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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two-Minute Drill

* Sean over at Michigan Sports Center has a great story (first posted on the Miami Herald) about Chris Rainey, a star RB in Lakeland Florida who has committed to play for the Gators. In the story, Rainey brags about what it means to be a HS football star in his hometown bragging about a local vendor giving him free clothing and jewelry in exchange for his autograph as well as some lady walking up and giving him a wad of cash. Unreal.

And - surprise, surprise - in an update on his site, Sean reports Rainey is now under investigation by the Florida High School Athletic Association. Enjoy the jerseys, Chris.

(HT: SN)

* Brian at MGoBlog puts up two audio clips of interviews a Detroit radio station did with Gary Danielson and Kirk Herbstreit. M fans will hate Danielson even more as well as gain that much more respect for Herbstreit. At least I did.

* BR at Artificial Turf puts up a scathing article about Jim Tressel and the graduation rate of his players. (Memo to Buck fans: I'm just passing on the link, leave your vitriol over at AT).

* Check out the jacket this prostitute is wearing in this NY Times article that JV sent us. Ok, ok, leave us your smart ass comments.

* And in case you doubted Drew Sharp was a complete assclown (and shitty writer), check out this article where he compares the BCS voting to voting in elections. Uh...huh?

(HT: AS)

* Colt McCommercial - The Texas QB does a local commercial at 16. (HT: DW)

* You knew this was coming - MD sends us a link to SackTheBCS.org.

* Finally, in another example of why sometimes YouTube is a dangerous, dangerous thing, RB sends us this truly horrifying video of an Arkansas fan, uh...cheering in the stands. We're not sure if his excitement is for the 'Hogs or that he won the Billy Ray Cyrus Look-A-Like contest.

On second thought, maybe that is Billy Ray Cyrus.


Anonymous said...

The Chris Rainey interview is priceless. Well, actually, it does have a price: all the free clothes, cash and jewelry Chris admits to taking.

Yost said...

Yeah, how dumbu can one be, eh, SoS?

JimmyV said...

If you didn't hear Danielson on Stoney & Wojo yesterday hopefully somebody will post a link. He's even a bigger penis with ears after this interview.

Crabapple Buck said...

I predict Rainey will be playing for a much smaller school than Florida when he is thru with HS.

IIRC, the grad rates were from like 1996-2000 which would cover the last glorious years of one John Cooper, UM's favorite coach. I noticed he left out the years in the blog, but why let facts get in the way of a good rant.

You guys are getting an LSUlike obsession over Gary D. I am starting to get concerned. OSU will handle UF, you guys take care of USC, and we'll meet again in November.

The hooker picked the UM jacket since it was endorsed as the "jacket of choice for crack addicts the world over". High praise and well deserved. Also, since it is cold in Michigan, the jacket probably has more insulation, which she could smoke in an emergency.

Steven said...

The jacket just means that there was a generous Michigan fan who looked to drastically improve the downtrodden's warmth and fashion.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

surrounded in columbus said...

the coat isn't to attract visiting tosu fans, who for $15, could actually fulfill a life time dream and literally F--- Michigan?

or do you pay extra for that?

schianoforpres! said...

rainey. you dunce. its almost as if bowden planted that stuff on him.

was he at gunpoint making that statement? i can feel the stupidity right through my cpu screen.

srudoff said...

With the games on ABC, we really haven't had to pay anything to see Michigan get F*d 5 of the last 6 years : )

beast in 'bama said...

John Belushi is alive and living in Arkansas.

richard Cranium said...

Bubba Hog is hilarious!! Gary Danielson now has zero credibility, even down here in Georgia I have heard people complain about his nonsense at the Ark-Fl game, after that interview he is out of his mind

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

Yeah, Danielson is a grade A douche.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely despise the BCS. HOWEVER, it is designed to pit the 2 best teams in the BCS Championship game, and Danielson keeps spewing about "no rematch" and "2nd place team". I have no problem with people that thought Florida was the 2nd best team and voted as such, but any other reasoning is shit, pure and simple.

As for Herbstreit, I've always felt he is the most knowledgable and neutral college football guy out there.

Jim said...

Damnit, even Michigan hookers dress like soccer moms!

Scott said...

I hate how Gary Danielson backs the hosts into a defensive position from the start with using a straw man argument.

'So I don't know how the Michigan argument goes that, we're the only team capable of coming within 3 points of Ohio State. I don't know how you can justify that argument."

I don't remember anyone ever making that argument?!?!? But Danielson knocks that argument down and gets the host to sound like he's back-peddling.

"I don't think you can, but I, but does it really, there, there's..."

Danielson then cuts him off:

"You KNOW you can't."

That set the tone for the rest of the interview. He doesn't even pause to acknowledge when he's wrong about Michigan being 2nd or 3rd after losing. He rolls on through to the next point.

Andy said...

crabapple buck:

I am confused. Where do you get this data is from 96-00?

I read the article and went to the source press release from the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

From the press release: NCAA statistics were used in this study. The Institute reviewed data collected from member
institutions for the academic years of 2004-05 and 2005-06.

Look at it this way, the Bucks are once again better than Texas (who graduates a whopping 40% of their football players).

1201 S. Main St. said...

"I'm like, damn, I'm glad I'm Chris Rainey. It's real nice to be me.'' that's classic. As for the Wolverine hooker...at least she's getting paid to masturbate in libraries

srudoff said...


I saw that too , then wondered why they put this

The Institute reviewed 1999-00 graduation (six-year)
rates, with a four-class average (freshmen classes of 1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99 and 1999-00).

in there. I thought it was clear cut recent data only til I saw that.

Regardless, both schools should be embarassed at their % of African American football players they graduate. 32% sucks, 50% is nothing to write home about either.

One thing they don't mention - players that leave early for the pros - we've seemed to have a lot of these lately- I'm guessing they count against your stats. Um's had a few too if I recall.

mattathias said...

Herbstreit really isn't that bad. All these weeks he's been the most reasonable. (goes without saying that Kornheiser and Wilbon are awesome) A friend of mine here at U of M grew up in Columbus and always enjoyed listening to him on the radio. Calling Breaston "worthless" and being a Buckeye with Buckeye kids are two problems with him, but otherwise he's been really great.

This year, Big Ten has got to rep hard and show those SEC scumbags how truly classless and overrated they are. This year the Midwest is going to show how it's really done.

And BTW, we beat the Gators the only time we ever played them, which was at the Outback Bowl at the end of the 2002 season. Kind of cool: we have some sort of hand in college football destiny. That Outback Bowl was on New Year's Day, same day as the Rose Bowl. Also that year OSU won the natl championship. There may be some pattern as with the Rose Bowl thing. Oh, and last year we were shafted from the Outback Bowl, which Iowa got instead.

Anonymous said...

I live in C-bus and heard Herby's remark about Breaston. He only called Steve's production and his utilization within the UM system "worthless", not Breaston himself. When Detroit Free Press reported it, they "edited" the comments to make them more juicy. Just wanted to make you guys aware of that, since the way it was reported it offended a lot of you UM fans.

1201 S. Main St. said...

How do the graduation rates compare to the non-student athletes in the same racial groups? That's the real measure. I'm guessing it's higher than 50% at OSU, but who knows. Did a quick check for UM and depending on the year the overall grad rate ranges from 60% to 80% (we seem to be graduating a higher percent every year. So then you compare that to UM's football rate of 70% from that study and it doesn't look so bad. Same can probably be said of many of the other schools

Scarlet & Gray Matters said...

I read somewhere, sorry no source, but IIRC it was some official from some (not B10) university complaining, that the Grad Rate Study represents students graduating in four years, period.

TitleIX said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TitleIX said...

here's all the data for you math whizzes (of which I am not one).....

Apparently the Div I-A women bowlers have a 56% graduation rate.....which is dangerouly close to the men's basketball aggregate rate of 57% for Div I-A.
However, Moo U, has a men's basketball graduation rate of 91%!

Fun with numbers....
Happy computing!

Andy said...

Boston Globe editorial regarding CFB bowl team grad rates.

DERRICK Z. JACKSON wrote: The worst offender is top-ranked Ohio State. It graduated only 32 percent of its black football players. Its racial gap is the worst of all 64 bowl teams: an astounding 53 percentage points behind the 85 percent for white players.

Go Bucks !!!!

srudoff said...

hahahaha Andy - did you fail to notice that Michigan was a 41 point gap between white and black players? is that something to brag about? OSU was 53 pts, Michigan was 41 pts. GO WOLVERINES!!!

Both numbers are terrible - you should probably wait til your numbers are closer before you start ripping on other schools. This is like Indiana fans telling Illinois fans that their football team sucks.

Anonymous said...

Guys, please don't listen to anything Derrick Z. Jackson writes. I'm from Boston and he's an idiot. i mean, the fact that this is an article on college football in The Boston Globe should make one suspect! To clarify, Boston knows shit about college football. I know, I'm from there. Not necessarily their fault, they have the Sox and the Pats. But they don't know much beyond that.

That douchebag Jackson wrote a "tribute" to Ronald Reagan the day after he died in which he said that Reagan was a racist because he was once in a city with a history of racism. I'm no Republican, but that article was tasteless and stupid. and don't get me started on Jackson's opinions on Israel

Andy said...

FYI, I was just passing another link I found regarding this discussion.

While I understand how my Go Bucks!!!! comment could be seen as a "rip". It was not intended as such. It was more of a sarcastic jeer to most major college football teams. Ohio State is just leading a RACE OF PIGS in this category.

For the first time in my life -- I am actually rooting for the Bucks in Glendale against the gators.

Jim said...

Somewhere above, someone asked if the graduation rates considered players leaving early for the pro's. Not to "he said, she said", but I saw posted on a Gamecock board that the rankings they were looking at (not sure if it was the NCAA's or not), did not count those leaving early against the school's rate. I'm honestly not sure how they would handle it though (like a walk in babseball???, doesn't count as an at-bat beats me?!?).

Jim said...

O Mattathias, you stole my thunder,
you deleted your comment, before I could plunder.
Oh why did thouest delete what thou spate, were thou forgetting, OSU against SEC in bowl games is oh and 8?

Jim said...

Here's the list I was talking about - not NCAA's, looks like some guy at Boston Globe
click my name above

Jim said...

sorry, it now requires a username, try this, but connect the lines before you link to it


Jim said...


Here's the list
Top 25 Graduation Rates
Team Players' graduation %
1. Navy 98
2. Boston College 96
3. Notre Dame 95
4. Wake Forest 93
5. Nebraska 88
6. Florida 80
7. Penn State 80
8. Texas Christian 78
9. Virginia Tech 74
10. Michigan 71
11. South Florida 66
12. Boise State 65
13. Maryland 64
14. South Carolina 64
15. Auburn 63
16. Texas A&M 63
17. West Virginia 63
18. Wisconsin 62
19. Oregon State 60
20. UCLA 59
21. Rutgers 58
22. Tennessee 58
23. Arkansas 55
24. Georgia Tech 55
25. OSU and USC 55
Barely passing graduation rates in the AP rankings: Brigham Young 53, Louisville 53, Oklahoma 52, Houston 51.
Teams that should be dropped from bowls on overall graduation success rates: Hawaii 49, LSU 49, California 44, Georgia 41, Texas 40.

I don't know how they calculated them, because they differ from NCAA's.. maybe different years or most recent year. I can;t get back tothe site without getting a username. There was a link to a transcript of the guy explaining the process.