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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The 2006 College Football Blogger Awards

While yesterday we put up a post about our internal MZone awards called the The Zonies, there is a more widespread awards "show" brewing at Rocky Top Talk for all college football bloggers across the Internet.

The categories and details are listed on the site linked above. Check it out and vote, no matter who you vote to nominate.

Rightfully so, bloggers can't nominate themselves, so we'll be putting up our votes in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, trying to nominate the blog through Brian's setup, but couldn't find any links to "Know Your Foe." Where can I get them?

Yost said...

Here's one, Anon...


And for the others, if you do a search on MZone main page for "Know Your Foe," they should pop up.

Jim said...

I don't go to Brian's site, but got this link from Orson's EDSBS to the voting widget,

(cut/paste into one line, or click on my name)

Jim said...

for the record, here's where I voted

-Trev Albert-comic relief: Mzone's general link

-Keith jackson - consistency in excellence: MZone's general link

-Brady Quinn: I forgot if I voted you guys or EDSBS

-Chris Berman lingo: tough choice, either EDSBS's "space, bitches, space"; or

-DeepSouthSports.net's "Redonkulous"

-Old Faithful recurring blog: This is your life, although it's not weekly

-Not really real (photoshop award): MZone's Halloween costumes (almost went with riots break out over Bear cartoons)

I didn;t know how to give them a link to a specific commenter post for that particular award, but the link to longhorn_steve's 8:13 comment on the OU kid crying on your blog (
(cut&paste each line before clicking), still has me cracking up.

phoennix10 said...


You have to check this out if even if you are NOT an NBA fan. Read the open letter from PETA to the players. Hilarity at it's best:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Yost!