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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh, Desmond. Des, Des, Des

As a Michigan fan this...this is just embarrassing. But pretty damn funny.

In case you missed it, Desmond was on ESPN giving his analysis of the Holiday Bowl between Cal and Texas. Only problem is, Cal is playing Texas A&M. And no, it's not just a single slip of the tongue. Just...just watch.

(HT: Sru)


Richard Cranium said...

Is he a product of that amazing and very expensive education that you can only receive from the University of Michigan?

mmbones said...

At least it's some decent analysis. But if there's any theoretical matchup he's going to mistakenly analyze, shouldn't it be the Michigan-OSU title game?

Gator1377 said...

Desmond realizes who really deserves to play for the National Title. The Florida Gators.

Andy said...

Deserves ? Please.

Everyone makes a mistake. Check out Desmond's Wikipedia entry... Michigan State career ????

What Desmond says makes no difference. He is still undefeated against the Buckeyes.

Anonymous said...

"Is he a product of that amazing and very expensive education that you can only receive from the University of Michigan?"

No, he's a football player.


Gator1377 said...

Hey Andy...who "deserves" to play for the National Title then...Michigan? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

A & M being in a bowl game? no way thought desmond, thinking it was a typo.

Anonymous said...


He acknowledged he made a mistake. At least, unlike Coach "I won't live up to my obligations and vote" Sweatervest, "Hello Heisman" Howard told the world he messed up and was a man. He stands up for himself and doesn't shy away from errors. I'm sure he's making Bo proud.

Jim said...

Gator1377 - that's the kind of posts that I was referring to last week that I don't make and the answer to your question as to why I think your posts get deleted, and mine (as another SEC fan) do not.

I sincerely think Florida has a great shot at beating OSU and obviously deserves being in Glendale. But by no means does that mean I think that Michigan does not deserve to be there. The BCS is just a f'ed up system.

Yost said...

Bingo, Jim.

Thanks for reading.

usctrojan78 said...

I actually watched it live, at first I was confused, then sad -- why didn't anyone on the production staff say anything to him?? Someone must have seen the copy before they went on the air. Maybe he didn't even write it, and some one was pulling an anchormanesque joke on him.

Anonymous said...


he said he misspoke

misspeaking would be to say Texas, yet list the A&M players that are important. No this clusterfuck had the WRONG team and did the wrong analysis. Idiot

Trying to compare this to JT's vote is assinine as well.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:54

Not much of an apology there, more of an explanation. How in the world do you compare f'ing up the bowl game you're supposed to analyze for ESPN with JT's decision to not play BcS politics. JT didn't make any mistakes, he analyzed the situation, and (unlike Desmond) made the correct statements. Get used to it, he's going to do it again on Jan 8th during the NC award presentation.

beast in 'bama said...

Just another reason the WWL has become obsolete. They don't even know who's PLAYING anymore! This goes beyond Desmond Howard. Lou Holtz is just as bad.

I'm trying an experiment this week: watching ESPN only during games. No PTI, Sunday NFL Countdown, Sports Center, etc. Do away with all the "experts" and just watch the games! You know, more the way ESPN used to be.

I've got to say, so far it's working out fine. It's actually like a cleansing process.

IC said...

Great idea Beast. I'm going to do the ESPN Enema as well.

There are so many times I go to ESPN, watch for 20-30 seconds, then ask myself, "What the hell am I doing? I hate this crap."

Andy said...


You seem to be confused between the words "deserved" and "selected".

Florida deserves to be included in the list of "one loss" teams that were considered for selection.

The beauty contest that is the BCS "selection" process is more about money and human engineering than it is about putting the 2 best teams together.

Keep beating your chest. The NC Game is coming up soon. Maybe your coach will call a slick WR reverse pass (see: 2003 Outback Bowl Final drive) to win the game !!!

Anonymous said...

... I believe desmond said that at halftime, but i watched him before the game started and he had it right... he just slipped up... it happens

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 10:20 am,
Too bad everyone can't be as perfect as you.
Fuck you, idiot.
And fuck ohio, too.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Desmond guy anyway?

Anonymous said...

he had it wrong before the game AND at halftime