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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Callahan apologizes for coaching like Callahan

Nebraska's Bill Callahan apologized to Cornhusker fans Monday for his coaching performance against Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game.

Callahan wouldn't specify where the areas in which in which he thought he sucked ass in his team's 21-7 loss to the Sooners. Some areas to consider: the five turnovers, starting five drives on the OU side of the field in the second half but coming away with zero points as well as completely abandoning the run when NU fell behind just 14-0 by calling 20 consecutive pass plays (way to not panic).

When asked comment on the situation, former Nebraska head coach Frank Solich - who was fired and replaced by Callahan despite never having a losing season - had this to say, "See, I told you motherfuckers!"

He then reminded the reporter that he's taking perennial also-ran Ohio University to a bowl game with the same 9-4 record at mighty Nebraska saying, "Suck on that, bitches."

No word yet on what was in Solich's drink which might have led to such an outburst.


Anonymous said...

If you have watched this guy Coach you shouldn't be surprised they played USC in the Coliseum and his game plan was to run the ball and he is supposed to be a West Coast guru, USC had just lost their starting safety the week before against Arkansas and had a true freshman Taylor Mays playing his first game, so don't try to burn him with the pass, let's run the ball against a pretty good run defense??? This guy doesn't want to win, or is he working for the bookies????

Andy said...

Good post. Nice change from the BCS stuff. It would be nice to see Ohio U win that bowl game. I wonder what Solich would "say" then.

Jason said...

I tend to think that this is a sign of Callahan's growth in understanding the culture of football in NE. After the 2004 loss to OU he said, "One game. One season." which PO'd a lot of fans.

Seeing him personally take responsibility for this loss, even though it is hard to pin it on anything he did specifically, is a sign of a good leader IMO. (Our QB threw four INTs all year and then had 3 against OU for crying out loud.) You better believe that his staff and players will be motivated by this.

I won't even comment on your Solich comparison because that was over 3 years ago. Callahan is our man. The program is improving. Heck, when was the last time we've been favored over a top 10 opponent?

Anonymous said...

I am also a Husker fan and thought the post on Callahan was pretty funny.
I don't mean to challenge the authenticity of the link with the story about Nebraska being a favorite over a top ten opponent, but everything I have seen shows Auburn as a three point favorite.
Real progress will be measured at Nebraska when they actually start beating top ten teams, who cares about the odds.

Andrew said...

As an OU fan I rue the day when Nebraska comes to its senses and hires a real football coach. Until then, I will look forward to every OU/NU game with Callahan as the coach, if there is one guy you wouldn't want leading your team into a big game it's him.

jones said...

Couldn't agree more. I still remember gleefully watching the Nebraska/Texas game this year as Callahan and Mack Brown took turns trying to completely blow the game. Say what you will about the Big XII, but at least we have some of the worst gameday coaches in existence.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe a Sooner would be running their mouth when their program is close to being placed on probation once again. Only at OU do they have such a fine, rich history of probations. It only fails in comparison to some SEC programs.

Andrew said...

Running my mouth. I am just stating the truth. Your telling me that a Callahan coached team puts fear in any team (well maybe those D-II patsies he schedules), even a probation riddled OU would lick their chops to face NU with the Throat Slasher there.

DT said...

Bill Callahan-1
Lloyd Carr-0

Anonymous said...

isn't this the same bill callahan that outcoached lloyd carr in the alamo bowl when nebraska was the biggest underdog of the entire bowl season?

Anonymous said...

And Callahan voted for Florida to play in the BCS game, after beating Michigan by a butt-hair himself in the Sun Bowl last year.


I give him one more year.

Husker fans want to see the power-I formation and the option again.

jones said...

Bill Callahan has never outcoached anyone. At any level, in any sport, in any walk of life, it would be hard to imagine. I'm sure his kids routinely destroy him in Monopoly and Risk. Very bad.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how OU fans have such a fascination with NU and Callahan, thinking they know what is best for that program. I guess his remark about hillbillies must ring true a little and it bothers them...go figure. And Florida should be playing tOSU. Amazing how people threw a fit when NU and OU failed to win their conference and backed into the BCS championship, but now all of a sudden Michigan is getting screwed over and should have that free pass. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

It was actually the Alamo Bowl there buddy, and you'd be surprised how many Nebraska fans are glad to finally have seen some change in offensive philosophy.