...


There that might work.

Anonymous said...


Just go to:


you can find it there.

Kirbdaddy said...

Give Clooney a Zonie for Biggest Douchebag on the Planet!!!

TitleIX said...

Hey Jim! Thanks for the kind words. I hope, however, that having a girl around doesn't spoil the 'fun'.... I wouldn't want to limit the frivolity.

And thanks too for the Chick-And-All remark! Makes me feel smart, even tho I'm limited by all those eggs and all.....

No, in all seriousness, to Yost, Benny and all the Boys--thanks for always illiciting some kind of response from me: laughter, head-shaking, disbelief, competitiveness, or just plain joy. I LOVE Michigan football and I am glad that I found this clever bunch!

My offer for "best of"s?
photoshop: Pete Carroll's Halloween Costume
tattoo: Bear Bryant guy
video: "you're my Brady" SOUND OFF!
ohio lover: srudoff
blog ID picture: it's a tie--dreamy Benny and the Winged Helmet of Andy
best feature: Know Your Foe
cheerleaders: Texas Chap Girls
most annoying: ANY and ALL ANONS FROM OHIO
erudite: SiC

perhaps even a Darwin-like award?? You know, the post regarding a really stupid event likely to lead to extinction????

Jim - the anti-erudite said...

Titleix: I personally don't see how you crimp our style. In fact, you've moved up a notch or two based on the fact that your fav cheerleaders are the Texas Chap Girls.

Put me in the not going to be nominated for the 'erudite list'. I had to look up the word.

Anonymous said...

Best announcer, Ron Franklin.

Andy said...

mmmm chaps....

srudoff said...

Thanks TitleIX!

I would also like to nominate myself for funniest prank this year when I posted the Big Ten Academic All American Winners and congratulated all Michigan and Ohio State winners. Oh I posted it with the user name "yost" with a link to his profile so it looked like the real yost posted it (except of course his pic was missing). People here were saying "uhh yost, there were no Michigan players on that list...."

I thought it was pretty funny myself :-)

yost said...


That's the LAST time that will happen :(

Andy said...

Best video: Ohio State recruiting video
Best photoshop: Pete Carroll halloween costume
Best Post: WolverMarine
Most Valuable buckeye: Srudoff
Least Valuable buckeye: Anonymous
Favorite buckeye pep band member: Josh Wyrick
Fav cheerleader: Courtney Simpson
Assclown: Gary Danielson

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

Best looking Michigan cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Srudoff, too, for alien Buckeye MVP

Damn.. I wish I would've thought of using the license plate picture first

TitleIX said...

yeah, so instead you ripped the helmet idea.....

I'm just sayin' mattosu

Jim said...

What about a category hardest word verification word, like iqgvujil

Anonymous said...

i can't win...

the helmet is a more generic picture, like if you were to use a US women's soccer team logo instead of Brandy Chastain. ok with that?

Anonymous said...

I can't win...

The helmet is a more generic picture, like if you were to use a US women's soccer team logo instead of Brandy Chastain. ok with that?

Anonymous said...


srudoff said...

alien Buckeye MVP?

please explain!

TitleIX said...

I'm looking for creativity here man....perhaps using a picture of the OSU band doing their dance instaed?
rather than the helmet.

kinda like the buckstache license plater...been there done/that

no worries.

MattOSU said...

"Alien" as in "foreigner" because we belong to the Buckeyes and we're in Michigan territory..

and MVP as in.. well that's obvious.

I think I'm going to put up a Mike Doss picture now because of all this pressure.