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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Are non-Michigan fans grabbing U-M's Rose Bowl tickets?

Are USC supporters and other members of the general public (including scalpers) snapping up Rose Bowl tickets intended for Michigan fans? The Weiler sent us the following email:

"As I am sure you've heard, the password to the UM Athletic Dept. Rose Bowl ticket sales has been leaked to the general public. Some of my friends who are Trojan fans have been ordering from the UM website. I have emailed the ticket office to complain, and ask that at the very least orders from UM alumni and those who've ordered from the website before (and are hence, presumably, alumni) get their orders filled first. I think you should post a warning telling people to email the ticket office because this is BULL-FUCKING-SHIT."

Via an email from the athletic department, they've changed the password so they obviously know something was up. If any of our readers know more, please drop us an email or leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I heard that Michigan Rose Bowl tickets are sold out. Can anyone verify this?

TitleIX said...

uh, duh...
it's NOT a super-secret password if you send it by e-mail to the 100,000+ member alumni association.
Marty Bodnar blew this one, big time..

PeckHorn78 said...

The whole ticket thing is pretty bullshit. Alumni are "encouraged" by the MGoBlue site to participate in the Bowl Tour Packages- otherwise you take your chances with the general public for getting a ticket. Sorry guys, I would rather buy a scalped ticket at several times the face value than spend $2000-3000+ for guaranteed tix, a medicore hotel room and bus transportation to/from the game (taking over 2 hrs to get back after a loss because the fucking bus company doesn't know their way around Pasadena and LA- this happened at the '04 AND '05 games).

btw- I had heard a lot of LSU fans had bought tickets previously?

Anonymous said...

USC students are complaining on their blog also that tickets for students seem to be gone, or hard to come by so who knows?

Anonymous said...

peckhorn: the LSU purchases were pre-orders...so those people don't actually have tickets to sell now that LSU isn't going Rose.

PeckHorn78 said...

Anon 10:37- thanks for the info!

I will be in LA for the game, need 1-3 tickets.

theweiler said...

Friend called the ticket office. Apparently, all of the orders receieved yesterday before the ticket office closed the link will be filled after student and Victor's club orders are filled, and before the release to the general public. So really those who managed to place orders before the link was closed (including, it would appear, Trojan fans, scalpers, inmates with internet access and the password, oh and Michigan alumni) will apparently get priority over the general public. So really, those who have already placed orders are no worse off than when this misbegotten email was sent Sunday night--the ticket policy stated that if the tickets were oversold, students and Victor's Club got priority and alumni/Michigan fans/Trojan fans/inmates at San Quentin with password would have their orders filled randomly.

Such is my abiding love for Michigan football that, despite getting the shaft from the BCS and the Michigan Ticket Office over the last 48 hours, I am still pumped for this game. Best Rose Bowl t-shirt idea I've heard yet: TROJANS CAN'T CONTAIN MICHIGAN'S WOODLEY.

Anonymous said...

hey Frechhorn78, must of been fun riding that bus.

PeckHorn78 said...

Anon 3:48, It was a living hell, trust me. Kinda reminded me of Purdue '79, when the MMB buses got lost going back to A2 from W Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

what was the new password again?

Anonymous said...

Actually ticket brokers that got a hold of the password were actually selling the password on Ebay which is ridiculous. I even saw one auction sell for $100 for the password. I was waiting to finalize my group for tickets when the password got shut down. Fortunately my brother is still a student so I got in. Hope all other Michigan fans can get in, there will be a lot of red there on Jan 1st and we need as much blue to combat it.