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Friday, December 22, 2006

Even If It's True It's Unfair

While checking out espn.com's college football page recently, I noticed that they made a pretty harsh comment about the Arkansas quarterback. Sure, he hasn't played that well recently, but this was just uncalled for.

Click on the picture to see a bigger version.


Eric S. said...

You know, I'd turn in a Hanukkah present this year (let's face it, they're not that great anyways), just to hear ESPN report that

"Nutt gives Dick the Start at head."

Honestly, I think 1/8 of my presents are worth that.

Jim said...

Well this year, Nutt moved Johnson to receiver in place of Dick at head, although many player's parent's were mad at Nutt because he wouldn't put muStain's plays on the sheets. All the while, they played the Cocks.

Galen said...

You guys need to click on that link the AP headline is better...

"Nutt picks Dick to start over Mustain"

beast in 'bama said...

Also on the page but off-topic...

Rice makes its first bowl appearance of my lifetime tonight (I'm an alum) - and I lived in Troy for eight years as a child (next door to the football coach for four of those years).

I know it's a terrible bowl game, but after sitting through so many humiliating defeats in that cavernous stadium of ours, it's good to see them have some success.

And as all Rice alum everywhere, I'm even more interested in what the Marching Owl Band (MOB) is going to do at halftime. This is the band that played "Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone" the week after the collie mascot died - at halftime of a game in College Station back in the '70s.

Go Owls!!

mhentz said...

It won't help the Hogs much. The Badgers D is going to give Dick a sound flogging.