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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Know Your Foe - USC

The Wolverines head to Pasadena to play in the 93rd Rose Bowl game against Southern California. This will be the 19th appearance in the Rose Bowl for Michigan, and the eighth time they’ll be playing USC in Pasadena, having lost five of the last six against the Trojans. The stakes of the game are merely window dressing: a likely #3 ranking (though who knows, with the polls), and a probable #1 ranking in the pre-season for 2007 (for whatever that’s worth). USC is one of only two Division I teams that have played more than four games against Michigan to have a winning record against the Wolverines, having won five out of the nine meetings. Anyone? Anyone? Army is the other, with a matching 5-4 record against the Wolverines. So with that knowledge in the memory banks, it’s time for the final version of the MZone's KNOW YOUR FOE.

History – USC was founded in 1880 with 53 students and 10 faculty members. The school was actually founded as a Methodist university. In 1879, Judge Roberty Widney led a board of trustees that received a gift of land from three Los Angelinos - Ozro W. Childs, a Protestant horticulturist; former California governor John G. Downey, an Irish-Roman Catholic pharmacist and businessman; and Isaias W. Hellman, a German-Jewish banker and philanthropist. In addition to the land, Ozro, John, and Isaias (I love those names) established an endowment that would support the school. The first graduating class of three – including a female valedictorian – received their diplomas in 1884.

The school has grown to an enrollment of 33,000 students, evenly split between undergrads and grad students, about half the students are from out of state, and it is the largest private employer in the city of Los Angeles.

Location – Los Angeles, California. Not quite Mount Pleasant, Iowa City, or Madison. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the U.S., and the and at just under 4 million, it’s population is 41st in the world. L.A. County has just under 10 million residents. It’s big enough to house another major university (UCLA), just about the entire film, TV and recorded music industries, and it sets many trends that the nation follows, for good and for bad. Some of its communities are as well known as most cities: Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, East L.A., Hollywood, Westwood, Venice Beach and the San Fernando Valley. The Mediterranean climate – where the average temperature varies from only 65 to 82 degrees – has long since been an attraction to people moving there as well as visitors.

Nickname - Trojans. Despite being a rather common nickname in high schools and at lower levels of NCAA competition, USC is one of only two Division I football teams with the Trojan monicker (Troy State being the other). And boy, do they love their Trojans at USC. The students are known as “Men/Women of Troy.” One of the major campus landmarks is the Trojan Shrine where a statue of Tommy Trojan is displayed. It's a life-sized bronze statue of a Trojan warrior sculpted by Roger Noble Burnham and was unveiled in 1930. Inscribed on the pedestal are the qualities of the ideal Trojan: "Faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous, and ambitious." I guess O.J. had some of those qualities.

Trojans hasn't always been the nickname of USC, though. Until 1912, the sports teams were known as the Fighting Methodists or the Wesleyans, though neither name was official. It's interesting to wonder if the USC football team would have even come close to their history of success if they'd kept either of these names. The Trojan name actually came about in defeat. During a track and field meet with Stanford, USC was eliminated from winning after only a few events. However, the team didn't give up and ended up losing by just a little. Afterward, Los Angeles Times sportswriter Owen Bird wrote that the USC team "fought like Trojans," and the name was officially adopted soon after.

– Traveler, a live horse. Traveler is a white steed that carries a "Trojan warrior" - usually just some kid from Orange County whose dad gave seven figures to SC - into the stadium. It's actually been one of the great traditions in college football since it began in 1961. They are currently using Traveler VII. Before the L. A. Coliseum was renovated in the 1990's, there was a running track around the filed that proved to be a perfect area for Traveler to trot during the games. But with the removal of the track, and with just about every celebrity in town- and Snoop's posse - on the sideline during games, the riding has become much more treacherous for Traveler, and he even had a minor accident with a spectator in 2000.

But Traveler wasn't the first mascot for USC. Believe it or not, a campus mutt named George Tirebiter was the mascot starting in 1940. Yes, the dog was so named because he went around campus chasing cars. There's even has a statue in his honor on campus.

Colors – Cardinal and Gold. For the first 15 years, USC's color was gold. I guess it was too early to have more than one color. During that time, the College of Liberal Arts had its own color, cardinal. In 1895, the university had a crazy thought and decided to actually have TWO official colors, so cardinal and gold it was. The color scheme isn't the most unique. After all, Michigan's already faced one opponent with the exact same combo this year - Minnesota - and another with a very similar scheme, Central Michigan. USC's not even the only school in the Pac 10 with the color scheme as Arizona State is pretty much same, though they emphasize the gold part more. But when I see the cardinal and gold color scheme I think of USC. Maybe it's because of their greatness on the field. Or maybe it's how they've barely changed their uniforms over the years. Or maybe because it looks so good on the Song Girls. Whatever the reasone, USC's colors are perfect for USC.

And do we have to mention how this is the fourth straight game for Michigan against an opponent with red - or scarlet or crimson or cardinal - as part of their color scheme? Red is just far too common in college sports. But we'll allow it for USC. Their version is perfect.

Logo – Interlocking S and C. Though it's a pretty standard style - and not even all that unique - it works for USC. When anyone with any knowledge of college football sees the USC logo they think of the Trojans. No one out there would confuse it for South Carolina, or Siena College. Of course the logo on the helmet of a Trojan head also screams USC. The helmet has changed only once since 1971, when in 1992 the Trojan head was updated, showing the neck with the head turned as opposed to a pure profile. Whether it was the strained neck , or the tie to San Diego State and the loss to Fresno State, USC was back to their traditional version the following year. The only other change has been a return to a gray facemask in 2001. Prior to having the Trojan on the side, which started in 1972, USC had no logo on the cardinal helmet.

Fight SongFight On. If you're one of the few college football fans who can't hum this song, watch the Rose Bowl. I guarantee that by the end of the first quarter you'll be humming it. And you won't be able to get it out of your head until April. The band plays it. A lot. But it's a great song, even if overused. Composed in 1922 by USC dental student, Milo Sweet for a Trojan spirit contest, the words are simple, and the whole thing is only five lines long. The playing of Fight On, with Traveler running around the stadium, and the Song Girls swinging their arms to the tune, with the "V for Victory" sign made with their fingers brings chills to all USC fans. Well, maybe not all the Hollywood bandwagon jumpers they've picked up over the past few years, but certainly the hard core fans.

A mention has to be made here about the Trojan Marching Band, which is also known as The Spirit of Troy. Though the history of the band goes back to the formation of the university in 1880, the modern Trojan band took shape in 1970 with the arrival of Dr. Arthur C. Bartner and his unique "drive-it" style of marching. The band is perhaps the most famous of college marching bands, having performed at the Academy Awards, appearing with OutKast at the 2004 Grammy Awards performing Hey Ya!, and being in numerous TV and film productions. Plus, in 1979, the band recorded the title track for Fleetwood Mac's Tusk album which went platinum. No other collegiate marching band has ever received a platinum album. The so-called "Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe," is yet another ingredient that makes USC football what it is.

Academics – Long known as the "University of Spoiled Children" (19% of admissions are still associated with legacy preferences), or the "University of Second Chance," USC has changed its reputation over the past couple of decades. In the latest U. S. News Ranking of America's Best Colleges, USC is tied for 27th, with North Carolina and Tufts. Surprising to most Californians, this is only six slots behind prestigious Cal-Berkely, and only one spot behind UCLA. How has USC made this academic improvement? They used the oldest trick in Hollywood. Well maybe the second oldest since they didn't sleep with a producer to move up. No, they used money. Big time money. USC is the only university to receive five separate gifts of at least $100 million, including $175 million from Star Wars impresario George Lucas. The donation to the then-renamed School of Cinematic Arts, helped solidify that school's top-notch reputation. It is probably USC's most famous school, and grants degrees in screenwriting, film production and film producing and has added an Interactive Media Division for studying video games, virtual reality, and mobile media. Other USC schools that are highly regarded include the Marshall School of Business, the Leventhal School of Accounting, and the School of Architecture.

Athletics – Although most college sports fans would think of football when they think of USC, the Trojans have had great success elsewhere. USC men and women's teams have won 84 NCAA titles, which ranks third all time. This doesn't even include USC's 11 football championships since the NCAA doesn't grant those titles at the Division I level. Since 1912, USC is the only university in the world to have a gold medalist at every summer olympiad. In fact, USC has had more Olympic athletes than any other university in the world. The Trojans won at least one national title of some kind in 26 consecutive years from 1959 to 1985. In addition to the 11 football titles, USC has won 26 men's track and field championships, 16 men's tennis and seven women's tennis titles, and 12 baseball championships (twice as many as any other school). And, not surprisingly, the Men and the Women of Troy have each won six NCAA volleyball titles.

Famous alums – This is the most impressive list of any of Michigan's opponents. Hell, it could be the most impressive list of any school in the country. And though it's heavily weighted to the entertainment industry, it runs the gamut. From hugging and love expert Leo Buscaglia to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Space, bitches. Space, indeed. The list also includes world famous architect Frank Gehry, L. A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss, General Norman Schwartzkopf, humorist Art Buchwald, and Judge Wapner. In the business world, USC alumni include the CEOs of Trader Joe's, Korean Air Lines, MySpace, J. D. Power and Associates, MGM Mirage, Citigroup, Costco, Emmis Communications, and the Willliam Morris Agency. And then there's the entertainment industry. USC has given us Ron Howard, Michael Landon, George Lucas, John Singleton, Marlo Thomas, Robert Zemeckis, Will Ferrell, Herb Alpert, Mark McGrath, John Ritter, Tom Selleck, Cybill Shepherd, Forest Whitaker, and John Wayne. And, of course, there's murderer hunter O.J. Simpson.

The Game – With two standout defenses, and a pair of inconsistent offenses, this one looks to be a low-scoring affair. But so did the tOSU game. Though the scoring won't get as out of hand as it did on November 18, there will be more points in Pasadena than most people expect. And Michigan will score more of them. MICHIGAN 27, USC 20.


Sports on a Schtick said...

Great "Know Your Foe" segment. I think I learned more about USC just now than I have in the 3+ years I've been there.

And OJ was ambitious. Two birds with one knife... err stone.

Regardless, should be a good game on New Year's Day. At least that's what ESPN keeps saying.

Play Tusk! said...

Bravo! Well done guys! Pretty impressive research!

Anonymous said...

Bonus Fact: Dr. Bartner went to UM, and learned under your own legendary director Revelli.

This was a great read!

USC Trojan said...

Great read, well done.

I appreciate you mentioning how much the school has changed recently. I know both teams are bummed about being in the Rose Bowl (weird isn't it) but this should be a good match up.

Anonymous said...

All that and no mention of their cheeleaders? Um, hottest in all the land. I love when they do their little cheer to the fight song so their chests sway to and fro. Ah, love that!

beast in 'bama said...

Another great Know Your Foe, Benny. I especially liked the part about George Tirebiter. I can just picture some frat boys saying, "Somebody go find George - we've got a game tomorrow."

A pampered pooch like UGA probably doesn't leave anyone's site once the season starts.

Both USC and Michigan have a lot to live up to - given that the last two Rose Bowls were two of the best ever played. Since they have both contributed so much to that legacy, it's fitting they should have the first opportunity to try and top it.

This is a very evenly matched game. For those who support the bowl system over a playoff, this is Exhibit A.

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit!

An analysis of USC without any shots of the ladies in sweaters is bush league (no pun intended).

Gator1377 said...

USC 27 Michigan 17
2nd real opponent Michigan has faced, same result. Sorry.

Andy said...

This will be the 3rd Rose Bowl I have attended against USC. I can tell you that their song has already started pinging around in my head. Uggggggggg

Andy said...

It didn't take long for gator1377 to overtake Anon Buckeye poster as the most hated regular poster on this blog. Idiot.

Do you think that he will go away after Florida gets rolled by tOSU in the BCS game ?

BTW, nice work on your blog. I hope you didn't spend your entire day off from Burger King working on it...

Yost said...

Amen, Andy.

johnny wangler said...

Anyone want to bet that a USC song girl will cheer when UM scores?

trojan mike said...

Hey our song girls cheer for everybody!! That's just the way they are. But gotta love 'em!

Enjoyed the reveiw (even the OJ jokes weren't too bad).

I'm looking forward to the Rose Bowl. FIGHT ON, Beat Michigan!

Yost said...

See, this is what a great college football game should be -- cheering your team on, some good natured jabs but respect on each side.

Andy said...

Amen, Yost.

johnny wangler said...

I didn't mean any disrespect to the song girls, if that's what it sounded like. I enjoy seeing them on the sidelines.

Rex Cramer said...

Great review. It brought back some facts I hadn't thought of since I was a student. This traditional Rose Bowl match up is awesome - just as it should be (though I wish it were for the MNC).

While I grew up as an SC fan, in an SC house, I've always been a fan of Michigan too. Of course I think USC will prevail, but I wish you guys the best.

Oh, when it comes to the band and our fight song, don't bother to resist it. It will only make it worse.

Anonymous said...

Baa dadadada da da daaa, ta daaaaa!

Bum bum bumbumbum bum bumbumbum

Baa dadadada da da daa, ta daaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Out of OSU's four ranked opponents, only two were arguably any good. Let's justify that with a quick look at Iowa and Penn State.

Iowa bowed to football powerhouse Indiana, lost five of their last six games, and finished unranked at 6-6. They never beat a ranked opponent, despite a winnable game against #16 Wisconsin. Kirk Ferentz's popularity bulb dimmed pretty quickly after a decent 2005 season.

And Penn State? They, too, failed to beat a single ranked opponent. Their wins include Akron, Youngstown State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Illinois, and Temple. Their best win was probably over Purdue. The win-loss record of the other teams they beat is far from impressive. (Northwestern only won 2 conference games; Michigan State and Illinois only won 1. The name "Temple" says it all for that team. And Youngstown State and Akron -- well, we won't go there.)

And let's not forget defense. Who is Ohio State putting up the numbers against? Only Wisconsin, Texas and Michigan offer Top 25 defenses:

Wisconsin is #3 in Total Defense with only 16 TDs, but their defense has played the worst offensive teams in the country.
Michigan is ranked #6 in Total Defense, but suffer from the same problem: a bevy of weak opponents. (See below.)
Penn State: ranked #16 against the same terrible batch of teams.

Yost said...


If you read this board, you know we welcome all points of view, even those critical of Michigan. What we don't appreciate are trolling assholes.

As such, you've lost your privileges here and your posts, as you've noticed by the other asshole comments you put up but have now disappeared, will now be deleted.

Jim said...

Only slightly on the record and only slightly threadjacking-

With regards to the interlocking SC - yes, unfortunately most of US sports enthusiasts recognize it as the Southern Cal emblem, and no, no one would confuse that particular emblem with the University of South Carolina (despite what Southern Cal lawyers claim), but South Carolina's football team did use the interlocking SC first- pictures of the 1902 football team show them having it on their jerseys. Today, only So Car's baseball team use it and it's different than the 1902 emblem I think. As for the moniker, "USC", the Univ of South Carolina was founded 79 years (1801) before Southern Cal, but then we were known as South Carolina College, and South Carolina College became the "University of South Carolina" after the Civil War in 1866; still 12 years before Southern Cal was founded. But, this is all good for yapping about, and Cock fans may pat ourselves on the back and feel slightly when the media use SC and USC, but we admit, the world outside South Cackelacky still knows USC and SC to refer to the Univ of Southern California. Frankly, I'd be delighted to let them use any damn emblem/logo/name originally belonging to South Carolina for a chance to trade with them their prestige and academic and athletic accomplishments.

For now, we'll have to earn our accolades instead of trading up for them- and it all starts today when we take on that mighty powerhouse Houston in the Liberty Bowl (I cannot understand why we even accept those types of bowl bids except it does give Spurrier's O another month of practice before next season).

Oh, and Gator1377 - I still say you guys keep it close and I hope you win, but you make it damn tough to root for the Gators, that's for sure.

MKJ said...

gatorboy has been over at WeAreSC spewing his vitriol as well...
Here's to a good game with lot's of mutual respect...
You're all invited to drop by the WeAreSC tailgate if you can find it since the Rose Bowl parking is such a cluster eff...

trojan mike said...

I think Michigan and/or USC could beat Florida. That's the real joke about the whole thing.

p.s. Johnny Wrangler: I don't think anyone thought you were dissing the song girls, just stating fact. I hope they cheer for Michigan after their only touchdown on Monday.... hehehee.

johnny wangler said...

Good one trojan mike. We'll see what happens in the "Pissed Off Bowl Game" according to Dallas Sartz.(http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061228/SPORTS0201/612280403/1131/SPORTS0201) About a third of the page down. I think it will be the best of all the BCS and all other bowl games just because the teams are evenly matched.

Anonymous said...

How are they evenly matched? Please explain.

HomeFries94 said...

Bravo Zulu, M-Zone, on a great post.

You're treating this match-up the way it should be treated: the two most storied programs in our respective conferences meeting in the Rose Bowl for what (at least for a while) seemed to be an annual tradition. Not to mention, you guys have the classiest fan base I have ever experienced.

Best of luck in the game (though not too much luck), and regardless of the outcome, here's hoping for a rematch in next year's BCS NC game!

Fight On!

Andy said...

.....the two most storied programs in our respective conferences....

(clearing throat)....Que angry wolverine hating buckeye fan....

Anonymous said...

How many people here actually attended the school that they root for?

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trojan mike said...

USC, class of 1994

(I have the student loans to prove it!)

Andy said...


How stupid can you be ?

Both the ND and Wisconsin wins are quality wins no matter what you want to think.

How about USC beating the crap out of SEC finalist Arkansas 45-10 ?

I leave you with this final thought before I ignore you forever...

The University of Florida football team has ventured outside the southeastern part of the country a total of 8 times in the past 30 years.

In those games, the Gators are 0-7-1.

1976 Sun Bowl vs. Texas A&M : Loss
1979 @Houston : Loss
1982 Blue Bonnet Bowl vs. Arkansas : Loss
1983 @USC : Tie
1987 Aloha Bowl vs. UCLA : Loss
1989 Freedom Bowl vs. Washington : Loss
1991 @Syracuse : Loss
1995 Fiesta Bowl vs. Nebraska : Loss

Here is to the memory of Lawrence Philips and Tommy Frazier. Good luck against the Bucks.

johnny wangler said...

anon 10:01

Both have good receivers(Manningham and Arrington vs. Jarrett and Smith), solid QB's(Henne-61.7 comp.% Booty-61.9%), UM has an edge at RB, both D's are good(SC probably has an edge at DB), and both offenses are tied for points scored/game(30.2). However UM runs more and USC passes more.

Andy said...

B.A. Michigan. 1988.

I have the balding head, beer belly, and a ticket stub from 1987 Rose Bowl loss to (John Cooper's) Arizona State to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for answering my question...but your explanation can used for many teams playing each other in a bowl. My point is that unless teams play the SAME EXACT SCHEDULE, good teams cannot be compared to each other.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading about Michigan playing for the AP title...does anyone think this is possible? And how would it be justified?

johnny wangler said...

anon 10:34

Point well taken. I guess I mean UM and USC are statiscally similar.

Andy said...

I keep reading about Michigan playing for the AP title...does anyone think this is possible? And how would it be justified?

It can't be justified. Period. No matter what happens in the Rose Bowl, Michigan can't hide the fact they lost to the Bucks. Either outcome in the BCS game is bad for the Wolverines.

Ohio State win = Buckeye national Champs.

(if by some strange quirk) Florida wins = Gator National Champs.

Rest assured - the SEC lobby will work overtime to ensure they get both titles.

I will try to be the first to sell tshirts and bumper stickers on ebay that read:

Auburn 27
National Champs 17

Anonymous said...

So Andy...the Gators would get no credit for beating OSU, something UM has not done for 3 years even though UM never played Auburn?

Going to the Rose Bowl said...

Nice synopsis!

Although, some of the famous athletic alumni deserve some recognition - Baseball greats like Mark McGuire, Randy Johnson, Mark Prior, Barry Zito, Morgan Ensberg, etc...Football greats like Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen, Anthony Munoz, Lynn Swan, Frank Gifford, Rodney Peete, etc...and Basketball greats like, well, you know, we've had some.

Oh, and don't forget: It's not "Southern Cal"...we hate being associated with Cal. Any previous references to that God forsaken name by the school were typos.

And, because I love to tease fellow posters (out of love)...

Jim: "Cock fans may pat ourselves on the back and feel slightly..."

Do you keep a straight face every time you talk about your team?

Jim said...

1994 BS Chemical Engineering, So Car
2000 ME Civil/Environmental Engr, So Car

Gator, I mean anon, did you even attend college (yet)?

Andy, don't throw degrees of separation games out there unless you're making it fair game. SoCal had a horrible loss on their plate as well. In fact they loss to more unranked teams than the top entire half (maybe 2/3) of the SEC combined- just to point out a meaningless, nth degree of separation anecdote. By the way, Florida also beat Arky- at a time when the McFadden Travelling He-Man Tour was hitting its stride. I certainly don't blame you bringing it up though just to show Gator/anon the bs behind his logic.

Andy said...

Sure. The Gators would get a ton of credit - including a NC.

My comments are not based on my belief that Michigan should be in the BCS game. My comments are based on the fact that the human system for "selection" is messed up. That coupled with the fact that the Gator fans that post here have proven to be complete idiots -- lead me to my current bitter role rooting for the Big 10 and tOSU.

Jim said...

loss = lost
slightly = slighted

And yes GttRB, having the nickname "Cocks" is pretty funny for us. There was a push a few years back to do away with that abbreviated nickname, but as you can imagine, it made it's supporters even more vocal with it.

Yost - you really need to push the "Kicking is for Pussies" t-shirts in Clemson and you'll make some money. Anyone watching that debacle on right now? HAHAHAHA I love it!

Andy - no offense meant with my previous post. I just re-read and realized it sounded strong.

Andy said...

None taken.

My wife is a Gamecock. I loved Columbia back in the day.

Anonymous said...

The point is that Michigan is not more worthy than Florida to play in the title game and vice versa. And it is impossible to prove who is better unless they play each other or play the SAME EXACT SCHEDULE. But most of the country has a problem with the whining that came out of Michigan when Florida was chosen.

Andy said...

But most of the country has a problem with the whining that came out of Michigan when Florida was chosen.

I guess the moral of the story is it is alright to complain before the event to influence the outcome...like Urban Meyer (something about not recognizing the champion) rather than Carr (saying that he was disappointed) waiting until it was decided.

Anonymous said...


Good exercise of troll-control. Though I do think that Gator1377 would have gone back under his bridge after Jan 8 anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think Carr didnt "politic" because he really would have looked like a loser after Tressel, (BEFORE the UM-OSU game), came out and said that the loser should not get the rematch. He had the guts to say that and Carr did not.
I did not realize that to Michigan fans and Kirk Herbstreit, that the college football season ended on Nov 18th, while most schools still had to finish their season.

Anonymous said...

OSU class of 2010 here.

Anonymous said...

"I think Carr didnt "politic" because he really would have looked like a loser"

Had you stopped your sentence there, it would be closer to the truth. Those who do campaign do look like classless losers. Carr wanted no part of it.

Anonymous said...

To get back on track here, great finale to "Know Your Foe." I must admit, while I didn't like the media blowjob USC got the last couple of years (and still by Mark May), I don't really have that much of a problem with them. Here's to a great game on Monday and with us coming out as the victors!

Go Blue!

Anony said...

Jim, I'm watching that piece of shit game right now. God, when does the real bowl games start again?

Great "Know Your Foe" guys.

Anonymous said...

"But most of the country has a problem with the whining that came out of Michigan when Florida was chosen."

1. If you are trying to characterize the reaction of Carr to the decision as whining, you're way off-base. He's said it was a disappointment; he's said "we have a system...I've said all along the system would speak and it has;" he's said he believes that, had USC not lost, UM probably would have remained #3. The last was said matter-of-factly and not in the context of some larger argument about why UM got screwed. So... no whining there.

2. If you are talking about the UM fanbase reaction, well, I think it is pretty clear that most of the country is unhappy with the BCS, and much--if not most--of the country agrees that UM got jobbed this year. So...

TitleIX said...

Shit Benny, yet another amazing post.
I hope you are valued this much in your paying job!!!


and at the risk of being called pretentious...
3 degrees: 1988, 1992, and 2006
all that and boobies too
life is grand :-)

Anonymous said...

Correction to the main post: This will be Michigan's 20th appearance in the Rose Bowl Game. Our record is currently 8-11.

Anonymous said...

Michigan did not deserve to play in the national championship. OSU does. Michigan lost when it counted and did not win its conference. Besides the game would settle nothing: if Michigan won it would be a toss up as to who is national champs and it may end up being split and I OSU won it would not prove anything becuase they have already beaten the girls, (Michigan). As it stands now, it is conference champ against conference champ.......LSU fan.

Yost said...

I also graduated from Michigan, although I don't know what that has to do with a Know Your Foe post.

Anonymous said...

UCLA had 5, count them, 5 losses when they beat USC. Yet somehow USC remains in the top ten after such a defeat? It was made worse for USC last night when UCLA lost to FSU. What is Michigan going to look like when SC beats them.....

Anonymous said...

OSU will crush FSU

Anonymous said...

Why the MTU Huskies deserve a shot a OSU:

Michigan Tech beat
Findlay who beat
Charleston WV who beat
West Liberty St who beat
Duquesne who beat
Fordham who beat
Albany NY who beat
Lehigh who beat
Villanova who beat
James Madison who beat
New Hampshire who beat
Northwestern who beat
Iowa who beat
Iowa St who beat
Missouri who beat
Mississippi who beat
Vanderbilt who beat
Georgia who beat
Auburn who beat

Anonymous said...

Of topic, but last night at the Holiday Bowl I corrected a Cal fan who said "Go Big Blue" when he saw my Michigan sweatshirt, he seemed confused when I sternly (yet politely) informed him that diehard Michigan fans will not allow any of our traditions to be bastardized by ESPN. I informed him that true Michigan fans will only accept a cordial "Go Blue" from others. I then asked him to kindly pass along this new information to all of his friends. Go Blue!!! and thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Go Big Blue!

Conquest Chronicles said...

Great work as always guys!

I linked it up on Conquest Chronicles.


nathanp2112 said...

Benny, thanks for the unexpected reminder of one of my favorite memories - Dec 29, 1992 Freedom Bowl - Fresno State 24, USC 7. I can still hear the USC-leaning announcer in Anaheim Stadium: "Will the lady who left her 11 children in the parking lot please pick them up? They're beating USC 24-7".

Thanks for the memories.....

Anonymous said...

Execellent Post on USC.

Here is the history behind the one glaring weakness:

In 1967, seven young women were selected as the first USC Song Girl squad. These talented students walked onto the field of the Los Angeles Coliseum to cheer on the Trojan Football Team to victory, starting one of the most storied traditions in the history of collegiate sports. Some forty years later, after numerous National Championships for both the Football Team and the Song Girl squad (also known as the USC Song Leaders), the women, now numbering twelve, look resplendent as ever in their trademark white uniforms trimmed in Cardinal and Gold. The Song Girls, who perform three dozen new dance routines each year, appear at all football games as well as basketball and volleyball games. In addition, the squad appears at rallies, university and alumni functions, and conducts its own Junior Song Girl camp. Media appearances include both television and radio programs and commercials. The squad also performs internationally. The squad has traveled to Italy, Austria, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Japan, China and Australia. The Song Girls, together with the USC Trojan Marching Band, are the most visible public face of the University, and function as the ambassadors of spirit and good will for the Trojan Family.

As for those who think that South Carolina is USC, remember that S. Car didn't become the University of South Carolina until they redid their charter in 1906. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_South_Carolina

Anonymous said...

I posted the history of the Song Girls, but please feel free to post some pictures of our women in their sweaters.

In fact, please do.

Anonymous said...

U-M BSEE 1991
U-M MBA student class of 2008

It is okay for anyone, student or non-student, graduate or non-graduate to root for U-M, USC, or any other school for that matter.

Certainly anyone who pays taxes in the state of Michigan has a vested interest in U-M (among other schools).

Just my 2 cents.

-Frequent reader and occasional anon poster.

Jim said...

Anon 9:34 - Nice try, but you're wrong re: when South Carolina College became University of South Carolina - it was way back in 1866, not 1906. To use your link (and thanks for the link) read the first sentence in the third paragraph under "History". They were opened and closed a couple different times after the Civil War, once being called an Ag and Mechanical school, once being deemed a liberal arts school, etc. A lot of this had to do with Ben Tillman - who despised the University of South Carolina and who was later instrumental in the creation of Clemson University.

All of this is fine and dandy like hard Christmas candy, but I'm the first to admit that the world generally thinks of Southern Cal when they they read the letters, "USC".

I laugh at Southern Cal's adamant attitude that they are USC, they own the interlocking SC letters emblem, and no one better dare use those initials, ever. I thought it was the University as a whole, but it is not, just the Trojan athletics department and their legal office. They even have rules forbidding the use of those "trademarks" by student organizations on campus without written, special permission, signed, and counter-signed in triplicate. Funny people. Great school.

I also leanred a lot about Univ of SOuthern California after reading this edition of "Know your foe". I had no idea that they were as well thought of academically, but now I know and am impressed.

Erik said...

I have to be nitpicky and mention that both Arizona State and the University of Minnesota have as their second color maroon, not cardinal. As an ASU student, I gladly throw up on the color cardinal.

A fine writeup, though. It shall be a glorious matchup, worthy of Rose Bowls of old. None of this BCS horseshit screwing things up, if you squint your eyes a little.

Ungar Kelt said...

I would much rather that Michigan face USC in the course of an 8 or 16 team playoff. It is a great matchup, but essentiall meaningless.

Of the 31 bowls, 1 actually means something. Until the fans revolt and quit getting so excited about these games, nothing will change.

Bah Humbug.

Jim said...

vujWell said, UK. While I believe bowls can benefit recruiting, booster support, etc., the risk for a favored team in any bowl, but the big one, seems to far outweigh the rewards. Take Clemson-Kentucky, Clemson had nothing to gain by beating Kentucky, nothing whatsoever, but everything to lose with the loss. Same thing with Texas-Iowa, BC-Navy, SoCar-Houston, and a host of others. Basically, you get a small school that gets up for the game, a big school that doesn't, and it's just not a fun game to watch for anyone. Kind of like a mid-week game in college baseball. Little schools knock off powerhouses all the time in midweek games because they throw their stud pitcher against the mid-week pitcher for the big team, because the mid-week game doesn't mean squat to the big team as long as they do well in the following weekend conference series. In a way, this also points to a problem in a playoff system. Would Michigan or OSU hold back the starters to save injuries in the Big Game if both of their spots in the playoffs were finalized already? Maybe a bad specific example, but hopefully I fumbled through my point enough.

san francisco values said...

Jesus Christ! It was nauseating enough to have to read about them, but then you misspell "Berkely?"

Come on.