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Friday, December 15, 2006

OSU Sod Conspiracy Continues

Looks like Ohio State has figured out another way to make the BCS title game a "home" game.

First, rumor has it Buckeye fans snapped up most of the available rooms in the Glendale area since they knew weeks before Gator fans that they were a lock for the National Championship game.

Now come reports that field conditions at University of Phoenix Stadium are utter crap, ensuring it will seem just like The 'Shoe for the big game on January 8th.

In a related story, Urban Meyer issued a statement saying the country didn't want to see the same poor quality sod used in the BCS game that was used for the Michigan-Ohio State game. He said it would be unfair to the Buckeyes to have to win on that turf twice in the same season.

Furthermore, Meyer said he would not recognize that sod if it was used in college football's title game saying sod from Gainesville deserves a shot because, as everybody knows, the best sod in the country is in the SEC.

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Yant said...

I have to admit, we do have some damn nice turf down here in Gainesville. All that sun and warm weather - average December high temperature is 69 degrees - is really good for growing Bermuda grass.

Brad said...

From what I've read about the Gators, it sounds like the weather is really good for growing all kinds of grass.

AZbuckeyefan said...

Aye carumba!

Satire aside, we don't have flora like that. Work on that photo.

Anonymous said...

Why would Glendale host high school playoff games when we are late into the NFL season and you have 2 major bowls coming to town, one of which is the national championships.

I know the underlying factor is what it always is: $$$$$$. But c'mon, you have to be fuckin retarded.

JJMoBucks said...

Get over it Wolverines. You lost. You had your chance and you blew it. Not even Bo's ghost could help you. Both teams played on the same field. Wait, I think I just figured it out. Lloyd, are you here somewhere? I think I hear you complaining. You guys don't deserve to be in the BCS championship game. Look at our common opponents. You beat NW by what 10 points. We beat them by 50. And you jokers almost blew it against Ball State. Get over it. Go get a win in the Rose Bowl. Then give Lloyd a lifetime contract. Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

who let the troll in?

Anonymous said...

rumor has it osu fans snatched up all available hotel rooms? You make it sound like it was a devious plan to undermine SEC fans. Does it not make sense to get plans together as soon as they can be confirmed, and to do so in the best possible location? Honestly, we're not evil.

Anonymous said...

whatever you do, don't bet your house on Ohio State.

Jim said...

Or your trailer

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, do you every stop whining?

Anonymous said...

I love how OSU fans claim that UM fans are obssessed with OSU...and they come on a Michigan website and run their mouths...even after they beat us. And we are obssessed? Give me a break...