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Friday, December 01, 2006

Two-Minute Drill

As we approach the last full weekend of regular season college football, we send you off with these gems...

* EDSBS has an exclusive look at ASU's surprise interview to fill their head coaching vacancy: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il.

Sing it with me: "Ari...zo...na FUCK YEAH! Comin' to save the mother fuckin' Devils."

* As much as we, uh, disagree with all things OSU, their students are getting completely HOSED when it comes to BCS tickets -- the University only set aside 1,100 tickets for students with 5,000 going to sponsors and donors. The rest of the school's 16,000 tickets were divided among various groups, including the athletic department, university administration, the alumni association and the marching band according to the AP. Totally unfair.

(HT: AS)

* In case you wondered, OSU spent $562,416K on police and fire overtime for the Michigan-Ohio State game (while Buckeye fans spent $784,389K on "Fuck Michigan" shirts).

(HT: pfg)

* We're no fans of Free Press columnist Drew Sharp here but a good article is a good article. And we liked this one he wrote about Bo.

* Finally, in the "We couldn't make it up if we tried" category today, MZone reader Jon sends us the Wikipedia link for "Fire."

Below the first section dealing with the word's definition, check out the second section which explains, and is titled, "The Physics of Fire." Look at the picture on the right. Because when you say "fire," you think "Columbus."

No word from OSU President Karen Holbrook if this picture is from the "relatively trouble-free post-game activities" following the Buckeyes' recent victory over Michigan that half a mil gets ya.


bmorewolverine said...

did you hear Drew Sharp on Jim Rome last week trying to explain why the BSC is the best system out there, why he loves the BCS? You could see Jim Rome trying to decide when to strangle him... but you're right, he did give respect where respect was due to Bo. But if he had been writing in Bo's coaching time, he would have surely torn up Bo just as much as he tears up the Wolverines today. Sad, really...

Eric S. said...


I'm not certain, but that picture may be from the arson a few years ago where some Columbus resident (not a student, just for the record) burned down a house and killed 5 people. I know you didn't point it out on purpose, but if it is at all possible that picture, I'd appreciate if you took down that portion out of respect for the families, one of whom I knew. Thanks.

jeremy said...

The students are indeed getting fleeced. BUT, if there's one group more important to have at the game than the students, it's the marching band.

Anonymous said...

Without the convenience stores surrounding the Rose Bowl agreeing to not sell bottled beer, the tOSU administration had to make the call to limit student tix distribution for saftey and reputation reasons.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, you guys are just deleting every fucking post that's not pro-michigan or pro-michiganzone even if it's not offensive


Anonymous said...

USC is also allotting same number of tickets for their students.

i'm sure Michigan students will have plenty of Rose Bowl or Orange Bowl tickets to choose from ;)

OCBLUE said...

Drew Sharp actually wrote another nice article about Bo.
I guess you have to die, if you're an M man, for Sharp to write anything positive.

Anonymous said...

here's to more positive Drew Sharp articles then!!!

Nitric Oxide said...

I know its always funny to make fun of Columbus and Buckeyes and their fans and their fires...but c'mon guys, you need to understand - and give that impression from your website - that the celebrations WERE harmless. Such stuff as mentioned by your revered Detroit Free Press did happen, but to the normal fan having a tailgate party around town it was no issue. It was very very peaceful and very satisfying as an OSU fan. I dont wish to add fuel to the fire here (pun intended), but c'mon guys. And I agree, 2002 was bad.

Your website is very witty, original and always fun, even as an OSU fan. But you cannot overstate a joke so many several times that it becomes sour even for people who are trying to be sports. And then you guys say that we say Fuck Michigan all the time :). You had a bad time in Columbus and I feel bad for that, but you would also find several people who had a very good time. Even with the Fuck Michigans.

surrounded in columbus said...

different day- same complaints- you spend too much time making fun of tosu.

reminds me of the morality police complaining about a tv show - always makes me want to ask- why don't you watch something else?

your site's been up over a year. buckstache et al, posts/jokes have been a mainstay thru out.

very funny shit- i must be a homo/jerk face/jealous/whiner, huh?

srudoff said...

at some point, telling the same joke over and over eventually turns you from Dane Cook into Jeff foxworthy - he went from being funny to being a one trick pony with his 'you might be a redneck' schtick.

The drunk phone call thing today was brilliant - if i were creative enough, I'd love to write one between OSU and Michigan where Michigan wants 'another chance' but OSU has found another mate (USC) and Michigan spends the phone call trying to explain why they are a better choice for mate than USC. I think in the right hands, that would be great as well. that bit and the michigan band held hostage are great examples of how these guys can be funny as hell without having to tell the same joke over and over and over and over.

besides, surely there's more to make fun of about us besides mustaches, fuck michigan and fires, no??


matt said...

Yost if your arms get tired I can beat the dead horse for you..

..I'm just saying

usc alum said...

ahh the double standard...Ohio state fans are mad at you because you keep bringing up funny shit about them....they want you to stop...

but they don't complain when ohio state sites constantly rip on mich...

I am not a mich or an ohio state fan. But I love to see the constant bickering between the two schools

Keep up what makes ya happy and fuck those who don't like your site but keep reading it on a daily basis

MGoBlue93 said...

Holy Shit... the Wikipedia link for "fire" is priceless!!!

USC Alum... couldn't have said it any better myself. Ya gotta love the visiting team trying to enforce their standards here.


MGoBlue93 said...

I'd appreciate if you took down that portion out of respect for the families, one of whom I knew.

eric s.

Man another example of political correctness run rampant. In that picture there's nothing sensationalistic. There's no blood or gore. Benny and Yost didn't Photoshop it at all. It's wood and bricks and fire for the purpose of illustrating the freaking topic.

While I'm writing this, I'm sure somebody's house is on fire somewhere in the world. I pray that everyone is safe and that they can put their lives together at their own pace.

But should that mean I never type the word "fire" anymore out of respect for that family? Of course not... that would be asinine.

Take the assclown the other day that said they were offended by the hostage situation in C-Bus post. Those pictures could have been very well older than that person. Many of the people here weren't even born when the Iran hostage crisis happened. Everyone in this country has been touched by the 9/11 attacks. But that doesn't mean I'm going to expect other people to acquiesce to my standards in a largely anonymous arena... that would be asinine.

What's next, we propose legislation changing a day from 24 hours to 23 hours and 58 minutes... that way we can take 9:11 AM and 9:11 PM off the clock so nobody is offended anymore?

For pete's sake, half you people remind me of the South Park episode where the kid's Christmas party turned out to be a bunch of school kids in black mock turtlenecks dancing to German techno because people were offended by stars, trees, lights, ornaments, holiday greetings, and anything else even remotely associated to a certain December holiday.

oh yeah... GO BLUE!

Yost said...


While I'm truly sorry about tragedy of the family you know, are you really asking me to to take down a LINK to a Wikipedia post that MIGHT show a picture of an unnamed fired that you THINK might have been the one you're referring to?

War Eagle In Fla said...

i got a new shirt:

"fuck people who wear 'fuck michigan' clothing"

i'll expect royalties in the form of a check, cash is also accepted. none of this paypal bullshit.

Eric S. said...

Fair enough Yost. Point taken.