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Friday, December 01, 2006

MZone Does Guest Post on Bruins Nation

With the big UCLA-USC game Saturday, and Michigan needing a Bruin victory for BCS reasons, Nestor over at Bruins Nation asked us to do a guest post on his site letting the folks in Westwood know how the Maize and Blue will be rooting for the True Blue and Gold. Be sure to check it out.


JAM said...

Too bad Pete Carroll thrives on pain. He eats up up like Daniel Craig getting his balls smashed in "Casino Royale."

Anonymous said...

LOL, you hear the USC fans are planning legal action against the LSU billboard guy who does that blog? U of Spoiled Children. I don't mind reading his blog from time to time because it makes fun of the Trojans, but I'm sick of people thinking they can tell bloggers what they can and cannot post on their blogs. I can't see anything legally wrong with his site. Just think if they win what this will mean to the rest of us.

Andy said...

Can you say counting your chickens before they hatch

From ESPN regarding BCS Game tickets:
The University of Southern California, the Buckeyes' likely opponent, will also earmark about 1,000 tickets for students.

"Only about 1,000 students will probably be able to go for us, too, and if it's of any comfort to the upset students in Columbus, there are lots of sympathetic students over here on the West Coast," USC ticketing director Debra Duncan said.

trojan mike said...

Instead of the white flower on the vodoo doll, should place a red rose to represent USC only getting to the Rose Bowl. Just a thought that might help your cause....

Anonymous said...

Hey with all the michigan fans rooting for ucla this weekend, that nearly tripled their fan base....

Seriously this is no joke, you should see their attendance at home games

beast in 'bama said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute! I thought you guys were AGAINST a rematch with the Buckeyes!?!?

And I hope you didn't borrow Houston Nutt's voodoo doll. His mini-Petey didn't work, remember? Houston's voodoo works only within the confines of the SEC and the state of Texas.

Anonymous said...

why not get a witch dr? or borrow n.d. mascot? rub a horse shoe? a find a clover! and any thing else you think might help your cause. trojans lose today noooooooooooooot happing! see ya when we see ya, don't want to be ya!