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Friday, November 17, 2006


Recently, in the comments section to one of our posts, we heard from a Marine stationed in Iraq. He mentioned that even far away, the guys in his platoon -- both those from Michigan and Ohio -- were into The Game.

We wished him, and all those overseas, godspeed on a safe return home. We also said if he dropped us a picture showing showing his Wolverine pride, we'd put it up.

Well, yesterday we got an email from Marine Tom Eberhard along with the two pictures below. But with no Michigan gear on him, in classic Marine style, he improvised...

"Limited to duct tape and a sharp knife as the only tools within my reach with which to show support for my team, I have tried to duplicate the winged helmet design upon my own Kevlar. (Disappointingly it doesn’t come through very well in either shot. However, someone did yell “Fuck Michigan!” at me so it must be identifiable in person)."

And Tom's quote about this second picture says it best...

Only a slightly more ominous sign than “Now Entering Franklin County”:


Galen said...

I thought soldiers in Iraq were illiterate, high school dropouts - at least that's what my political leaders tell me. Mr. Eberhard sounds very intelligent and… well, he writes better the me.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Mr. Eberhard,

Thanks for you serving our country!

Stay safe and GO BLUE!

Andy said...

Well done leatherneck !!

Semper Fi & Go Blue.

Wild Willie said...

Thanks Tom for doing what you do for me and my family. It is also good to know that you are on the right side.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom! We appreciate everything you do for us.

Bo Blue!

ShaunTX said...

p.s. The Helmet links VERY pimp.

srudoff said...

Thanks for everything out there Tom. Be safe and here's hoping you come home soon.

Lichty said...

Go Blue and godspeed Tom.

Let us know where we can send you some proper Michigan national championship swag when we win it all.

scomce said...

give them insurgents the steel, Marine!

TitleIX said...

Boo-YA Wolver-marine! Better than freakin' Macgyver.

We absolutely need a PO Box for your unit, and requests for 'necessaries' and 'sundries'

Hell, it's the least those of us safe and (relatively) sound in A2 can do to thank you for your service!


BaggyPantsDevil said...

With duct tape, all things are possible.

Stay safe and get home soon.

And, I didn't realize the Marine Corps had to use BRDM-2s.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for serving our country and making it possible for fans of both sides to be able to enjoy the game come Saturday. You and your unit, stay safe!

CaliGirl said...

We need more people like this in the world. Thanks Tom for serving our country. May God keep you safe and bring you back to your family soon.


and seriously, if there is a place we can send stuff...let us know!!

Anonymous said...

A great place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about DETROIT AND MICHIGAN