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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* SC fullback forced to move back to linebacker due to injuries.

(HT: DW)

* Do bettors know something? 73% of at Sportsbook.com are putting their money on Michigan in Rose Bowl

(HT: DW)

* Finally, reader TB sends us this picture of a Crimson Tide Christmas...


Jim said...

Santa - Smanta - who the hell needs that red-suited, bearded flaming homo that plays with elves when you can have "Big'Un". Big'Un brings toy guns, cans of Kodiak, and smokes to all the good Bammer boys and girls and he usually only steels tools that are kept out in the open in plain sight.

He let them all down this Christmas when he didn't bring them a head coach. Needless to say, next year Bammers aren't leaving deep-fried twinkies and Natural Light on the couch on the porch for him and they will have their shotguns loaded for reindeer come next year for that "selfish, dickhead Big'Un that dun went and ruint our whole damn season. Sinner."

Jim said...

steels = steals

Anonymous said...

that gave me a chuckle, jim. good stuff.

TitleIX said...

ya gotta give props for the engineering on that 'sleigh'

beast in 'bama said...

Alright, who is this TB guy and what's he doing at my brother-in-law's house?

If you liked the sleigh, please note the master bedroom "addition" on the left, title IX. We're quite proud of that.

Anony said...


TitleIX said...

excellent construction, BiB.
a unique use of an under-rated material: tarp, yet reminiscent of the 1960-Brady Bunch Style home with the sloping roof.
very nice.....

Anonymous said...

The hell with this college football crap!!!

What in the hell did you do with the hot Texas chick and her beer bong?

I want her back on the front page and I want her on there NOW

beast in 'bama said...

You know it's funny, but I believe I know where that place is...

And if I'm not mistaken, that's NOT just a Christmas decoration!

(The mere fact that I can't positively identify this as a unique residence in my home state speaks volumes - I think it's the one near Lake View; or is it the one on the way to Calera???)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys just wanted to let you know, it seems Branch is leaning towards staying at michigan. http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061226/SPORTS0201/612260334
I know some of you may have read it, but a friend of mine at michigan states that branch is having too much fun at college and doesnt want to give it up. We might never know till Jan 15, but still worth a mention on the blog?