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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Two Minute Drill

What's happening around the blogosphere...

* MVictors breaks down the legend of Ol' 98 vs. a drunken fan during the Michigan-Cal game of 1940.

* Margie Lapanja of the Lake Tahoe area has finished her latest book, an ode to Notre Dame. What do you mean who is Margie Lapanja and why should you read her book about the Irish? Because she's previously written three cookbooks and the Goddess' Guide to Love.

(HT: DW)

* Ok, now THIS is scary: former USC QB Carson Palmer's top item on his Christmas Wishlist is...

The new Kevin Federline CD, "Playing with Fire." Sources tell the MZone that if Santa grants his request, it will also serve to fulfill Federline's top wish: doubling the sales of his CD.

(HT: CA)

* No wonder Urban was pushing hard for that BCS title game bid.


Jim said...

Palmer's choices, esp. K-Fed's CD, now explain why he's been relatively horrible in fantasy football this year for my buddy's team and explains why Rudi Johnson has been sucking ass this year on my team.

Anonymous said...

Well, I still respect Palmer as an athlete, but, wow, what an enormous tool.

trojan mike said...

anon 1:51, OR... if you have an enormous tool, you don't care what people think about your choice of music. Carson is a stud.

FIGHT ON! Beat Michigan.

Anonymous said...

doubling K-Fed's sales...ha! I wouldn't have thought that old comedic standby could still be turned to solid gold! thanks guys...this day has otherwise sucked it harder than Meyer on a poll voter...