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Monday, December 04, 2006

Coaches' Poll Out, Michigan #3

We're toast. Anybody know if the coaches have to release their ballots for this poll or is it the one after the bowl games?

NOTE: The number of voters totals only 62 this week. Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel asked to abstain.


Aram said...

I thought the coaches released their polls for this one.

Illibuck said...

Condolences. It looks like the fix was in lastnight with those assholes on CBS stumping for UF. As for Tressel:

"NOTE: The number of voters totals only 62 this week. Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel asked to abstain."

Look at the bright side. Between OSU and UM the Big Ten should finish #1 and #2. With any luck Wiscy will win too.

alandeis1985 said...

i believe that the coaches have to release their ballot for this ballot

sonny said...

Yost- I am intersted to hear your thoughts regarding Tressel's abstention from the poll. The MZone stated that OSU should not have a say as to which team they should play. Do you agree with this move?

oldwestside said...

I believe the BCS formula doesn't use the integer rank, but instead weights the number of points a team recieved. If this is the case, then Florida and Michigan are nearly a tie as far as the polls go; the computers will decide the outcome.

Howard21 said...

I think it is a classy move and a smart move by Tressel. He's going to be criticized any way he voted and by not voting it left the media with one less thing to waste time with until the game.

crock said...

well, I just reread all the "bcs explanation" and how it all works.
now, I'm more confused than ever and need a drink.
I did see that Tressel abstained from voting - haven't figured out if I admire that yet, or if he took the easy way out when he had a chance to really screw us.
Oy! what a day.
is it 8:00 yet?

Anonymous said...

Actually that would be commendable on Tressel's part if he did abstain. Both he and Carr act like gentlemen, whereas Urban Meyer, the BCS head and the UF President have all been whining about the possibility of Michigan going to the title game for weeks. They actually should be reprimanded for that.

The only way to prove these SEC crybabies wrong is to see them get slaughtered by Ohio State....which they will with their sloppy play and arrogant attitude.

surrounded in columbus said...

well, i'm not pissed FLA is going to get the shot. we had ours. they're a good team, and arguably, as good as michigan. that's not my bitch.

what i am pissed about is that this vote is being jobbed to set up the game "america wants to see", and not select "#1 vs #2".

to the point- anon 11:32- you're just wrong in your analysis. not because it isn't correct, but because that is NOT the reason the polls our being shifted so sharply.

if anyone voting had thought that data was relevant, why did FLA stay behind us the last 3 weeks? if SC had won, do you really think FLA would have moved from #4 to #3 based on that performance last night? have you heard anyone even suggest that FLA would beat Michigan if they played head to head?

no. this isn't about which team is better- and my apologies to FLA fans who naturally think they are- but the poll didn't shift overnight because the rest of the world woke up this a.m. and suddenly decided you were better than michigan.

this is ALL contrived to keep the big ten from locking up the mnc before the game.

Anonymous said...

I thought this quote from Carr earlier this week pretty much says it all when it comes to the class shown by Urban Meyer and everyone aboard the Florida campaign team:

"I think it's going to be a great controversy, I don't care who gets selected," Carr said, "because I just think that based on some of the comments the Florida coach has made in the last two weeks -- campaigning strenuously for a berth in the championship game -- and making some statements about Michigan that I think were inappropriate.

"That certainly is going to stir a controversy and who knows what that's going to lead to."

Carr has passed on a chance to lobby for his team, which lost to Ohio State during the regular season. The picks were to be announced Sunday night.

Michigan coach Carr expects controversy after BCS picks

Anonymous said...

Great site... checkout mine: www.myspace.com/bowlchampionshipseries

First let me say I'm not a big fan of either OSU, UM, or UF. I like Notre Dame, and yes, we're overrated. But I do like Tressel, and think he did the "honorable" thing by not voting.

The whole BCS system is flawed, but read my opinion statement for the whole thing.

The SEC is over-rated, and I hope the Gators do go play the Buckeyes and get their ASS kicked. Maybe then all of the SEC fans will shut up about how great their conference is, how much better it is than the Big 10, Pac 10, Big 12, etc. And the media is just as bad... Vern Lundquist last night was probably jacking off while talking about the SEC.

For you Michigan fans, that was one of the BEST games at the Horseshoe. It coulda gone either way. I just don't think Lloyd Carr can win the big game... or beat Jim Tressel.

Anonymous said...

basically michigan fans it comes down to this....If you wanted to go to Arizona so bad you should have beat Ohio State. Don't give me no home field horseshit.

You had your chance to knock off #1 and you didn't. You got beat soundly. YOU GOT BEAT. Your #2 in your conference. Quit bitching.

TitleIX said...

USA Today Coaches Poll:
1. Ohio State (62*) 12-0
2. Florida 12-1
3. Michigan 11-1
4. LSU 10-2
5. Wisconsin 11-1
6. Louisville 11-1
7. Southern California 10-2
8. Oklahoma 11-2
9. Boise State
10. Auburn 10-2

A) Kudos to Tressel for acting in a classy way on this one
B) This whole thing was jobbed--do you think any other conference wants the Big 1(11)0 to get ALL the BCS Championship $$$$????
It's all about the cash.

I'm betting that we are in the Orange Bowl....
You think that the Rose wants to give back all that potential money from LSU fans????

surrounded in columbus said...

yeah but could they really lay off a usc-michigan rose bowl? hell really will have frozen over if the rose passes on that match up.

Anony said...

I think it is a classy move and a smart move by Tressel. He's going to be criticized any way he voted and by not voting it left the media with one less thing to waste time with until the game.

Howard21, I agree. This is the first time I have ever agreed with something Tressel has done. He would have gotten blasted either way he went, so from a PR standpoint he did the right thing. With that said, I would like to know who he thought was #2 though. Does anyone know how he voted after "the game?"

Look at the bright side. Between OSU and UM the Big Ten should finish #1 and #2. With any luck Wiscy will win too.

Illibuck, I'm hoping for that. What can the SEC blowhards say (and I live with them) if OSU wins, UM wins, and Wisc wins? Assuming LSU plays ND and wins, the final poll could easily have three Big 10 teams in the top five, something like: 1. OSU, 2. UM, 3. LSU, 4. Wisc, 5. Louisville if they beat Wake. Or maybe you could interchange Wisc and Louisville. Or even better, interchange LSU and Wisc, but I think I'm asking too much there. :)

Eh, too early to think about that now. The bowl games gotta be played.

TitleIX said...

Florida #2 in the AP Poll as well.

I've got one thing to say---
Go Buckeyes
CRUSH the Gators

mattathias said...

This is utter bullshit. As I said before, UF would still be #4 had USC won against UCLA.

And I give Kirk Herbstreit props for saying this: one should vote for UF or UM as #2 only if he truly believes that that team is #2 in the country, and not based on whom he believes deserves a shot at OSU. Vote about who you truly believe is #2, and ignore whether or not you believe that UM deserves a rematch.

I have a real axe to grind with Urban Creyer. That fucking asshole has probably been lobbying for people to vote in UF like the classless POS that he is. If UF unfairly goes, then please OSU, shut that crybaby up.

We should be burning effigies of that asshole Meyer here in Ann Arbor.

Yost said...


We didn't whine, that's one of the reasons why we're not going to the BCS title game. Unlike a certain coach in Florida...

Anonymous said...

No matter what the uninformed voters and the BCS decide, Urban Cryer will have to sleep with the fact he cried his way to the his bowl game. His work on the field wasn't enough.

May Carr coach Michigan as long as possible.

Integrity...Bo would be proud.

Let's beat the s**t out of USC.


Anony said...

SIC, look at the plus side. We'd crush Wake. Although I see both sides-don't give up all that LSU cold hard cash, but traditional Big 10-Pac 10 matchup.

mattathias said...

I'm ashamed of my English:

"Vote about who you truly believe is #2, and ignore whether or not you believe that UM deserves a rematch"

Vote for who you truly believe is #2 in the country, and forget about how you feel about a rematch between OSU and UM. And the most disgusting thing about this? That UF had a rematch against FSU in 1996. Utter bullshit.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, we lost to #1 Ohio State, At Ohio State, by 3 points.

Flordia Lost to #11 Aubrun at Auburn by 10 pts.

So you could say, if Florida wanted a shot to play in the BCS NC Bowl then they should have A) Lost to a "higher ranked" team by less or B) not lost.

So, to say Michigan had their shot is also saying so did Flordia and they also lost.

As big of a U of M fan as I am, I rather almost see U of M get into the Rose Bowl and smack USC in the mouth and see Florida get their ASS handed to them by OSU. Becuase lets face it, unlike Arkansas, OSU isnt going to hand them 14 points.

Anonymous said...

Go Gators!

Anonymous said...

AP poll is out now, Florida #2, Michigan #3. Y'all are getting fucked.


Anonymous said...

You are all talking about the "SEC loosing all bowl games" or "UF will get their a.. kicked by OSU"...but what if that wont happen?

Either you all can see into the future or you just happen to have so much understanding of college football to foresee this...but asking me,UF will have a 50% of winning against OSU as well as UM would have had.

Anonymous said...

Florida's number 2 in the BCS!

Anonymous said...

From the LA Times:

By Chris Dufresne, Times Staff Writer
12:54 PM PST, December 3, 2006

There isn't going to be a rematch.

No. 1 Ohio State will play No. 2 Florida, not Michigan, for the Bowl Championship Series national title on Jan. 8 in Glendale, Ariz.

According to a BCS source, Florida moved from fourth to second today ahead of No. 3 Michigan in the final BCS standings.

An official announcement will come this evening in a televised unveiling on Fox.

<A TARGET="_blank" HREF="http://ad.doubleclick.net/click%3Bh=v8/34b0/3/0/%2a/a%3B52071595%3B0-0%3B0%3B12927041%3B4307-300/250%3B18988203/19006098/1%3B%3B%7Esscs%3D%3fhttp://www.womenshealthconference.org/"><IMG SRC="http://m1.2mdn.net/1217550/LAT-WHC07-300x250.jpg" BORDER=0></A>

The news means that USC will play Michigan, not Louisiana State, in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.

LSU had pre-sold more than 42,000 tickets in advance of making its first-ever Rose Bowl appearance, but UCLA's upset win over previously No. 2 USC on Saturday, coupled with Florida's win over Arkansas in the Southeastern Conference championship game, changed the final pairings.

The BCS bowl lineup is now expected to be:

Rose: USC vs. Michigan.

Sugar: Notre Dame vs. LSU.

Orange: Louisville vs. Wake Forest.

Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Boise State.

Florida's jump over No. 3 Michigan, which was idle Saturday and has not played since a three-point loss to No. 1 Ohio State on Nov. 18, likely will cause more uproar in BCS circles.

This will mark the fifth time in the nine-year history of the BCS that there has been controversy involving the title-game participants.

In the end, enough voters in the Harris Interactive and USA Today coaches' polls moved Florida to No. 2, ahead of Michigan, on their final ballots.

Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel released a statement today saying he did not vote in the final coaches' poll to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest.

"After consultation with my director of athletics, Gene Smith, and based on our unique position in the BCS standings, I believe it is only fair that we not participate (in) the final poll," Tressel said in a statement.

Michigan and Florida each finished the regular season with one loss, on the road. Michigan was 11-1 with its defeat at Ohio State, while 12-1 Florida lost at Auburn.

Florida picked up 66 points on Michigan in the coaches' poll and finished with a 26-point advantage.


Anonymous said...

I pray to god that is a flase report.


Mike Slive said...

B) This whole thing was jobbed--do you think any other conference wants the Big 1(11)0 to get ALL the BCS Championship $$$$????

Michigan gets the same BCS payout whether they are in the title game or Rose. First conference team into the BCS gets 14-17 million, second conference team in gets around 5. Doesn't really matter what BCS bowl it is.

cottoncandy said...

I know you guys are pissed, and may be correct in believing Michigan should have the shot, but here's the reality of the human based system we live in:

Voters believed the champ of a tough conference like the SEC couldn't be kept out versus the second place team of the Big 10.

Its that simple.

I thought OSU got robbed in the first year of the BCS, as voters elected to send Bobby Bowden's zero offense Seminoles against Nebraska, and Nebraska later killed them in the championship bowl. But, OSU lost to MSU and left it in the hands of humans: always a bad move.

I will be cheering to see Michigan slaughter Petey's band of Hollywood pretty boys.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the BCS correcting itself for screwing Auburn and the SEC a couple of years ago.

The USC-Michigan game should be good.

crock said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Try not to forget that before The Game Tressel stated publicly that he did not want a rematch regardless of who won and Carr expressed the same sentiment. A big deal was made about that in an article on ESPN.com. So if you don't see Carr actively campaigning don't crap on him if you think he should or pat him on the back if you think he shouldn't. He already rolled the dice on an NC and he's living with the result. We all should do the same.

Anonymous said...

You all can't be serious with the being mad at Urban Meyer for lobbying.

Please, the man is a head coach of the team thats his job to stand up for his team and say why he thinks their the best. Is it his fault Lloyd Carr has no backbone to buck up and say what he thinks instead of looking like a dumbass on ESPN. Please.

Your "We were speechless and classy and did not cry" case is dumb. Urban Meyer did what he had to, to get his team where he seemed fit. Survival of the fittest.

Please get off the 3 point loss bandwagon, Michigan got beat they didn't barley lose. They got beat.

Anonymous said...

Also Auburn beat Florida by 3, for those who watched that game knows that Auburn scored on the last play of the game when Florida was trying a "Music City Miricale" "Cal vs. Stanford" type play and fumbled it and Auburn ran it back.

Anonymous said...

UM got beat in the Shoe and Fl got smacked at Auburn...

I really care less at this point on who goes. If FL goes, they lose, just shows that Big 10 is a better conf this year.

Ungar Kelt said...

I just looked at the Sagarin ratings on the USA Today:

1 Tosu
2 Michigan
3 Florida

Colley comp for last week was :

1. USC
Therefore, Florida has that one

Anderson, Billingsley, Wolfe, Massey, Anderson aren't out.

Harris isn't out yet.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54

And Florida will get beat come Jan. 8 and Urban Meyer will have that same bewildered look Pete did last night, only around the second quarter instead of the last minute of the game.

Jerry Palm said...


YOU did whine. Michigan fans DID whine. Lloyd Carr was the only one classy enough to not whine. Don't try to take the high road because your coach did. UM fans are whining all over every Wolverine message board. The Anon that you were replying to didn't say anything about Carr or Michigan not whinig. He called Um fans out. You guys are no better than Urban Meyer - he just has a bigger audience

puddles said...

although i can understand tressel's motivation for not voting, i personally feel it's a chickenshit excuse and not very admirable at all. what coach doesn't have a "conflict of interest"? not only this poll, but all of them? if they're afraid to live with the consequences of voting for who they feel are the best teams then they probably shouldn't be doing any voting at all.

and didn't something similar like this happen at the end of the 1997 season when the coaches poll supposedly leapfrogged nebraska over michigan in order to give tom osborne a "sympathy" national championship in his last year?

i don't mind polls provided there is some transparency & accountability involved.

MGoBlue93 said...

Has there ever been a time where a team that didn't lose got bumped in the polls two weekends in a row???

Florida fans... you haven't seen anything yet. Georgia and Alabama aren't any better than Wisconsin. And Ole Miss, Kentucky, Miss State, and Vandy aren't any better than half the teams in the Big 10.

If Urban Meyer brings that sad excuse for an offense to Glendale, you're going to get shut out and Laurinaitis is going to make Chris Leak his bitch. If you thought the defensive scores against in the LSU game were bad... just wait.

Just wait until Ted Ginn, Troy Smith, and company wild all over that pathetic secondary.

Talk is cheap Gator Nation. Be careful what you wish for because you just got it!!!

Anonymous said...

I know. That is one thing that the Gators don’t see. Sure they get to go to the NC Bowl...yay...but wouldn’t you rather WIN a rose bowl or a sugar bowl...than have your coach take you into a game you know you have no chance in hell of winning? Michigan has a chance...OSU won the first half of their game...but u of m handed their asses back to them in the second half...The Gators will get worked from the first second ticking off the clock. I can see a Oklahoma / USC game. Hand it to the undeserving and watch them get hammered by three touchdowns or more.

Do Gator fans THINK in all honesty they have a chance to win? With the closness of the UM/OSU game...I know UM has a 50% chance...i dont see gators having more than a 5% chance.

mattathias said...

How the fuck did UF get more coaches' votes than UM, which has 1 vote less than it had last week. Obviously the voters were not thinking about which team is better. We didn't almost lose to a shitty S Carolina team at home or to an even shittier FSU team.

And to Anon 1:54, lobbying in college football is ok in politics, not in college football. It would be fine if Urban Meyer had left it at "My team is a great one that definitely deserves a shot at the national title," but he didn't. He had to go on TV and trash Michigan's team while that weasel of a president at UF cockily said last night that the team should already have its bags packed, and that if UF didn't go, then the system should be overhauled. We at UM don't stoop to that level.

Face it, UM is way above any team in the Shit-Eating Conference. We don't start fights, we don't plant our flag in the opposing team's field, we don't run up scores against shitty opponents (save for last year's game against EMU, but we were pissed after Notre Dame), and we sure as hell do not bitch and moan in public or lobby for support in popularity contests.

Urban Creyer should have a good time in hell with Tom Osbourne.

Sam Snead said...

So Ohio State's gonna take eh bout 51 days off and you all expect them to come out and whip the hell out of Florida????

Seriously, take your Blue and Maize goggles off. And dude is right, you all want to talk about bitching Urban, you guys are just as bad.

I think most of you Michigan cats need to chill for about 4 days then come back and start talking.

Anonymous said...

To Jerry Palm:

Please get some perspective.

Last time I checked coaches are official representatives of their teams and the university. Their public comments about the BCS and football are not just casual personal remarks. Urban Meyer has been out-of-line for weeks.

Fans complaining on the Internet is just that fans complaining on the Internet. My status as a Michigan alum doesn't quite compare with Coach Carr's. He is Michigan football; we're just its supporters (it's a symbiotic relationship but still).

Jerry Palm said...

Michigan heading to the Sugar Bowl against Notre Dame

You heard it hear first

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate OSU (yes, even here in the Pacific Northwest we hate OSU), Michigan had it's shot and lost.

Also, as much as I hate the BCS system, it would be another fumble if a team that didn't even win it's own conference was able to play in the Championship game.

Bottom line is Michigan had it's shot and they are also a 3nd place team.

Jerry Palm said...

anon 2:20

I appreciate your comments however I was responding specifically to Yost. An anon poster said that Michigan fans were whining. Yost retorted that "we" aren't whining, but Urban Meyer sure it. Yost was a representative of Michigan's fans just like Carr is of Michigan's team. As such, Yost and UM fans ARE whining like crazy. Check out STadium and Main or any other UM site.

I give Carr major props for taking the high road (even though several Michigan posters are in effect blaming him for not lobbying).

Anonymous said...

* Correction from above , I meant 2nd place team.

Anonymous said...

Uhh..I don't think Michigan would have had any trouble with Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama or Arkansas. Gimme a break, will you? Those hoosiers that make up the SEC should be reminded of one very important fact: You couldn't beat a great northern team from 1861-1865 (still hurts, doesn't it?) and you will get your sorry, toothless asses handed to you in Arizona. Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

1861-1865? Damn that is just beyond lame.

Don't get mad at Meyers because he was able to sell the benefits of his team than Carr was able to.

It's gonna be funny to come back here after the game...after Florida beats OSU and see you all still whinning about the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:38:

You think that Michigan wouldn't have had "any trouble" with Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama or Arkansas? You're out of your mind, those are some very strong teams.

Sorry, but the Big 10 is not a stronger conference than the SEC. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the Big 10 conference who would disagree.

Between your comments about the strength of the conference, your comment about the "hoosiers" in the SEC (HUH????), and your idiot reference to the Civil War, you're letting that OSU education show.

theweiler said...

The Rose Bowl match-up will be great; two programs who really need the win. Michigan needs the win because it has not won a bowl game in four years. USC needs to get off their Pasadena schneid.

The pollsters may be fickle, but that's the system Michigan agreed to. Besides, these teams are so close by any objective metric that it cannot be a tragedy to pick one over the other.

Lloyd Carr handled himself admirably by not campaigning. Urban Meyer sounded like some sleazebag on WWF "Smackdown," saying he would not honor a Michigan title. It is not a 'coach's job' to trash-talk other programs, as one Anon suggested. It's just plain trashy.

The silver lining is that this could be the death knell for the BCS. I think the voting in the AP and Coaches' poll was reactive to the concern for preserving a flawed system more than anything else (i.e., there would be more fall-out if Michigan, who did not win its conference, went to the title game).

theweiler said...

Anon 2:50 P.M.: outcome of the BCS title game notwithstanding, it is funny now to laugh at the ramblings of a mind apparently unspoiled by formal education ("Meyers," "whinning," "he was able to sell the benefits of his team than Carr was able to"). Are you really unaware of the Florida coach's last name, or are you just being sloppy? Assuming you are a Florida fan, you are not exactly dispelling any stereotypes about people from the South.

MGoBlue93 said...

So Ohio State's gonna take eh bout 51 days off and you all expect them to come out and whip the hell out of Florida????

Sam Snead 2:19

Duh... yes! You mean to tell me that UF is gonna whip the hell out of tOSU coming off of that stinker and 30+ days off?

Get a clue man. tOSU is gonna hang at least 50 on that sorry defense.

nitz said...

nathanp2112 said...

"Also, as much as I hate the BCS system, it would be another fumble if a team that didn't even win it's own conference was able to play in the Championship game."

Not if that squad is legitimately the second-best college football team in the NCAA at the time of the voting. But apparently you favor a system where only conference champions play for the NCAA title.

Which I guess is an idea I could get behind...

if I had the reasoning capacity of a Buckeye, a Gator or a divot.

Anonymous said...

Nitz said:

"apparently you favor a system where only conference champions play for the NCAA title."

Why should a team that couldn't even win it's own conference get a shot at a national title? If they aren't good enough to win their own conference, they don't deserve a shot. As for Michigan, they had their shot on November 17th and didn't execute. They had opportunity and there are NO SECOND CHANCES IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL

Anonymous said...

With that kind of logic, one could argue that Florida had their chance to go undefeated and be the undisputed #2 team... but they lost to an average Auburn team... and would have had absolutely NO chance of making it to the NC game except that they happen to be fortunate enough to play an EXTRA game at the end of the season and were able to beat an overrated Arkansas to bump up their rating... so much for NO SECOND CHANCES...

Anonymous said...

Nate, No second shots in college football...except for Florida in '96.

Anonymous said...

or Oklahoma in '03 when they LOST their conference championship game 35-7 to Kansas St and STILL advanced to the BCS National Champtionship game to play LSU...

Anonymous said...

Michigan 24
USC 13


Ohio State 34
Florida 17

I can hardly wait...

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:08, and 4:11:

I agree with you. Florida didn't deserve it in '96 nor did OK deserve it in '03. So we should repeat past mistakes?

Anon 4:03:

Florida still won their conference. That was the whole point of what I was saying, you lutz. If Michigan would've won on the 17th, it wouldn't have made any difference what Florida did. Michigan had their shot, quit whining for a 2nd chance at what they couldn't do the 1st time.

For the record, I am not a fan of Florida, Michigan, or OSU; in fact, I've never actually cared for any of their programs.

Reed4AU said...

Anon 2:38 said "Uhh..I don't think Michigan would have had any trouble with Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama or Arkansas." Yeah uhh... 2 words for you Ball State.

The system sucks get over it, someone gets screwed almost every year.

Now if UF does get to the title game don't count them out. I would take OSU every single time, but I would've also taken Miami every time in 2001 so it's not a 100% certainty that OSU will win.

Also I wish that somehow someway that LSU could face Michigan instead of the Irish's overrated ass. Top 4 Big 10 vs. top 4 SEC would settle a lot of arguements. Tenn. will beat PSU, Arkansas/Wisconsin should be a good one, the title game will be good, and I'd wish I could see that Michigan/LSU game.

Anonymous said...

Nate, nobody really gives a shit about what you think about any program or anything else, for that matter. You're a tosser.

Yost said...

To all who keep saying "UF won their conference." That's great. And if they want to change the rules for next year, be my guest.

But it's a moot point as for as THIS year is concerned -- the BCS title game is supposed to match the two best teams. Period.

Now, you can argue Florida is better. But to say UM doesn't deserve a shot b/c of conference thing is not a valid argument.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:32:

That was very Buck-esque of you. Nice form. I send you a tissue to wipe your tears.

Anonymous said...

m-fans, let's take one for the team:

1) at the end of this season, let tOSU's dominance go unquestioned. If there's a rematch, no matter who wins, there will always be the 'yeah, but,' a dreaded asterisk on the Nat'l Champ.

2) Let's take the SEC on. Two wins by Michigan and tOSU shut Gary and all the SEC fellators on. We'd better not lose, though:)

Anonymous said...

So what would have happened if Michigan beat OSU? I believe there would have been a rematch and Florida would be (similar to now) whining like little beotches.

Anonymous said...

"Also Auburn beat Florida by 3, for those who watched that game knows that Auburn scored on the last play of the game when Florida was trying a "Music City Miricale" "Cal vs. Stanford" type play and fumbled it and Auburn ran it back."

Hey dickneck, those points counted as much as your points off that jackoff dropping a punt on the one yard line and you jumping on it in the endzone, we won by 10. F yourself.

Anonymous said...

Man I'm not even sure I want to tread in these waters...the passions are running high. And I can understand it. We have a very, very flawed system and I hope the powers-that-be can find some sensible and feasible improvements.

But I did want to add one thought: little is written or said on what is "fair" to Ohio State, the bona-fide and clear #1.

The BCS Championship is supposed to be played between the #1 and #2 BCS teams--no one argues that point--but its primary purpose remains choosing a legitimate college football national champion without undermining the tradition and purpose of the regular season (i.e., a championship WITHOUT a playoff).

Is that primary purpose best served by an Ohio State v Michigan rematch that excludes the champion of the nation’s toughest football conference, the SEC?

What does Ohio State get to prove if it beats Michigan again: nothing. On the other hand, Florida may throttle ND in the Sugar Bowl, and for years and years put an asterisk on the Buckeyes’ title in their mind.

And what if Michigan beats Ohio State? You get a national champion that did not win its conference championship, and one that is 1-1 against Ohio State in back to back games. Big surprise. A rivalry game is always a coin flip--you could play this game 100 times and it might be 50-50.

No, another OSU v Michigan game for the title diminishes this season’s championship ; it diminishes football by ignoring what the regular season already proved: OSU was better than Michigan when it counted. The Buckeyes are Big Ten Champions. Michigan is not #1, we know that because they are #2 in their conference. But Florida? Well, they could be #1. We don't know just yet, we haven't seen them play the Buckeyes.

Yes, we get this type of thing all the time in NCAA Basketball, but keep in mind that 64 teams get a shot in that tourney. That is a hard-earned title. Here, the system hand picks just two.

Shouldn’t it be the two teams left that best settle the argument for #1?

Look, I know some are going to vehemently disagree with me on the above, especially on this board. I respect that. I just want to offer another angle on thinking about the quagmire of the BCS this season.

We all deserve better; and Michigan fans deserve to throttle USC. If OSU slips against the Gators, my bet is you will get a share on the title through the AP...

theweiler said...

One final thought. I personally am taking this disappointment like I would want Florida's program and fans to take it had it gone Michigan's way: accept it and move on because both teams have had pretty good years. GO BLUE! BEAT USC!!

Which reminds me, has anyone noticed that John David Booty kind of looks like a Baldwin Brother?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:43:



Your point is well taken, but it also shows the flaws in the BCS system where a team that didn't win its own conference can be a national champion.

By the way, Yost, love the MZone, it's the best blog on the 'net. Keep it up.

Yost said...

Thanks, N. Appreciate you reading and the comments. I'm just in a sour mood today due to the imending BCS bad news and some of the asshole comments (such as the one about Bo which I deleted).

Anonymous said...

yeah, that comment was way over the line.

ttheman said...

I don't think Tressel not voting would change the outcome.

surrounded in columbus said...

a couple thoughts (since opinions are relatively cheap today).

first, "FLA- Michigan- who's better?" is a tired, answerless debate w/ out a playoff. i don't fault FLA fans or Meyers for pushing (though even most FLA fans i know were a bit put off by his hard sell) for wanting a shot.

second, what i consider, and a fair number of fellow fans and posters, is NOT us getting passed over, per se. it's the pernicious motivation behind it.

20 some coaches didn't wake up today and think "oh, i think FLA is a better team". they didn't think that two weeks ago. they didn't think that last week. FLA has been a solid "4" all along.

if USC had won yesterday, FLA would STILL be a "4". all of the debate by media is so much rationalization.

starting around 8:00 p.m. yesterday, everyone outside the big ten, who had been counting on USC solving this, went to plan B. they didn't want a rematch, but more importantly, they didn't want the big ten locking up the mnc w/ out them.

good luck to FLA. i don't think they have a chance, but they didn't screw michigan- the system did.

next to last thought- what would have happened if Wisco had won in A2? we'd be 10-2 playing in Orlando. they'd be 12-0 and ranked #2? conference co-champions? makes me wonder what the BCS powers would have done w/that?

final thought- big ten now has legitimate shot to finish 1-2-3. if michigan & Wisco hold up their end, we could all end up having the last laugh.

MGoBlue93 said...

Your point is well taken, but it also shows the flaws in the BCS system where a team that didn't win its own conference can be a national champion.


Oh the irony when the guy who heads the damn thing is from the SEC. Perhaps the reason why it has never been mandatory to win the conference is because of how highly the SEC thinks of itself...

Isn’t it a rule that no more than 2 teams can crash the BCS party??? But if they had that amount of foresight you cannot tell me nobody who makes the BCS rules never thought of a conference champion requirement.

Anonymous said...

rumor is that Phil Fullmer voted UM lower than 3rd. Tressel would not vote.

Anonymous said...

Dudes, I know you hate us ND fans and all, but I have to put in my two cents and say you got screwed royally. Put it this way-- a ND-UF sugar bowl was literally the only matchup that didn't leave me weeping with terror at the impending 4 TD blowout loss. Now we're gonna get raped by LSU.

It will be fun though to see that whiny turtle's face when OSU drops 28 on them by halftime.

Jim said...

mattathias - despite my efforts never to make a personal attack on here and call anyone but myself a wank, I'd love to make the exception to your 2:19 post. A shitty S Carolina team - hmm let's see, SoCar's only loss where the game was never in doubt was against UGA (keep in mind your game with tOSU was also never in doubt for tOSU after about the mid-way mark in the 2nd quarter). The other losses were SoCar coming up short in their final drives - Tenn, Arky, Auburn and UofF for the wins. I'd kill for the Cocks to have had UofM's schedule this year, perhaps we'd be in the hunt with 1 loss as well.

Urban didn't trash your team, relax. He only said if there is a rematch, he would really want a lobby to get a playoff system. He said less rude remarks than nearly every UofM poster on here. Not that anyone cares, except to point out the emotional hypocrisy (which certainly is understandable). I feel your pain, damn right you guys think you deserve a shot (and I agree), but so does UofF (which I also agree with). But damn right Urban should lobby for his team instead of sit on his hands. He's the coach and doing his damndest to make a mark for himself outside a big shadow.

Also, no one on here has played the whatif about whether Michigan played WI at Camp Randall, but many are wondering what if UofF played Arky at Fayetville instead of a neutral field.

And the planting flags comment - are you sure you didn't accidentally put that in there? To the best of my recollection - that is some of your Big Ten & Midwest bretheren's style this year. I don't remember any other team planting flags this year, esp. from the SEC, but I could be wrong. Apparently from your post, you're the only one that isn't.

MGoBlue93 said...

Earl Bruce voted Michigan #3 and George Perles voted Michigan #2...



Anonymous said...

So should Lloyd Carr have lobbied harder for Michigan? I say yes. He seemed apathetic and defeated in his interviews. (I know his personality, but this is a special case). I think that he should have voiced the same things as Herbie did on Gameday.

Anonymous said...

Correction, Herbie made the comments on ESPN later that night...but you get the point.

Anonymous said...

Some jackass voted Fla #1..that's crap..

Anonymous said...

Bo would really be proud of this seeing how you guys get to expand on that great Rose Bowl record Bo had. Haha. Bo sucks and so does your team.

NETigerFan said...

BTW, I was one of the thousands of LSU fans who "pre-ordered" tickets to the Rose Bowl.

They cost nothing - well $1.

They basically took my credit card info and said 'If LSU gets in, you're tickets are bought.'

So I'm out a couple of bucks. If my Tigers ever get to play the Wolverines I'd pay a hell of a lot more than $135 per ticket to see it.

Man, that game is WAY overdue!

Anonymous said...

As I am currently living in Georgia, I have had the chance to see the SEC up close and personal. The SEC has some terrific teams, and some great fans. The passion for college football runs very deep here. (I have never seen anything so bitter as Auburn/Alabama, that is hatred beyond anything Michgan/OSU has going), and as a fan of college football myself, it is a great enviroment to knock back a few adult beverages and get into a debate at the local pub.

Do I want to see Michigan play OSU in the Championship game, of course, as a Michigan Alum, I live for that game every year, and a national title hanging in the balance would be beyond my wildest dreams. But, we had a chance and did not win, I can't begrudge not having a rematch.

What I am having problems with is Florida getting it, while Michigan was impotent to really do anything about it. I just don't understand how USC losing a rivalry game makes Florida all of a sudden better then Michigan, which is what happened with the polls today. I suspect some of this is payback for Auburn a few years ago, and part of it is not wanting to see a rematch (ironic though that it is Florida who benefits from that) unfortunately Michigan is the one who has to get punished in this.

The system sucks, but it is what it is until we have a playoff in place. Since the national title is not going to happen, I just want to see the Big 10 kick ass, so next year, I can point out to my SEC friends that their conference is not quite as Lundquistian as they think, and that we do play real football up where it snows.

Go Wisco, Go Blue, and though it kills me to say it...

Go Notre Dame and Go Buckeyes.

Pleease don't leave me down here listening to yet another year of how the SEC has have a monopoly on good football.

Anonymous said...

As an OSU fan, I think UM did get the shaft by the BCS this year. Carr handled the situation with utter class and Urban Cryer is still a prick.

Apparently, Cryer did not look into his new teams history before he opened his lying mouth. Did UF win their only national title in a rematch of FSU? Or did I dream that? That prick has lied through his whole career to make himself look good.

Kudos to Carr, taking the high road and not whining about why UM should be there. They have proven themselves on the field. I, for one, would LOVE a rematch with UM in AZ, but the almighty BCS has screwed the pooch again.

All I have to say to this is that I hope UM kicks USC's uppity ass in the Rose Bowl to prove the system SUCKS!!!

GO Blue in Pasadena!!

Go Bucks in Glendale!!

Let's show these assholes that the Big Ten is the best conference in the country!!!

Anonymous said...

the problem for fla is: ginn, gonzales, pitcock, pittman, wells, smith, paterson, laurenites, smith, and other players who are just as good--robiske, wells, white, it just goes on and on. The SEC self perceived aura will fade in about two minutes of the first quarter, then its going to be as predictable as gravity.

surfdiver said...

---------We didn't whine, that's one of the reasons why we're not going to the BCS title game. Unlike a certain coach in Florida... ---------- no, you saved all of your whining for here.