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Monday, December 04, 2006

MZone Top 25

Not that it matters anymore but...

1Ohio State--
2Michigan 1
3Florida 1
4LSU 1
5Louisville 1
6Southern Cal 4
9Auburn 1
10Notre Dame 1
11Boise State 1
12Virginia Tech 2
13Wake Forest 2
14Arkansas 5
15Tennessee 1
16Texas 1
17Texas A&M 3
18West Virginia 4
19Rutgers 6
20Brigham Young 1
21Oregon State 4
22Penn State 2
23Boston College 3
24California 2
25Nebraska 7

Dropped Out: Hawaii (#19), Georgia Tech (#23).


Anonymous said...

Michigan ahead of Florida? Michigan played one team all season and lost. Not conference champs. Florida just won the SEC. You're biased, so I understand, but Ohio State Florida is the matchup EVERYONE outside of Michigan wants and everyone know Florida is a more deserving team that will probably beat OSU.

What will you do when that happens?

And why weren't you complaining when USC was ahead of Michigan? USC lost to two unranked teams this year. One of them on a 6 game losing streak!

TBranch said...

One team all season? Well if Michigan would have lost to Wisconsin (a non team in your little mind) then you would not be going to the 'game' because they would be undefeated.

Confrence champs does not matter.

Who's biased?

OSU will destroy Florida.

USC had one loss when they were ranked ahead of Michigan.. no they have two and are not.

Go away anonymous moron troll.

Yost said...

Indeed, TB. So true.

jeff said...

Can I just say this morning: "I hate Notre Dame"

Notre Dame, I hate you.

It dissappoints me that you could only beat one ranked team this season... but Penn State isn't ranked anymore, so I can't even count that.

I had high expectations for your offense this year, but you ended up somewhere between 15-20 in most statistics. I didn't even badmouth Quinn's preseason Heisman hype, but now it's pretty obvious that a trip to New York would be out of pity.

Your highly anticipated season opener against Georgia Tech was horrible. Your biggest game was a miracle comeback against Michigan State... and we rightfully give them more credit for folding than for your playmaking.

You had two opportunities to prove your worth, and even a reasonable effort would have sufficed. But you blew it, twice, and lost to Michigan and Southern Cal by 20+ points... 46 points total!

You deserve to be ranked, I'm not unfair. Maybe even as high as 14 or 15. Go bowling and celebrate a 10-2 season. But why can't you admit that you know you don't belong in a BCS bowl game? You know it, I know it, and Wisconsin and Auburn are ready to prove it.

Your NBC contract actually doesn't bother me anymore. It'll never change the fact that Michigan is still the most televised team in the country... awwww.

What does bother me is that $15-18 million that you'll be getting for playing in a BCS bowl game that you don't deserve... and not sharing it with a conference (under that new contract with the NCAA you pushed for). You disgoust me. For even if justice reigned and you failed to make a bowl game at all, that contract would force the conferences to garauntee you a share.

Oh arrogant and selfish Notre Dame, Rudy would not be proud.

Anonymous said...

"Then this year when the humans do get it right and vote the SEC Champ in over an inferior Big 10 runner-up....."

I'll put my money on any inferior Big-10 team against any "superior" SEC team any day. Man, I cannot wait for these BCS games to begin! HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I am sick of Florida and can't stand a whiny coach and Florida should not be allowed to play in the BCS simply because of the whining that Urban Meyer did, you never reward cry babies. Now the hated Buckeyes are going to have spank that babies ass in NCG.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You deleted my earlier post. I don't believe that I said anything hurtful. I was just stating my opinion that people were being spiteful and mean and that I was disappointed because that's not the norm on this Blog. I was originally going to write a letter to the Mods, but I can't find a way to do it. I have been a reader here for quite some time and check it just about everyday, but I don't post much. But, apparently, my opinion isn't appreciated when it disagrees with the status quo.

Yost said...


Benny and I are the mods. And I don't remember the comment but if it's taunting in nature, vulgar or somebody putting up the same thing over and over again, it goes.

If you read the site comments, it only takes a quick second to see that we don't mind folks who disagree, or even those who don't like Michigan. But we've about reached our limit of asshole comments.

Anonymous said...


I went ahead and logged in so I wasn't posting under Anon.

I don't believe that it was taunting in nature, because I am not taunting in nature. I do appoligize if you believe (which you apparently did if you believed it should have been deleted) I made comments that were less than accepable. I do belive that you have to put up with a lot of "stuff" on here. I do read this site often, which is why I was supprised. I was supprised that personal attacks against coaches and polsters were being allowed. And in some cases, furthered by mods and/or site reporters (can't remember who it was).

If you would like to delete this comment, I understand, it does not move any conversation on this board forward. These comments were meant for you anyhow. I would rather of had a different forum to get them to you.

Yost said...


Nope. You and your comments are always welcome.

Just a little testy between the results of the BCS and some really uncool comments. My apologies if you got caught in the crossfire.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...


The MZone Top 25 is just about right this week.

It is too bad Michigan and Florida cannot settle this dispute on the playing field. I would like to know where all of these Gator Fans have come from all of the sudden. I never thought that Florida fans could be worse than Ohio State fans.

Oh well, let us hope for a Big Ten sweep this year to prove that the rankings were right. I am confident in Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Hopefully Penn State, Minnesota and Purdue can pick-up a couple of victories too. GO BLUE.

MoonBuck said...

At the end of the day what is being attacked more than anything is the Big 10. So I say to you Michigan. Go to the Rose Bowl and beat the crap out of USC!

SG said...

Anon 4:23. Deserving my ass. The only team deserving to be there is Ohio State... hands down. They are the only team to have proven themselves worthy of being in the show. The only team to take care of business. That's also why we Michigan fans cannot be overly bitter...

This is a poll -- it's an opinion. Just like the douchebag voter that voted Florida #1. Biased.. sure.. but aren't you biased for wanting your 2nd class university to get exposed? Conf. Champs? Sorry we lost to #1 Ohio state. You have any more D2 schools to play? Florida beat OSU? good luck with that one...

Anonymous said...

USC lost to two unranked teams this year. One of them on a 6 game losing streak!

Please name the team that lost 6 straight.