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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Why Michigan should go

Brian at MGoBlog breaks down the pros and cons of each team. Oddly enough, even though this opinion is from a Michigan site, it's less biased than Gary Danielson.


Nitric Oxide said...

MgoBlog might be less biased than stupid ass Gary Danielson (supposedly he hates Big 10) - but here's what MgoBlog says about Michigan's loss to OSU

"Versus Ohio State's death machine in the ninth level of hell (Columbus, for the unititiated) by three points entirely because of rampant cheating and a slip 'n' slide masquerading as a football field."

Rampant Cheating!! When OSU was flagged for roughing the long snapper on a punt, and a non-existent pass interference!!

I know these are tough times for UM, but c'mon - bad mouthing a loss to a good team sounds too sour and cowardly, in addition to being incorrect.

It will be OSU-Florida in NC game. We would love to play UM again (although admittedly we are scared of losing now), but its time to shut up those whiners in SEC.

Go Big 10!

Anonymous said...

Relax, Brian was kidding.

TitleIX said...

Anyone checking out the LSU blogs by chance????
Perhaps THEY are getting jobbed???
Should LSU be in the Rose over USC????
How far does USC fall with their loss?

It's interesting to me how LSU is completely GONE from the pundit's radar screens.

Proves to me that this really is just a bull-shit beauty pageant and that the networks are the puppetmasters.

Here's a ridiculous scenario for you--- Florida goes, gets CREAMED by tOSU, every other Big Ten team destroys the SEC team that they face and we beat USC in the Rose--leaving us back at #2 where this whole stupid thing started.
THEN the puppetmasters talk about how Michigan got screwed and should have been in the BCS game.


Reed4AU said...

Here's another fun one scenario; Fla some how defeats OSU and Michigan destroys USC by 30. Who would be #2? Although it most likely be OSU, what if FLA(not gonna happen) kills OSU and Michigan kills(hopefully actually kills) USC?

Anonymous said...

MgoBlog Brians's unbiased opinions are worthless.