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Monday, December 18, 2006

College Fooball Blogger Awards - Part 1

Joel over at RockyTopTalk has come up with a number of categories for the best college football bloggers for 2006. Each day this week we'll be nominating a few of our favorites and you can make your own nominations with the help of Brian at MGoBlog.

Our first nomination is for The Dr. Z Award which is for cogent, interesting analysis. The criteria include emphasis placed on statistical manipulation, well researched pieces that reveal something new, and/or solid argumentative pieces that function as the authoritative last word on a subject.

In my opinion there's a clear-cut winner in this division: Brian at MGoBlog. And though some people might view this as being a bit of a homer pick since it's a Michigan blog, if they read MGoBlog they'd quickly recant those feelings.

It's not just the weekly anaylsis of Michigan's upcoming opponent. It's not just the freaking play by play breakdown of the most recent Michigan game. It's not even the in-depth season preview for each Big Ten team. It's everything else, including a post-season analysis of his pre-season previews.

Add in the recruiting analysis that rivals any pay site, the brilliant arguments for a playoff, the shining of light on horrible sports writing around the nation, and the general passion and well constructed analysis on just about any topic and you clearly have one of the best blogs you can find regardless of who you cheer for.

Our second nomination is for The Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction Award which is for comic relief and overall hilarity. This one's for the funniest college football blog.

This is another no-brainer. The funniest college football blog is easily Every Day Should Be Saturday. From Mustache Wednesday, to their hate of Jen Sterger, to the most hilarious captions on the Web, EDSBS is a must read for even the most passive of college football fans. I'm almost afraid to check this site at work for fear of interrupting everyone around me with laughter.

Finally today is The Sports Fans Don't Cry Award for the blog that has suffered through its chosen team's dismal season with the most dignity. The blog has continued engagement in the face of crippling, misery-inducing defeat. A stiff-upper lip and sane reaction to everything crumbling to dust.

This was a bit of a tough call. Not because there were so many blogs vying for this title, but rather because we didn't really read that many blogs of losing teams on a regular basis. There might have been a few we perused early in the season, but after that fifth of sixth loss, the casual fan of that team - and even diehards - stop going back as often. But what's amazing is that some of these bloggers kept plugging away just as if their teams were in the hunt.

And in this category we have a tie. Our first entrant is Spartan Bob, a Michigan State blogger. Isn't following and having to cheer for the Sparties difficult enough? Blogging about them must be painful. So for staying with it, we give Spartan Bob some credit. Sure he hates the Wolverines, but he's kept us on our toes, and we truly have sympathy for the guy.

Our second nominee is UDubDish, a Washington Huskies blog. At least on the football side, MSU has been a perennial underachiever for as long as most fans can remember. So one knows what to expect when they start a blog about them. Not so, U-Dub. There was a time not very long ago when they were not only the creme of the Pac-10, but one of the best programs in the country. Then they got Neuheiseled. And things haven't been the same since. So to soldier on providing new, good content on a regular basis - with the memory of what once was always present - we had to call this one a tie.

Besides, isn't that the way this category should end? In a tie? Blogging for program so down that even a blog nominee about an on-the-rocks program doesn't result in "W", just a moral-victory tie.

1 comment:

Spartan Bob said...

Wow. I am humbled to faux modesty of Sally Field proportions:

"You like me! you really like me!"

Is Benny lefthanded by nature, or did he make an exception just to pass along these compliments? ;)

At any rate, thanks for noticing, and Happy Holidays.