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Friday, December 22, 2006

Beer Bong Friday

In this inaugural edition of Beer Bong Friday, we present the clip below from UW-Madison. As the video clearly shows, there's a reason they have a rep as being a good party school. With so many beer companies in the state they know the importance of doing things right. Furthermore, they understand the #1 rule of the beer bong as explained by this gentlemen...

"I don't drink foam, bitch."

Ah, truer words were never spoken.

Send us clips of you, your friends or co-eds partaking in the college beer bong tradition. Something tells us this could become a regular feature here at the MZone.


dkneebone said...

When you say WIS CON SIN,
you said it all!

Jim said...

Great regular feature idea! I'm looking forward to it.

MGOBLUE94 said...

I've seen this live in action last year during the Michigan/Wisconsin game in Madison.

Wisconsin Octabong ... IMPRESSIVE!

I don't think anything can top this unless we have naked hot chick video beer bong!

ShaunTX said...

College Bong Memory: Buddy of mine having us load up the big-bong with 3 bottles of Boones Farm Wine. He took that bitch down. Swallowed. Smiled.

Walked right to the dumpster and hurled... I think he held onto it for a grand total of 15 seconds.

TitleIX said...

beware of physics.....

the height of a column of fluid,
the velocity of said fluid as it enters a relatively non-compliant, fixed compartment...
pressure/volume and all the jazz.

you could blow a stomach up if you aren't careful.....


TitleIX said...

and another thought...

are beer bongs a 'safe' display of homoerotic behavior?????

I mean, I can understand why a chick would do the beer bong thing.... good practice, showing-off etc. but why you guys??

Anonymous said...

Well, the "Beat It" soundtrack seems to lend credibility to your hypothesis, T9...