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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, we like Tom Brady and all but...

As Michigan fans, we're pretty much obligated to like Tom Brady. And why not? He had two great seasons for the Wolverines, has won three Super Bowls, dates a model and generally represents the University of Michigan in only positive ways.

But even we wouldn't go this far (not that there's anything wrong with this).



TitleIX said...

Does Tom know he has a STALKER????
that is just bizarre and twisted.
And, where did you find this????

On a positive note:
I suggest muting the sound
Makes the whole video DREAMY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I for one think Tom is hot, but even I wouldn't go to that extreme. That left me feeling a little uncomfortable. I think filing a restraining order may be in Tom's future.

beast in bama said...

That was like opening the "wrong" door on Bourbon Street.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I think I may have all of a sudden become gay after watching that. F!

Jim said...

Yeah, that sucked. What sucks even more is he is the tsrater on my fantasy football team. Damnitt! I didn;t get drunk last night and make that video did I? No wait, I got smacked for trying to get fresh with my wife. Whew.. I was a little worried there for a minute.

Anonymous said...

You all understand this is don tounge in cheek with alot alot alot alot of sarcasim?

There in a way making fun of all the media coverage that Brady gets.

Tell me you all knew that.

Oh Yeah said...



Damn he is hot! LOL If that was a chick singing it, I'd pass it to all my friends! ha ha

Old School Michigan fan said...

Drew Henson is cuter.

The King said...

Anyone else see Brady's hilarious commentary on Florida getting into the BCS game?

"They just not very good."

On Arkansas: "What did they have, 8 guys throwing passes in that game?"

jim masterson said...

Tom Brady; Who could not possibly admire him. Specifically in this era(s) of obnoxious superstars. He is the All-American boy. who has all UM fans, & other fans of the college game in his corner. We need more like him.

oldwestside said...

Sunday's family guy was great. Youtube clips if you can.

My gf thinks Peyton Manning's commericials are funny and that he is cute; I have to counter with a mancrush of Brady because Manning is dopey looking. I agree the credit card commerical with his o-line sucked, but I don't know of another marquee athlete who says "I'll only endorse you if you put my teammates in the commerical."

Anony said...

Titleix, I took your advice.

My sincere thanks to you.

TitleIX said...

with the sound off, I'm thinkin' this one rivals the OSU recruiting girl....

Andy said...

T9 - please stop this crazy talk !

buckeye john said...

title IX - how dare you disparage the OSU girl!

TitleIX said...

as good as the OSU girl is for you guys, that's how good Dreamy Tom is (WITH THE SOUND OFF!) to me

I didn't mean YOU guys would like it like you like the tOSU girlie....
I meant that this video is equivalent in the wa-wa-wa-wee-wah-wah factor for the ladies.

Haven't you figured out how to read a girl's mind yet??? sheez..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I feel really gay for having watched that.

WhiteDawg said...

Pornstars love the New England Patriots....


check it out

Anonymous said...

Titleix, I wish I would have read the comments before I wateched it. The sound off would have been better.........but DAMN is he gorgeous! Makes a girl wish she was 10 years younger! Yum!

Andy said...

Thanks whitedawg. One question ?

Why would they ruin this clip with the ND fight song ?