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Monday, December 04, 2006

Two-Minute Drill

What are others saying about the BCS results?

* As mentioned above, Sean at Michigan Sports Center looks at the whack-jobs in the Harris Poll.

* Wojo at the Detroit News weighs in (and says Michigan would be a 6 point favorite over the Gators according to Vegas oddsmakers)

* Brian at MGoBlog always has some interesting comments.

* For the flip side of the pain M fans feel, check out the joy at EDSBS as they found out their team was going to Glendale during a live blog. Bastards!

* Those bitching about Adrian Arrington's troubles, saying to let him play was bs, were wrong as the case was thrown out.

* Looks like fellow blogger YAY Sports was ripped off by the WWL. We know how that feels...and it sucks. (HT: MP)

* Great article on Bo's passing by blogger who knew him personally.


Arrington's GF said...

Re: Arrington... Did you RTFA? The case wasn't "thrown out" because he didn't do anything. It was thrown out because his girlfriend didn't show up to the trial.

No matter what happened with the courts, it is undisputed that Arrington was driving around drunk the day before the Penn State game, and that he hurt his girlfriend wrestling her car keys away from her.

Just because she refuses to testify against him doesn't mean that he's suddenly innocent. It just means that he can't be convicted.

Yost said...

Hey, jackass, it's not "undisputed he was driving around drunk." The police didn't even go to him until the next morning. So NO sobriety test was even administered.

As to whether he hurt his girlfriend, again that is what the case was to determine (was it true? Was she just pissed b/c they had a fight? Was it all bs?). But the case was dismissed. Period.

"No matter what happened in the courts" Uh, actaully, that is what matters.

arrington's gf said...

>>Hey, jackass, it's not "undisputed he was driving around drunk."<<

Uh... according to his GF, he was. She refused to testify in court, but she told the cops he was drunk. Police report, dude.

On the other hand, you're probably right. After all, Carr did punish him by sitting him down for a series or two. I'm sure Carr punished him for NOT being drunk. I'm sure Carr punished him for treating his gf like a queen. And I'm sure his gf was making the entire story up; in fact, I hear that she was arrested for making false state---...

...oh, nevermind. It's not worth it. Go ahead and continue your worship of this loser human being.

The rest of us true UM fans will not stoop to the level of the fans of Miami, USC, et. al. by defending and excusing the criminals on our team. It's one of the things that make UM football better than most.

Yost said...

Oh, wait...she said Then it must be true. My bad.

Did you ever stop to think for one second that Carr didn't punish him severely was b/c there was nothing severe to punish him for?

Oh, well, it's not worth it.