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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holy Shit!

UCLA - 13, USC - 9


Lloyd, you've never campaigned before but you better turn into one of the Clintons in the next 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

What a game! I honestly felt like that was Michigan out there on the field, at least by the way I was cheering.

Now Arkansas can just finish the deal tonight and the tickets to Glendale can be booked!

Anonymous said...

Apparently UCLA reconsidered, picked the phone back up, and called you guys to work things out.

JVH said...

Holy Shit Bags!

Beban said...

No more jokes about us anymore. We did our part. Enjoy it.


AZbuckeyefan said...

Oh, come on. You know Florida will get the nod.

Who'da thunk it?

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

Bring on the ScUMbums. All joking aside, you all deserve to be there more than anyone else. It'll give you a chance to lose twice to tOSU in the same season anyways :). And it will turn Vloyd into VIloyd-- six losses to JT. Buenas suerte wherever you go!

Anony said...

UCLA is my second favorite team.

Beban said...

Seriously, MZone. No more jokes about us.

You fucking owe us one.


Anonymous said...

the only good thing about a team that couldn't win its conference championship getting invited to play for the national championship (huh???) is that it will mean the END OF THE BcS.

thank god.

IC said...

Congratulations and thank you to UCLA...an awesome effort and well-deserved victory!

Re. Lloyd turning into a Clinton...Bill is the worthwhile one, and everyone knows where he is from: Woooo Pig Soooieee!

Yost said...


The BCS' stated purpose is to simply match the two best teams. Period. If they're from the same conference, so be it.

larkby said...

You all know what happens if Arkansas beats Florida, right?

The Golden Domers are going to jump right past us into a giant bowl of Tostitos. Mwa ah ah ah ah!

Just kidding. Sort of. But it wouldn't surprise me.

Here's one for the Domer Homers: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4257647599635639285&q=larkby

ND sucks. Go Blue.

B-Man said...

Yost said: The BCS' stated purpose is to simply match the two best teams. Period. If they're from the same conference, so be it.

Well said, Sir! If the BCS wants to add language saying "you must win your conference" or "there shall not be a rematch of a regular season game" or any other crap, they certainly can.... NEXT YEAR! But as of now, no such language exists, so let's have the two best teams in the nation play for the championship, as it should be!

Here's hoping the Hogs pull it out to eliminate all doubt.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

arkansas just took the lead!!!! holy fucking bukkake.

Anonymous said...

Vwe are coming for you, ricky buckeye.


Anonymous said...


I watched your video. Totally classless. Why do the Wolverine fans need to degrade their opponents? Why can't you just be happy with your team? My kids saw that video and now all they say is "Sucks". That's just wrong.

All Wolverine fans are classless since that Wolverine fan is classless and you apparently condone that behavior. Go tip a car with Indiana plates you pack of hypocrites!

Let's Go GATORS!!!!!!!!

The King said...

Anon 5:13, you're an idiot. A team not winning its conference title and JUMPING the team that did into the title game is a travesty. But what's the problem if the team they're playing is their conference champion? Is it completely impossible that the two best teams comes from one conference?

Pull your head out of the sports media's ass for a second and recognize that this is an entirely different situation from Nebraska '02.

Anonymous said...

Anon and Yost,

I'd LIKE to think that a team not winning their conference and still going to the championship game would end the BCS but... um... did we forget about oklahoma?

Crabapple Buck said...

Why do I picture Yost (UM) looking like Jake Blues dropping Carrie Fisher (UCLA) in the muck after he said he loved her to say "We're late" and turn back to her and shrug "I gotta go". Way to sweet talk UCLA Yost!

As a Buckeye, it is great for the rivalry andd the Big Ten/Eleven to see the rest of the pretenders fall by the wayside. Here in North Atlanta, there are enough Gators on ledges, you don't want to walk near any tall buildings! As I write this Arkansas fucks up a punt. Neither team is very good.

MGOBLUE94 said...



Making reservations to Glendale right now!

MGoBlue93 said...

I don't want to be negative but if Florida wins, they will probably leapfrog Michigan to #2.

Remember after the tOSU/Michigan game... the national press was giddy at the thought of a rematch. In fact, Michigan lost and still stayed #2.

But, by the end of that week, people started fussing in the media and even though Michigan did better on the road against ND than USC did at home, USC moved ahead of an idle Michigan on the weight of the human polls.

With Urban "I - wont - recognize - Michigan - as - national - champs" Meyer's very public bellyaching, the pollsters again will buy into some media firestorm's fuzzy logic and move Florida up.

I wonder if there's ever been a precedent (BCS or no BCS) of a team getting passed over two weekends in a row when they didn't lose???

Still, USC v U of M in the Rose Bowl is still a pretty good prize!


p.s. beban... you're our hero! (you gotta admit that the UCLA/U of M phone call post was pretty darn funny)

Anonymous said...

I had to come here to see what Yost had to say about UCLA winning, and it was the same thing I said, HOLY SHIT! Now, I know life is not fair, but if the hogs don't beat Florida and they leap frog Michigan in the polls.....that will be the definition of unfair. (besides that bellyaching FL coach deserves to go down tonight!) Just my humble opinion. GO BLUE!

Andrea said...

The "win your conference" argument will hold water with me the day that Notre Dame has to win their conference.

In the meantime, I'm busy being the country's biggest Arkansas fan.

beast in bama said...

Where are all the "ain't gonna be no rematch" Michigan fans from the last two weeks? Yost? LOL!

I could smell this coming over a month ago, and now it's coming true.

Beban, they owe you about three basketball wins for this, don't you think?

beast in bama said...

Oh, almost forgot this. Did anyone else notice one of the USC song girls doing the "touchdown" signal after the first UCLA extra point, ala last year's Rose Bowl?

She was standing in the middle of the song girl line, a brunette, tall and leggy, even for a USC song girl...

It should be an FCC regulation to show those girls on television during every non-football moment of every USC game.

Anonymous said...

don't forget about us


Anonymous said...

MGoblue94, a word of caution. Don't spend any money on your trip until the standings are released. You might end up S.O.L.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit why doesnt Gary Dainelson just get on his knees and suck Florida and Urban Meyers dicks

TitleIX said...

Didn't I say it!?
Didn't I say UCLA would beat USC???

oh yeah!!!!

NEVER look past an opponent.

Anonymous said...

yes, Danielson & CBSec are as bad as NDBC.

since ballots are public, they won't dare vote M lower than third. watch how many SEC coaches vote FLA #1 to increase the margin of the gators over michigan in the polls.

Scott Boswell said...

Pulling for Michigan in the rematch. But, my head says Florida will get it.

Hook 'em Wolverines.

Anonymous said...

The announcers are always going to hype the team on the TV. They're talking to mostly fans of those teams and they know how to milk ratings. Remember the announcers talking up ND while USC was dismantling last week?

Anonymous said...

for those pointing to oklahoma and nebraska as reasons why you could not win your conference and still go to the championship (a bcs precedent):

neither team played another team from the Big 12 champ game; AND, both teams were still widely regarded as the BEST of their conference even though they did not win their conf championship game, ie. they were "regular season conference" champs.

TitleIX said...

Given tonight's win, can Florida really make up the difference in the BCS math???
1. Ohio State 1.0000
2. Southern Cal .9460
3. Michigan .9216
4. Florida .8897

richard cranium said...

It doesn't matter who OSU plays!! I feel like Tom Green on that movie Road Trip.
"Are you here for the feeding? You're early, but you should come back 'cause it's going to be a bloodbath."
Michigan is the number 2 team in the nation in my opinion but since florida won the voters pretty much have to vote you in.

Anonymous said...

Yost said:


The BCS' stated purpose is to simply match the two best teams. Period. If they're from the same conference, so be it.<<


This is why the system is broke.


I'm happy for you, but any Michigan fan or media pundit that thinks this is good is INSANE.

Without a March Madness type playoff, a Mich v OSU game makes a mockery of the regular season and the title holders in all the conferences across the nations. College Football has been reduced to the College World Series--lose two games and go home.

Tomorrow could be a dark day for the best sport in the land...

Anonymous said...

>>Holy shit why doesnt Gary Dainelson just get on his knees and suck Florida and Urban Meyers dicks<<


An OSU v Michigan game would be a total disaster for fair play and the good of college football.

The BCS rules are missing an important caveat: NO NON CONF CHAMPS ALLOWED.

We can only pray that the coaches do some "legislating from the bench" and fix this train wreck in the making.

Florida plays the toughest schedule in CFB, goes 12-1, and we'd rather see a redo for Michigan.

Total crap.

TitleIX said...

Florida with the toughest schedule???
WHO are you kidding??

Florida's Non-conference schedule--
Vandy (Michigan beat them 27-7, Florida? 25-19)
Southern Miss
Western Carolina?????

Michigan's Non-conference schedule--
Central Michigan (MAC Champs)
Notre Dame
Ball State


The two best teams should play in the BCS.
If the BCS bogus math puts Michigan at #2, so be it.
At the time of tOSU's victory, I thought for sure USC would win out. But given how the season has played itself out, I'm not so sure.

The other kicker???
LSU may have bought themselves a Rose Bowl.
Let's say Florida goes to the BCS.
Does that mean MIchigan vs. LSU???
Pete Carroll has already declared that his team is going to the Rose Bowl...
so does that mean M vs. USC in the Rose and LSU gets booted????
Or USC vs. LSU and M gets booted????

OOOH the drama!

TitleIX said...

what I meant was, I'm not so sure about a rematch being a bad vs. good idea....

Benny Friedman said...

Apparently Lloyd has taken Yost's advice. On the ESPN crawl during the Rutgers-WVa game while promoting SportsCenter after the game, it said "Why Lloyd Carr thinks there should be a rematch with Ohio State."

ben said...

Where does Danielson get his info from regarding Michigan's schedule being so much weaker than Florida's?

Records of Out of Confererence foes for Michigan and Florida and their Sagarin strength of schedule ranking before today:

Michigan 28-21 OOC 13th overall
Florida 20-28 OOC 27th overall

Maybe the SEC is one of the toughest conferences this year top to bottom, but they made up for it by playing noooooobody out of conference this year!

Anonymous said...

Dear Michigan Football,

You're welcome.

USC Trojans

It's bad enough the Bruins had more passion and grit than the supposed 2nd-best team in the country, but the Trojans coaching was abysmal.

1201 S. Main St. said...

So all you anonymous SEC posters are going to sit here and tell us that game -- the conference championship of the "Best" conference in the country showed why FL should get a shot?

That game was sloppy and poorly played. It was circus football. Neither team could get anything done unless it was some trick play. I think I saw the waterboy involved in a flea-flicker-double reverse-lateral for a touchdown.

You call that horsehit good football? The SEC is not the best conference in the country. It is an elite conference and has some of the best names in college football, but not all the teams were good this year. A win over 'Bama and GA this year aren't that impressive. Not one win from an SEC team over a top 15 non-conference team. Keep scheduling 1AA schools.

Anonymous said...

SC fan here, still trying to get over the loss. But I just wanted to comment on the situation b/t Michigan and Florida.

In any form of lobbying among ignorant voters, negative campaigning works best. I hope for Michigan's sake, Carr doesn't he's "above" that. Urban has been ripping on Michigan all week. Coaches and Harris poll have the ignorant people when it comes to evaluating teams. Unless Carr pulls an Osborne-esque lobbying job, it'll be Roses for you in '07.

trojan mike said...

Props to UCLA- what a defensive victory for them! How did they lose 5 games this year?

I don't think USC was looking ahead, we just ran out of juice after tough battles with Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame, but still, UCLA deserves all the credit. Great win, Bruins. (damn it!)