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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What the MZone is Thankful For

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in 2006, the MZone is taking stock in the past year and reflecting on what we're truly thankful for as Michigan fans, college football fans, and bloggers. Feel free to add your own. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

* Mike Hart. The guy gives effort on every play. He's smaller than many of us, yet it as tough as anyone on the field. And he's pretty damn good, too.

* Lloyd Carr. He made some difficult (for him personally) changes in the off-season and they paid off in 11 wins, a BCS bowl and a top 3 ranking. And just as important, as was seen in the tribute to Bo Schembechler, he's just a decent man.

* ESPN GamePlan. The Worldwide Leader has some major flaws, but the ability to watch a dozen or more games every Saturday - in addition to the games already on basic cable - makes life worth living.

* Our oblivious bosses. If Yost or I worked for people who were halfway competent we'd be out on our asses at work. But as it is, we can stay up really late posting, commenting during work, and talking on the phone much of the day planning on the next day's content.

* Your oblivious bosses. Thankfully Yost and I aren't the only ones who have bosses who have no idea what their employees are doing. Thanks to you guys wasting company time, our blog has developed quite a following. And we appreciate it.

* Courtney Simpson. She's the former Arizona State cheerleader who went into adult films. She was one of the first BCS contestants and helped bring a number of you to this blog.

* Auburn and Alabama fans. Way back in January, we put up, what we thought was, a funny little post about Auburn's mascot/nickname issue. Well, Iron Bowl fans found it and we're pretty sure somewhere in a corner of our blog, they're still warring in the comments section.

* The United States Coast Guard Academy doesn't have a Division 1-A football team. Or Notre Dame would have another creampuff to add to its USO Tour schedule.

* Blogger's 'Delete' button. While we try not edit things here on the site, every now and then what we call the "asshole button" must be used.

* Readers like DW, Andy, LM, DevilGrad, SiC, TheWiz, Scott, AS, JCS and all the others who send us such incredible stuff each and every week. The blog wouldn't be the same without you.

* The Big East. For giving us something to watch on Thursdays. And for not messing up the BCS title game by each getting a loss.

* YouTube. The greatest invention for blogging ever created.

* Texas Fans. For pointing out to the rest of America what Michigan fans have been saying all along.

* BR for having us on his radio show.

* Peter Bean, Nestor, Brian Cook, Orson, Will and all the other great bloggers for the links and whose work pushes us to do better as we attempt to live up to the standards they set.


God (Bo) Is Dead - OSU still sucks said...

Fire Millen.

Maybe Christmas will come early

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

thankful for the U, C, F, K keys on a computer...making blogging much more fun.

beast in 'bama said...

Benny, the 'Bama and Auburn fans ARE still warring on this blog (the latest post was last week). It's been a sad year for them, though. It used to be the 1/1A rivalry with Michigan-Ohio State, but not anymore.

Last week, local talk radio and television spent a disproportionate amount of time talking about the game in Columbus. Never thought I'd see the day...

Many thanks to you and Yost. You give me a chuckle daily, and that's the best medicine of all.

Jim said...

Benny - good shit- great list. I really appreciate you guys for having a really light-hearted, funny-as-hell blog to college football. Happy Turkey Day

Funny as it sounds - it's one of the few days I'll watch pro-ball for the sake of watching, not just for the sake watching my fantasy players $#@! it all up.

DevilGrad said...

Thanks to you guys for livening up the blogosphere. We can always use more folks who take sports seriously enough to analyze them well without forgetting that they're still supposed to be fun.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the MZone crew taking precious time out of their day and coming up with things to post. I sure bet your parents' basement hasn't been cleaned in years!

Andy said...

I am thankful for:

1) Bo Schembechler. His presence, charisma, and enthusiasm ingnited my passion for Michigan football in 1975.

2) Al Gore. I am thankful that he invented the internet - if not, I would not get to read this blog every day.

3) Ron English. I am thankful he chose Michigan over the Chicago Bears.

4) The NFL draft. I am thankful that Troy Smith (with his astonishing feet and precise arm) and (hopefully) Teddy Ginn Jr. will soon be former Buckeyes.

Biff said...

Along with Troy & Teddy leaving, my X-Mas wishes this season include:

1. A BCS bowl victory (whatever bowl that may be); and

2. Long and Branch announcing that they've got to return next season to beat Ohio State.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for:

*Jim Tressel

*Troy Smith's uncanny ability to find a way to win the biggest games.

*Anthony Gonzalez's ability to seemingly always score a TD in a big game.

*Ted Ginn's Feet.

*The OSU defense's ability to always be competitive on the field year in and year out.

And, of course, M*ichgan fans like yourselves, who always give my friends and I something to talk about.

Go Bucks!

buckeye john said...

not thankful to colin cowherd for plagerising your blog and then having to humiliate himself on national radio to millions of listeners? you gotta admit, he launched your blog from blogspot.com to THE MZONE

WillinSacto said...

I will be most thankful when the Real BCS Blog Co-Ed Showdown resumes on this site.

I am also thankful for the laughs Yost and Benny give me on a daily basis.

Thanks guys!

Scott Boswell said...

I am thankful for my wife being at work today, the kids at school and Youtube having the Brittany/Madonna kiss.

Which reminds me, I am also thankful for women's tennis.

Thanks for schooling us small blogs in what a real one is Yost and boys.

Anonymous said...

Andy I noticed you said former Buckeyes, but I think the term more appropriate would be "future inmates".

Andy said...

I need to add one more to my list

5) I am thankful that I am not an Ohio State fan. If I was I could not just enjoy the fact that I have the best team, the best player, and the best coach in the nation this year. I would feel this uncontrollable urge to continue to taunt a defeated rival intensifying my already widely held characterization as the “worst fans in the land”.

Anony said...

I'm thankful for great blogs like this, Mgoblog, EDSBS, Deadspin, etc. in making my sports-watching more entertaining.

I thankful for a great season and we're going to, at worst, the Rose Bowl. Which is a pretty great consolation prize.

I'm thankful for the same keys zach is thankful for.

And I'm thankful for family, friends, etc., etc., blah blah blah.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

srudoff said...


I can't tell you how many times John Cooper and all of the times UM spoiled our title shots were thrown in my face before Coach T came to town. Is it ok for Michigan fans to taunt us about 2-10-1 for so many years? Wasn't it enough back then that you constantly kicked our asses on the field without having to hear about it non-stop anywhere a Michigan fan saw me wearing an OSU hat or jersey?

It goes both ways and always will.

Anonymous said...

As an OSU fan I am thankful for ...

1. Jim Tressel who is not only a great coach but also understands that beating Michigan isn't just about job security (*cough* Cooper *cough*).

2. Troy Smith managing to turn around his life both on and off the field. Buckeye fans are truly blessed having a QB with courage and composure under fire. He is truly deserving of all the awards that are sure to follow.

3. Bo Schembechler. I can't tell you how sad it makes me that his death came just one day before the big game. I am also thankful that Buckeye nation honored him as one of their own, as well as for being a great person and a great rival. RIP Bo.

4. For the crazy google snafu that lead me to this site 2 months ago. While I disagree with a lot of the opinions that are expressed here, I have never laughed so hard about sports in my life. Keep up the great work guys (and go easy on those "classless" Buckeye fan comments).

5. 20 million people got to see the greatest game in the greatest rivalry ever. You can't buy that kind of coverage, right Notre Dame?

6. That I'm a Buckeye.

oldwestside said...


the difference is blogs weren't around back in those days. A good rib from acquaintances is always acceptable, but talking smack at 2am on a message board the night of a victory is pathetic, especially when the comments (i.e. Michigan is a 7-4 team in disquise. You losers suck. Have fun in your fag town) are moronic. It's not about being able to absorb some shit talking, it is about the fascinating need to seek out the chance to talk it, even though the opponent recognizes they were defeated.

srudoff said...

agreed but these weren't good ribs from acquaintences. these were people i didn't know, in malls, at restaurants, etc. (and this is when I lived in Atlanta of all places) they'd see my OSU stuff and immediately bring crap up. it's actually been nice the last 6 years not having to hear crap.

about the blogs, if OSU was one for their last 6 against UM in this current world of blogging, i have no doubt the same shit would be happening the other way around.

of course that's just my opinion and there's no way to prove it but from my experiences this stupid shit goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

Yost and Benny, I have been a daily reader since I discovered your blog around the "colin cowherd controversy"...MANY of the articles and pics have been part of my broadcast emails to friends and even to those of my buckeye brethren...(you know fraternity brothers of mine who are buckeye "honks!")....keep up the good work, love the posts!

you guys ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the following:

1. My OSU inmate friend pointing me to this website. This site is great, I still go back and laugh at fat ass weiss's halloween costume and the grade school picture day in ohio.

2. We have Coach Carr as our coach. Not only a great coach but a better man.

3. That we are still #2 in the country.

4. That I finally saw my first game at the Big House.

Christmas Wish list

1. A bowl VICTORY



IC said...

I echo your thoughts on Coach Carr, AFT. Any Michigan fan who heard his tribute to Bo yesterday at the memorial service should be proud that we have a man as genuine, smart, tough, and decent as Lloyd Carr leading our program.

Go to today's Detroit News sports site to listen: www.detnews.com/sports

stang said...

I am thankful for:

1) Lloyd Carr who is much more than a coach. He is a man of integrity as well as a football coach, in the mold of Bo Schembechler.

2) Bo Schembechler himself for having restored Michigan football and reminding everyone of the great tradition of football in Ann Arbor. He will truly be missed.

3) Being able to celebrate the holidays with my family.

4) Despite not beating Ohio State, I was able to be there in person to watch the Wolverines claw their way back into the game in the second half and show 20 million viewers why we are at worst the #2 team in the country. Despite the loss, I am still proud to be a Wolverine.

5) I am glad I am not a Buckeye fan. Because then I would care more about wins and national titles than actually honoring the traditions and standards of integrity and discipline that have been built in the past. Also, my traditions would not even exist without Michigan. I would not possess an irrational hate of that "State Up North" and feel that it is okay to abuse visiting fans and think its okay if people don't want to come to Columbus.

As a side note to Srudoff, I believe you have a point. We didn't have blogs then, but we had our "John Cooper Memorial Exits" on I-75 back in the day.

Going off on a tangent here: really though, anyone who wants to compare Carr to Cooper: Michigan has really been upset twice by Tressel's Buckeyes as underdogs for a full share of the Big Ten title (2001 and 2004). Contrast this to John Cooper's 3 undefeated NC contenders in 1993, 1995, and 1996.. Trust me, Cooper's years were a lot worse than what we're going through now. But just the same, I think I speak for many Michigan fans when we say we'd rather have Carr than a guy like Tressel. Both guys fit their programs really well, that much I can say. Those things tend to be cyclical anyway.

surrounded in columbus said...

Yost & Benny,
it's a great site. you guys do a fantastic job putting it together and it's a daily read for me.

also, thanks for the props. thankful that i can make a small contribution to an already very cool site.


Anonymous said...

I know I am opening up a huge can of worms here, but can you explain to me why Michigan fans are so hard on Tressel? This idea that Lloyd is all about integrity and tradition seems way overblown. He's not a bad coach, certainly not like Cooper, but he does seem like a bitter recluse. Beyond that I know nothing about the guy.

On the flip side Tressel always seems to be saying the right things, avoids giving any poster board material, competes at the highest level, never talks bad about opponents even when there is plenty to be said, he honors OSU traditions above all things (ie:singing Carmen Ohio after every home game), and he always handles winning in stride.

To me this isn't a contest of Tressel vs Carr, I just don't know why you guys are all about hating on him. Something tells me you would be thrilled to have him as a coach if he wasn't already "tainted" by coaching OSU.

MGoBlue93 said...

Yost and Benny should be thankful for the people who make it all too easy to generate material...

This morning during the Larry Coker news conference was classic. Now I understand that Larry Coker wanted to save face and go out with grace but sometimes the things not said are louder then the things actually spoken.

Larry Coker actually said that he was thankful for the opportunities Donna Shalala gave him and there wasn't a better president in all of college football.

Really... and what was her response to the FIU game again?

I'm thankful for Colin Cowherd. If it wasn't for that fucking douchebag stealing material from this site and then complaining about the reaction, I would have not come across the blog. I don't listen to Cowherd anymore and I follow this site a few times a week.

I'm thankful for U of M. I've been all over the world and spent time a quite a few universities and U of M is really a special place... yes, the campus is a bit spread out and political correctness is ruining a lot of academia these days, and how many schools have been a part of a SCOTUS ruling recently. Nevertheless, there aren't too many places where there's such a great combination of community, academics, athletics, and the student experience. Perhaps that's why there's close to a half million active alumni, the $$$$s the place brings in for R & D, and many of the grad schools are consistently ranked nationally,

Happy Holidays all and GO BLUE!

MGoBlue93 said...

Check this out... Holiday shopping in C-bus

In Lewis Center, Ohio, near Columbus, Cindy Milsap, 43, and her daughter, Ashley, 20, woke up before dawn to drive to the nearby Wal-Mart Supercenter, which advertised a 52-inch high-definition television for $474. “We don’t really need a new TV, Ms. Milsap said. “But at that price? C’mon.”

But the bargain eluded them. The “limited quantity” in the ad, she said, was three TVs — all sold by the time the pair arrived.

Those customers left in peace.

But at the Wal-Mart outside Columbus, customers dashing toward 5 a.m. deals pinned employees against stacks of merchandise.

“Oh, my god, stop pushing me, oh, my god,” screamed Linda Tuttle, a 47-year-old employee at the store.

Grace Smith, a 22-year-old customer in the store, was stunned by the scene. “I heard it would be crazy but I never thought I’d see anything like this,” she said.


Best fans in the land... not very polite holiday shoppers but the best fans land... HA HA HA


Andy said...

Anon 8:37

In answer to your question: why are M fans so hard on JT ?

1) He beats our team with shocking regularity.
2) He says all the right things at all the right times. He appears to never make a mistake. Nothing sticks to him.
3) The plastic surgery to remove the horns from his head was too perfect.
4) He had a history of bad behavior and was still hired by Ohio State.
5) He beats our team with shocking regularity.