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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Two-Minute Drill

* Orson over at EDSBS lists 10 Reasons Michigan Should be Happy. It's pretty funny. Really. See, I'm over it. No, really...it...doesn't...hurt at---AAARRGHH!

* Brian at MGoBlog gives his On Notice: Fiasco Edition about the BCS controversy.

* Dan Wetzel writes a great column on Yahoo about how Lloyd refused to shill and instead held to his core beliefs in this day and age of BCS as political campaign.

* Here's another from Gene Wojciechowski over at ESPN.

* Finally, Detroit's own Mitch Albom weighs in with his thoughts. Good stuff.


mattathias said...

I'm just wondering: does this mean that Mitch Albom will publish a book designed to make millions by exploiting Bo's good name?

TitleIX said...

uh, it's already in print....

Q1Go said...

You know, it's usually after Michigan gets screwed by something that the rules change. Who knows? This may be the event that prompts some fixing of the BCS system. Much like that infamous extra second at MSU changed the rules about who keeps time.

Right now though, just looking forward to reedeming ourselves against USC - who remembers the embarassment of our last Rose Bowl against them?

Scraper said...

So Lloyd gets praise for being a classy guy and not lobbying for his team. But then he makes disparaging comments about Urban Meyer (deserved it) and Jim Tressel (doesn't deserve it). So is he a good guy or not?