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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Please Remove Your Cleats....

Who the hell designed the country's airport security system? I'm starting to think it's the same geniuses who came up with the BCS.

Why? Well...

In addition to the usual indignities at airport security that we all experience, before his flight back from New York, Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith had to get rid of more than just his fingernail clippers and that tube of toothpaste he forget in his carry-on: the TSA folks wouldn't let him bring the Heisman Trophy on the plane.

Oh...come...on. Seriously? What, was he kneeling toward Columbus and reciting Woody Hayes mantras?

Yeah, forget all the guns and knives that always slip through each time you turn on one of those Dateline specials. Good to know the TSA is keeping us safe from Heisman Trophy-winning QBs just in case they suddenly go on a rampage at 35,000 feet. We call all breathe a little easier today, folks.

In the end, Smith had the trophy shipped back to Columbus to avoid the problems former Buckeye Eddie George had when trying to get his Heisman through an airport X-ray machine after winning the award in 1995: George's trophy lost a finger and had one bent in the incident.

Wow, the Heisman Trophy is a banned, no-fly item. Who says the terrorists haven't won?

In a related story, Michigan coach Lloyd Carr is looking into the possibility of recruiting TSA workers for next season as they're the only folks he's seen in the last three years who were capable of stopping an Ohio State QB.

P.S. Speaking of the Heisman, SI ranks the last 20 winners. Interesting.


Matt said...

Seems the Heisman link to SI is broken.

Anonymous said...

Matt, Try this: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0612/gallery.cfb.last20heismanwinners/content.1.html

Anonymous said...

OJ ruined it for everyone!

Andy said...

The buckeye nation has spoken... thanks EDSBS.

Anonymous said...

The other buckeye rappers are better.

Jim said...

I saw that link on EDSBS as well Andy. Funny stuff. I was thinking the exact same thing that one of the Gatorfans at EDSBS stated, "For that video alone, I know Florida will win."

Anonymous said...

True enough, this is really silly. You'd think those TSA folks could find a more non-invasive way of searching his luggage. Maybe just have dogs sniff it for trouble and then let him be on his way.

Why would anyone go into a tizzy about something like that?

Anonymous said...

...because, unfortunately, that is an indication of the decision-making and judgement skills of (some) TSA personnel. Truly clueless. I agree, who says the terrorists haven't won?--and the inmates seem to be running the asylum...

TitleIX said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TitleIX said...

hold on....
I certainly wouldn't want to bring something of significant value thru security. especially something large and bulky....

Let's say you and your wife/girl/sig O./prostitute o'the day travel and make a significant purchase like art, furniture, a fragile antique, etc. Are you saying you would carry it thru security and onto the plane? or risk checking it in your luggage that gets tossed into the cargo hold???
instead of SHIPPING it SAFELY to your home directly????
No way!
Why do you think all those stores have signs saying they will "Ship for free"????
One should routinely ship home those high-value items purchased on a trip....you can get insurance for them, you can track them, and ya don't have to carry them!

sometimes you guys are soooo impractical! ;-)

And--please do not rag on the fine Americans who are keeping our airways safe....(?)
There was no TSA when Eddie George's trophy was trashed.

Anonymous said...

From the article, it appears the TSA WOULD let him take the trophy on the plane. The only issue is that they wanted it -- as is the case with all carry on items -- to pass first through the x-ray machine. Smith decided not to put it in the machine, and therefore it was shipped.

I do not like TSA, but this post -- while funny -- is an exaggeration at best and inaccurate at worst.

Anonymous said...

Great - first we had east coast vs west coast rapper wars, and now we have the mid west rappers representin'?