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Monday, December 04, 2006

What Kind of Fucked Up System Is This?

It's not just fucked up because choosing a championship game entry essentially comes down to being a beauty pageant.

It's not just fucked up because coaches have to act like politicians to get their teams into the championship game.

It's not just fucked up because people actually think they can accurately judge who's better between Florida and Michigan.

It's not just fucked up because when explaining this system to your mom you have no answer for when she asks "Why don't they just do it like every other sport?"

The most fucked up thing about the way Division I college football crowns their champion is that it allows the coach of one of the championship game teams to actually influence who his team is going to play. If Jim Tressel chosses to, he could place the team he wants to play at #2, and the team he doesn't want to play at #4. And in the case of this year between Michigan and Florida, his vote could potentially be the difference. Now before tOSU fans accuse me of saying Tressel is going to do this, just relax. I'm being critical of the system and not the man. It's just that he actually has an opportunity to influence who the Buckeyes will play in the championship game.

And that's just fucked up.


Anonymous said...

Actually Tressel would prefer to play Michigan which he said was as "deserving as any team in the country." Tressel will vote for the Big Ten team, you can count on that. And if the Wolverines do travel to Tempe as Teddy G. says you can "count on them bringing their egos too."

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

nice angle on this one...though i don't think tressel will view it this way or his vote will make the difference in the grand scheme.

think it's gonna come down to who people want to see more, and people don't want a rematch.

the system? fucked.

matsut said...

If it comes down to a rematch, then so be it. For UM fans, it might - repeat MIGHT - be one of those times that you need to be careful what you wish for. Troy & Co. are sure to be salty about the fact that they're being asked to do the thing that they've already done, and I actually think that the motivation factor favors OSU...and if it doesn't, Tressel will figure out a way to make it so.

To address a point in the post, though, part of the problem here is that it's really hard to say who's better between UM and UF (and, before today, USC). Can any of you really fault any voter who looks at Michigan (12-1, runners-up in the Big Ten) and Florida (12-1, SEC Champions) and decides that the other slot in Glendale ought to go to the team that Ohio State hasn't already faced and beaten?

matsut said...

Whoops...UM 11-1. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

If you ask meI would go with,"Style-Points should NOT decide a National Championship,Championships SHOULD"...and for that,Florida should be in,but thats just me.

Overall,seeing it from far away,because I am from Germany,the BCS System is rediculous!

I would vote for a playoff-system in which each of the conference winners and the best non-conference team would play.The team from the strongest conference plays the winner from the weakest conference in the first round and so on.

You would then only have to rate the strength of the conferences which is by far easier than deciding beetween 12-1 Teams.

TitleIX said...

anyone notice that Herbie was wearing Maize and Blue yesterday>>>
subliminal message???? hmmm....

Herbie believes that there will never be a playoff because "the Presidents don't want it"
Florida's Prez, Bernie Machen, said that his team should be packing their bags for Glendale already!

Here's an interesting tid-bit...
Bernie Machen, President of Florida?
Prior Provost and Vice President for Acadmic Affairs and Dean of the Dental School at MICHIGAN. (as well as prior President at Utah)

Once a Michigan Man, always a Michigan Man???

Jim said...

Um let's see Titleix,
Dean of Dental School at a great university vs. President of the entire University of Florida? Yeah, you're right, I'd stick to my maize and blue dentist gown and lecture and watch my career level off at 6 hits of novacaine high.

I agree with the rest of your post though.

Short Norf Buck said...

It's all become so clear this weekend.

STEP 1: No more Conference Championship Games.

STEP 2: Four Team Playoff
2a. Weekend before Christmas (two weeks from now):
#4 at #1 -and- #3 at #2

2b. January 8, Glendale:
#4/#1 winner vs #3/#2 winner for BCS Title

Use whatever studid formula you want to rank teams 1 thru 4. Hell, it could even be the BCS formula. The worst thing that would happen is the #5 team getting messed over, which is a MAJOR improvement over having a "who is #2?!?" pageant.

Anonymous said...

Here's an Idea, Michigan and Florida play in the Feista bowl on the 1st. Then, the winner of that game gets to go to the national championship a week later? OR Ohio State doesn't accept the bid to the national championship game, claims it's Rose Bowl berth, and defeats USC finishing the season undefeated.

phoennix10 said...


my girl is a Florida alum and die hard fan. Prior to the game, she was confused as ALL f*ck at why Florida may NOT go to the BCS National Championship game even IF they won.

I also had a hard time explaining to her the "style points" and WHY Florida might get LOCKED OUT of the BCS if Florida lost to Arkansas. She was confounded at WHY a team, LSU, that lost to Florida would go to the Rose Bowl instead.

Note: My girl IS NOT "SEC stupid" either in which the jersey number is equivalent to their IQ. She's actually a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology. Though, she was wearing a #1 Florida replica jersey yesterday.

2nd Note: She almost KNIFED me yesterday when I was CACKLING with ALL OUT GLEE when Leak threw that pick six to the defensive end.

Anonymous said...

Just make a rule saying you must win your conference. That would actually be a playoff in a way.

You shouldn't have a shot at the title if you failed to win your conference.

Anonymous said...

I think y'all are being a wee bit paranoid that Tressel's going to drop UM because he doesn't want to play you again. Why would he fear a rematch? He's won 5/6 against you, and the "game of the century" was more or less comfortably controlled by tOSU until they gifted you those 2 bad shotgun snaps in the second half. For the record, I think UM is probably better than UF, and as an ND fan I can honestly say the only team we have a snowball's chance in hell against in the Sugar Bowl is Florida. So in that sense, I hope to God y'all get your rematch so we don't have to play (ughh) LSU.

Anonymous said...

We need a playoff system.

Go Gators!

tdawg said...

I hope you guys are ready for the Donkey kick the BCS is going to give you.

Michigan is the more deserving team, not based on a computer, not based on Gary Danielson, but based on all the football games I watched during the year. The B(S)CS is fucked up. Good Luck today.

Anonymous said...

Gators are #2 in the coaches poll.
Guess we should start packing for pasadena.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record you should update your post to reflect the fact Jim Tressel abstained from voting this week.

Anonymous said...

these are just the facts....no bias here..

So are those voters (fortunately, I'm not one of them). So here are the cold, hard facts when comparing the Gators and Wolverines:

1. Florida beat nine teams that are projected to play in bowl games. Michigan beat six.

2. Michigan beat five teams that finished the season with losing records. Florida beat two teams with sub-.500 records.

3. Florida's 12 Division I-A opponents had a combined record of 89-57. Michigan's 12 opponents had a combined record of 84-61.

4. Michigan's best win is considered a 27-13 victory over Wisconsin on Sept. 23. The Badgers are 11-1 and have climbed to No. 7 in the AP Top 25 poll, despite having played only one ranked opponent -- the Wolverines -- the entire season.

5. The 12 teams Florida defeated finished the season with 11 combined wins against opponents which were ranked in the AP Top 25 poll at the time the game was played. The opponents Michigan defeated claim just three wins against ranked teams (Notre Dame beat Penn State. Indiana beat Iowa. Vanderbilt beat Georgia. The Nittany Lions, Hawkeyes and Bulldogs, it should be noted, haven't been ranked in seven weeks).

6. The Gators went 3-1 against ranked opponents, beating then-No. 13 Tennessee, No. 9 LSU and No. 8 Arkansas and losing at No. 11 Auburn. The Wolverines went 1-1 against ranked opponents, beating a highly overrated No. 2 Notre Dame team (that lost to Michigan and USC by a combined total of 46 points) and losing at No. 1 Ohio State 42-39 on Nov. 18.

7. The Gators' average margin of victory against Division I-A teams was 13.5 points. They won seven games by 14 points or fewer, six by less than 10. The Wolverines' average margin of victory was 17.3 points. They won six games by 14 points or fewer, two by less than 10.

8. The Gators played Western Carolina, a Division I-AA team, and won by 62 points. The Wolverines played Ball State, which should be a I-AA team, and won by eight.

9. Since the Wolverines last played and lost at Ohio State, the Gators won at Florida State (The Seminoles are 6-6, but rivalry games are tough to win. Just ask USC coach Pete Carroll) and then beat the No. 8 Razorbacks, who defeated then-No. 2 Auburn and No. 13 Tennessee by 17 points each.

10. Michigan didn't win the Big Ten; Florida won the SEC. Winning your conference should be a prerequisite for playing in the national championship.

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt said the Gators should get the chance to play Ohio State.

"This is the toughest conference in America," Nutt said. "I really wish everybody had the opportunity to go to Auburn, to go to Florida, to go to Arkansas, to go to LSU or let us come to their place. You do that and play that schedule. It's a hard schedule, really hard. It's hard to get to this game. I just feel like it's absolutely one of the most difficult things to do, to have one in loss in this league."

Two years ago, Auburn did better than that, becoming only the sixth team in 20 seasons to finish unbeaten and untied in the SEC. But the Tigers were left out of the national championship game. USC blasted Oklahoma 55-19 in the Orange Bowl to win its second consecutive national title, and Auburn settled for a 16-13 win over Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl and finished No. 2 in the country.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive, who also serves as the BCS coordinator, said Saturday night that he'd be upset if the SEC champion was left out again.

Anonymous said...

"If you ask meI would go with,"Style-Points should NOT decide a National Championship,Championships SHOULD"..."

"Style points" is an idiotic term used by Meyer to diminish the fact that his team played shitty against some mediocre opponents but still eeked out a win.

Yost said...


Your "analysis" is pretty funny. You say you're going to take a look at cold, hard facts...unless you don't like them. What a fucking joke.

You give your squad an advantage for beating the worst FSU team since god knows when b/c "rivalry games are tough to win." So I take it Michigan should get just as much credit for its MSU win, right?

And giving Florida credit for wins after Michigan's season ended it ludicrous.

True, Michigan didn't win its conference but what if the two best teams are in the same conference? The BCS is supposed to match the best teams. Just b/c you think winning one's conference should be a prereq doesn't make it so. That is the cold hard fact.

As for Western Carolina, they ARE a 1-AA team. Ball State is not and took third in its mid-major conference. Again, that is the FACT, not opinion.

I'd go on but each one of your "facts" isn't. It's subjective opinion (like when you conveniently give more weight to some of Florida's wins by basing that "advantage" on where the team was ranked when UF played them...as opposed to where they ended up. You don't think that UT win looks a little less impressive now?

Next time, before you leave "facts," look up the word in a dictionary.

Yost said...

As for SEC being the toughest conference, what is this based on? Of the top 4 finishing SEC teams, only Arkansas played a team ranked in the Top 10 currently -- USC...and they got ass-raped.

So what are you judging the SEC on in terms of being the best? Please share.

Anonymous said...

matsut: "Can any of you really fault any voter who looks at Michigan (12-1, runners-up in the Big Ten) and Florida (12-1, SEC Champions) and decides that the other slot in Glendale ought to go to the team that Ohio State hasn't already faced and beaten?"

Yes! unquestionably. not every voter that comes to that conclusion can be faulted, just those that had michigan at #3 and florida at #4 last week. there was precious little evidence in that arkansas game that florida is a better team than michigan. and that game is the only relevant new information we have since last week. voters flipped UM and FL because this week because now they saw it would affect the championship game. politically-motivated bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Someone get Yost some cheese to go with that whine.

Anonymous said...

You idiots want the solution? Don't go. Don't watch. Fuck 'em. As a kid when you got fucked with on the playground if you responded you just got fucked with more. Let it go. $$$ will ruin college just as it has the pros. We let it happen. We pay $60 to see college home games. We buy $4 cokes. I'm a big ten grad 1993 and the game, the prices, the TV contracts, the "Bowl Selection Show" it's all fucking shit compared to then. Don't go. Don't watch. Don't bitch. Rebuild New Orleans.


Oh... you Big Ten crybabies... Somebody managed to shame the pollsters into doing the right thing, and you clowns spend ALL your time kicking and screaming on the floor - like the petulant red-haired stepchildren you are...


As far as the national championship game goes (that's FLORIDA and tOSU, by the way), I for one will be happy that the number of fat, chain-smoking UAW workers in dark blue "highwaters" and white socks that I have to see on TV will be cut precisely in half. Contrast that with the stunning beauty of SEC coeds in general - and I know which side of the field I'd rather be on.

By the way - in case you math-challenged Yankee clods haven't figured it out yet - there are 11 teams in the Big 10. Confused? Hehehehehehe We think it's HILARIOUS. Social misfits AND can't count... LOL

And, as an Auburn grad, I say GO GATORS. I hope the Gators spank your overrated Big 10 asses all the way back to Ohio or wherever.

[Can you imagine all those rusted out 1980's stationwagons, filled with angry, unwashed clods and their ugly women, flowing back east on I-70? Sheesh...]

surfdiver said...

quit whining about florida. all you had to do is beat OSU, and you failed. if you think michigan could beat florida, you are dreaming. no way in hell michigan would go through the gators schedule without at least 3 or more losses. no way in hell. by the way, the sec put nine teams in to bowls this year. NINE TEAMS!!!! that is incredible in itself. do I like the BCS? hell, no, it is the worst system in all of sports... a zooking beauty pageant. we need an 8 team playoff period. one more thing, if you cant win your conference you don't deserve a shot at a national title, surf

Anonymous said...

I think Michigan shoulda played a few more games after the OSU game and then they wouldn't have gotten lept over twice......SUP WIT DAT..........Wolverines got very, very, very, very screwed...........good luck with USC!!!!!!!