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Monday, December 25, 2006

Pasadena or bust!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Just got this picture postcard from Benny who's already out in Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl. Apparently he and a new friend hit the beach for a little holiday fun in the sun.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Actually, I'm a little shocked by this picture: I can't believe Benny wore antlers in the USC colors. Shame on you, Benny. Next time show a little team pride, would ya?


trojan mike said...

Merry Christmas... looking good, Benny, in those SC colors. FIGHT ON! Careful, the water can be a little cold in the winter... shrinkage alert!

johnny wangler said...

Let's make USC 0-3 in their recent Rose Bowl Games

MGOBLUE94 said...


cold are you kidding me ever been to Michigan, SoCal water temp is warm in comparison this time of year. Come join the Polar Bear Club and see what shrinkage really is.


Next time don't even bother with the butt floss, and reindeer have tails!

PeckHorn78 said...

Benny, Laguna Beach is QUITE a long drive from Pasadena, make sure you get an early start on Jan 1!

btw- I will be at the Arroyo Seco (haven't missed a UM Rose since '78!), deep in Pac-10 territory Section 8, about halfway up.

nathanp2112 said...

Hey Benny, don't buff the wood on any SoCal beaches or you'll be coming home with some new friends.

MGoBlue93 said...

mgb94... I was there last year hanging with some friends from USC. I guess from what the locals said, they were having a cold winter (and the weather for the parade was flat out miserable). At any rate, I rented a Jeep and threw the top down driving down to Manhattan Beach. It was in the upper 60s and not a could in the sky and there were people walking on the beach with hats, scarves, mittens, and wool pea coats on!!!!

If I can get out of Denver this week, I'll be hanging out with my USC buddies again but I'll be rooting for the cotton pickin Maize and Blue!!!

Section 4 -- halfway up!

wds4usc said...

Hi! Have a safe and wonderful holiday and Happy New Year! For those coming out to So. Cal. have a great time and we'll see you at the Rose Bowl. Go Blue and Fight On!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to California. From the picture of Benny, I think you'll fit in quite well.

While we both wish we were playing for a bigger prize, you've got to love a classic match-up between two CFB greats.

OK, now the real reason I'm posting here. Does anyone have a link to the alleged inappropriate pictures of the Louisville cheerleader? Apparently this has been making it's way around, and seeing as how you found the ASU girl, I thought you could work your magic again.

Here's to a great game on the 1st. Fight On SC!

Anonymous said...

Here you go: http://voyeur-russian.com/gallery-amateur_35489-ALL.html#257090 (NSFW)

TitleIX said...

I knew Benny had cute buns to go along with that chin!

Conquest Chronicles said...

Man That's Brutal!!

Only in L.A.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the louisville cheerleader tip...........WOW

Anonymous said...

johnny wangler said...

Let's make USC 0-3 in their recent Rose Bowl Games

Don't you mean Michigan?