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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Does This Helmet Make Me Look Fat?

The MZone has obtained this transcript of a conversation from Eugene, Oregon just before the announcement of UO's new helmet designs....which comes just a few months after the announcement of their new uniform designs.

"What's wrong, O?"

"I have nothing to wear to the Las Vegas Bowl. Nothing."

"What are you talking about? What's wrong with the green uniform I gave you? We've had great times in the green one. You're even kind of known for the green one."

"The green one sucks, Phil. Everyone's seen me in the green one."

"Ok, what about the old yellow one? I always loved you in that. We met when you were wearing the old yellow one. Remember?"

"I wouldn't be caught dead in the old yellow one. It's so...not me anymore. I've changed."

"I think it makes you look retro. And retro is in, right?

"I don't do retro! I'm about state of the art now. I know some people call it ugly, but they're just stuck in the past."

"Fine. What about white? It's classic, even if it's not that identifiable. And it still has that tire tread design that you like so much on it. I spent a lot on that."

(SIGHS) "But BYU will be wearing white. This is supposed to be special. It's Vegas. I need something with a little more flash."

"Well, I was going to save this for Christmas, but since you're 7-5 and playing on the 21st, I suppose I can give it to you early..."

"OHMYGOD! It's perfect! Thank you, Phil! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

(HT: CA)


TitleIX said...

it looks like my uncle's bowling ball....

Jim said...

Spot on, TitleIX. I've definitely seen that thing spinning down lanes before.

Anonymous said...

That greaser Danny Zuko will be able to date Sandy Olsson if he shows up to the sock hop in that lid, as long as Rizzo and Kenickie don't screw it up.

Go greased lightning!!!

Anonymous said...

ghost flames baby! ghost flames! :)

Jim said...

Wonder Twins Activate:

"Shape of, an ugly ass helmet"

"Form of, an even uglier, gaudy uniform"

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm Roast Duck yummy!

Klak said...

Flames? Really?

Anonymous said...

The big question is this: Who does Desmond Howard think Oregon is playing in their bowl game?

surrounded in columbus said...

hey- they're called "the Ducks", their arch rivals are "the Beavers", and most people think portland is the state capital. we should cut them some slack.

think about it- if they didn't have god awful, gawdy, non traditional uni's, nobody would pay any attention to them.

can't wait to see the day-glo uni's in A2 next fall.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear God, I have to live out here in Oregon I thougt they neon goose crap uniforms were bad but thats hideous. No wonder I see more people walking around in Michigan gear than Duck gear.

ps We are thinking of adding to the Welcome to Oregon signs "Enter at your own risk, GPS required."

JD said...

Isn't it supposed to be all about the "O"?