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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wonder if Clarett likes pepperoni

Folks, sometimes the comedy in that state to the south just writes itself. Case in point...

A northeastern Ohio jail is having -- wait for it -- an inmate pizza party during the Michigan-Ohio State game. The jail warden sent a notice to the inmates informing them they each will get 3 slices of pizza this Saturday for the game as a way to show support for the Buckeyes.

In return for their little pizza shindig, the inmates must keep the noise down during the big game and keep their cells neat.

How ironic that this prison will be safer and cleaner than the streets of Columbus after the game.

No word yet if former Buckeye players servng time at the prison will get an extra slice.

(HT: DL2)


Pfax said...


No word yet if former Buckeye players servng time at the prison will get an extra slice.

Quotes such as these are what affirm your spot in my 3-site Michigan blog rotation. Good show, sir!

Yost said...

Thanks for reading, Pfax!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the guy on the box is sporting a Buckstache.

Anonymous said...

right...and i'm sure that the prisons in YOUR state aren't going to broadcast the game....

Austin Dave said...

Will they jingle their keys at a "Key Play"?

Anonymous said...

It is the Big House... (ugh - old I know).

DevilGrad said...

After a couple of months in prison, isn't the relevant question about Mo whether he likes sausage?

Anonymous said...

A great place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about DETROIT AND MICHIGAN